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Learn How I Made $5041.55 In Commissions In Less Than 7 Days But Was Still Disappointed With It

affiliate lessonsInterested in how I made $5041.55 in affiliate commissions in less than 7 days but how it should have been more?

Good, but first let me tell you a little story…

Last year long time NicheHacks tribe member, and niche marketing expert, Dom Wells approached me to do a joint promo.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Dom creates done for you niche affiliate sites to sell.

Probably the best done for you affiliate sites on the internet, as far as I’ve seen.

And up until last year he’d only ever sold them to his own audience.

But he wanted to expand to getting affiliates, like me, promoting them too.

So we ran a joint promotion expecting high sales.

Because ‘done for you’ affiliate sites seem like something the NicheHacks audience would snap up.

But the promotion flopped!

Here’s the scary thing:

We barely made $1,000 each, which is nothing to complain about, but it’s much less than we’d both expected.

Especially since at the time I was making $6,000 to $10,000 per promotion just selling $7 info-products.

And as Dom’s sites are selling for $400-$799 each and he was paying 50% commissions, we really expected much more from that promo.

I knew that this offer was definitely something the NicheHacks tribe wanted and if the promotion was set up correctly we could all benefit from it.

So when he approached me again recently asking to do another promo we knew we needed a different approach.

And whilst we didn’t get the setup perfect this time either we had a significantly better promo.

So here’s the deal:

I’m going to share how I made $5041.55 in commissions this time round but was still slightly disappointed with the results.

Not because it’s a low amount of money, it’s most definitely NOT, and I appreciate each and everyone who invested through my link.

But it could have been more.

Plus there’s lessons and takeaways for you as an affiliate on what worked and what didn’t.

As this wasn’t a perfect promo and there were a few mistakes I made that cost me commissions.

By reading this you can replicate the successes for yourself and avoid the mistakes I made on your own affiliate promos.

If that sounds good then read on…



What You’ll Learn:

  • Why not every affiliate promotion can be approached with the same strategy.
  • How to maximize your affiliate sales by thinking things through more clearly in advance.
  • How even experienced affiliates can make commission costing mistakes.
  • Why $5,041.55 in commission in 7 days is good but still on the disappointing side.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Results: How I Made $5041.45 In Affiliate Commissions

Here’s a quick overview of the promo and results:

  • 72hour Flash Sale
  • 50% commission per sale
  • Two different sites on sale, basic ($499) and premium ($799)
  • 27 sales made
  • Total commissions $5041.45
  • 30 day cookie


Side Note:

If you were one of the people who bought a site through my link then congratulations and thank you.

You made a wise move and have skipped out the boring niche research, content creation, and product selection stages and straight to the bit where you’re ready to make money.

I also really appreciate your support and trusting me enough to invest in something I recommended.

Thanks for making NicheHacks possible.


The promo was set originally to be a 72hr flash sale.

And it was exclusive to NicheHacks tribe subscribers.

Dom didn’t offer this to even his own audience or open it to other affiliates.

As mentioned Dom sells done-for-you affiliate sites with all the keyword research, on page SEO, content and monetization done.

So you can purchase one and it’s ready to make money.

Dom and his team created 25 brand new niche sites exclusively for the NicheHacks tribe.

Each site is unique and only sold to 1 person.

He sells 2 site types a basic site at $499 and a premium site at $799.

As well as additional extras like keyword research, extra content and links packages if you want them.

He was paying me 50% commission on each sale I could make.

In total I sold 27 items:

  • 7 Premium Sites.
  • 3 Custom Sites.
  • 13 Basic sites.
  • 4 Extra Items (keyword research, extra content etc)

Which paid me a total of $5041.45 in affiliate commissions (a sample of which you can see in the screenshot below)

And it’s entirely possible more sales will come in as the affiliate cookie is set for 30 days.

Meaning people who discovered Dom and his site for the first time will start exploring his content and once warmed up purchase later.



A sample of the commissions earned


An Overview Of The Promo

I mentioned earlier we planned for a 72hr promo.

After the promo was over we realized that there was a lot of questions we didn’t answer clearly.

Dom had emails from people asking things like “where does the stock come from on these websites”.

They thought they were eCommerce sites instead of affiliate sites.

So we decided that Dom would make a short training video fully explaining the offer and answering all the questions he’d been asked.

And we extended the offer for another 48hrs to allow anyone who was on the fence but needed answers to watch it and make a decision.

This brought in the final 5 or 6 sales of the promo.

We will know in the future if we run a promo again that we need to warm them up BEFORE we reveal the sites for sale.

So that people can get to know Dom, his site, and his offer fully before committing.


Comparison To Last Year’s Promo

I mentioned earlier that myself and Dom ran a promo last year and it made us around $1,000 each.

Which was much less than we expected due to the offer being very relevant to the NicheHacks tribe.

This time I made over $5K alone in commissions for myself so there’s a big difference.

Here’s why:

Last time Dom’s offer was untested by affiliates.

He’d only offered it to his own warmed up audience who knew him and what he was offering.

So for me to send my traffic to his offer, without them being warmed up, was obviously going to lead to lower sales.

On top of that:

As Dom is offering a range of different unique packages, there’s no set sales page for the offer like you’d see for an info-product for example.

He just lists the sites he has ready to sell.

Usually, as an affiliate, you’d send your traffic to a sales page.

And then the sales page does the selling for you by explaining the offer and benefits.

But with no sales page, there’s nothing there to persuade them to buy.


Last time round we focused on selling CUSTOM sites where the customer would pick the niche they wanted and not pre-made sites.

That means the traffic was sent to an order form and had to make a decision themselves on the niche they might want.



Dom’s custom site order form


And when you think about WHY someone might purchase a done for you niche site…

…one of the main reasons is because they don’t know what niche to pick.

So asking them to come to a decision by themselves on the niche doesn’t make sense.

This time we sent them to a page with 25 done for you niche sites to choose from and they simply had to pick one.

This worked much better.


How I Could Have Made More Than $5,041.45 In Affiliate Commissions

We fully expected ALL 25 sites to sell out within the 72hr promo period, if not quicker.

They are unique sites, there was high demand, scarcity was involved, and there was an exclusive bonus offer.

Yet we got off to a slower start than expected.

And even after extending the promo for 48hrs we didn’t sell all of the sites.

Even now only 75% of the pre-made sites have sold.


A sample of the sold sites

A sample of the sold sites


Though a few people did make custom site orders or order extra items.

After careful analysis here’s why I think that is…

My usual email promo style is to use curiosity, mystery, and intrigue to get people clicking my affiliate links.


My 'LIVE' promo email

My ‘LIVE’ promo email


You’ll see that in the screenshot above I don’t mention what you’re about to find on the other side of the link.

You’ve no idea I’m promoting a done for you niche site service.

You’ll see from the screenshot below, which was my second email of the promo that while I acknowledge that you probably know what I’m talking about now…

…I still don’t mention exactly what’s on offer on the other side of the link, just in case you haven’t read the first email I sent.


My second email of the promo

My second email of the promo


Usually, this results in a curiosity frenzy and has people desperate to click the link and land on the sales page.

Then the sales page does the selling and explains the offer.

And it works REALLY well…


But with this promo it didn’t work as well as usual.

Here’s why:

Mainly because, as I mentioned earlier, Dom’s offer has no sales page like an offer usually would.

So the sales page that usually warms them up and sells them on the offer wasn’t present.

Meaning my promotion style of using curiosity and intrigue is less efficient.

It would have been better to have explained the offer in my emails first.

So that when they land on Dom’s page where the sites are listed they’d know EXACTLY what to do next.

And could just choose one and purchase it if interested.

In this promo they clicked my affiliate link and just landed on a page with a list of sites and a little explanation of what was on offer.


A list of sites available not no sales page

A list of sites available not no sales page


Also, on top of that:

With no sales page to explain the offer or its benefits.

And no training video or webinar to answer peoples questions.

There would have been a lot of people who were confused or unsure…

…and confusion will always lower sales.

Here’s how to avoid that:

Next time I would warm my subscribers up first by introducing them to Dom and his site.

And by showing his training and FAQ videos so that the offer is crystal clear upfront.


Dom's training video

Dom’s training video


And by avoiding the curiosity angle in my emails and being more straight to the point, so they don’t need to see a sales page to understand what’s on offer.


Comparison To My Previous Launches

Here you’ll learn why I was a bit disappointed with the promo here.

You’ll see the promos I did this year and how much I made…


Commission Black Ops

You’ll probably remember the big launch I did for Commission Black Ops (Micheal  Cheney).

It was huge and you can see by the commission below that I made quite more than I did in comparison to the affiliate launch I did for Dom.

In total, I made over $7,000 in commissions, not to mention the extra $2,000 cash I won for placing 3rd in the competition.




Niche Reaper

Now this contest was for the Niche Reaper, as you may remember.

I made over $6,000 in just 5 days from this affiliate promo.




Inbox Blueprint

Now this one was the latest affiliate promo and it was for the Inbox Blueprint, which should be pretty fresh in your memory as it was recent.

This promo has to be one of my proudest as I made over $13,000.




So by looking at these stats from my previous promos, you can see why I was a bit disappointed with the promotion I did for Dom here.

It’s NOT that the promo went badly.

Definitely not, over $5K is nothing to be sniffed at.

But due to the price point ($499+) and 50% commission plus this being an offer the tribe are definitely interested in…

…I felt like it could have been more.

But never mind it was still a good promo and here are my biggest takeaways that I think you can learn from this…


Your Takeaways From This Promo

Here are my biggest takeaways from this promo that I believe you as an affiliate can learn from…

Mystery & Curiosity Don’t ALWAYS Work

Mystery and curiosity emails only work when you’re sending your subscribers to a complete sales page that can sell them on the offer.

If there’s no clear sales page, like with Dom’s offer, your emails have to do more of the selling.

And you need to warm your subscribers up to the offer so they know what they are getting from day 1.


Done For You Packages Require Different Tactics

In offers for services, done for you packages, or similar you need to warm up your subscribers first via content or training videos.

So don’t send them direct, without any pre-selling of the offer, to the buy page.


Don’t Make Your Audience Make A Decision

If people have to make all the decisions by themselves most will not purchase as people don’t know what they want so give them options to choose from.

We saw that with the first promo we did last year. We just sent people to a custom order form and pretty much no one ordered.

The reason for many people buying a niche site is they don’t know which niche to pick so asking them to pick a niche for the site to be built around is counter productive.


Try & Try Again If It Doesn’t Go To Plan

If a promo doesn’t work as well as you thought, but you were sure it was something that should have been a good fit for your audience, analyze WHY it didn’t go well.

And see if something can be changed to make it work next time.

I knew that Dom’s sites were a good fit for my audience, it was just a getting the promotion and angle right.

We didn’t 100% nail that yet but we improved on the previous promo and will improve again in the future.


WHY Do They Want To Buy?

Think about WHY someone might want to buy the offer you are promoting.

Here it was because they can’t find a niche so it was crucial for us to give them choices of niche sites and not ask them to choose themselves.

We should have thought that through more carefully before the original promo and I’m glad we didn’t make the same mistake next time.


Be Brave. Be The First

Don’t be scared to be the first affiliate to test an offer.

Whilst it might not always go well by being the first you can potentially make big commissions by being first off the bat.

I’m glad to have run this offer with Dom as it’s a win win for customer, affiliate and vendor here.


Don’t Be Scared To Ask

If you see an offer that isn’t currently open to affiliates but you think might be a good fit for your audience then contact the vendor to propose a deal, it’s a win-win for both of you.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Wrapping Things Up

So this was how I made $5041.45 in affiliate commissions in 7 days and how it could have been more.

Thank you again if you were one of the people who invested through my link.

You get a head start with a done for you site and I get a generous commission, plus your in safe hands with Dom.

And I also think you can learn a lot about how to approach an affiliate promotion like this that involves a done for you service or package.

One where there’s no sales page as you’d usually expect.

You need to approach things differently.

Usually, your job as an affiliate is simply to get the click of your affiliate link and let the sales page do its magic.

But here you need to do more explaining of what the offer is and the benefits to it.

Making sure to answer any common questions before hand.

And do more of the selling yourself so that when they land on the offer page they are ready to buy.

I expect if myself and Dom run this offer again in the future we will make much more money as we know exactly how we need to approach it.

I’d ask Dom to create some content and videos that introduce him, give away a free report and answer all questions that there may be.

And that’s BEFORE we open the service for sale.

So hopefully learning from my mistakes here has given you some key takeaways for yourself.

No two affiliate promotions are the same, and you have to clearly consider the offer and the way it’s presented before you write your emails.

As you’ve seen even experienced affiliates like myself can have promotions that don’t go to plan if it wasn’t clearly thought out in advance.

Let me know what your biggest takeaways from this were below…

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27 Dec

Niche of the Week: Toy Collectible Affiliate Programs

I did a post on toy affiliate programs a few Decembers ago, and this week's niche on toy collectible affiliate programs is an offshoot of that post. The toy post from December 2013 is definitely for the kids. This week's toy post is for the "bigger" kids and kids-at-heart. 🙂

It's the perfect time too, being the holiday season and all.

You may not be into toy collectibles and action figures, but I encourage you to read through just the same, to find out whether you can make good money from it. And if this Niche of the Week post does not make you want to go into the toy collectible niche; it's fine. At the very least, you'll find a few good websites where you can buy toys and other collectibles for your kids, both big and small.

No Mere Playthings

The toy collectible niche may be mostly miniatures, but the industry is a huge earner.

Action figures and toy collectibles make up a huge part of the toy industry. The Toy Industry Association reports that action figures sales totaled USD$1.44 billion in 2015. This is possibly because toy collectibles — action figures in particular — are popular with the young and not-so-young alike. Adult collectors are capable of paying a lot more than their younger counterparts for premium action figures and toy collectibles, which explains the massive sales to some extent.

Collectors don't just buy from any online store promising them the toy of their dreams. They scour the web for reviews and great deals. This need for information has given rise to toy collectible websites such as Collector's Weekly and AwesomeToyBlog.com. Both are popular sites, but Collector's Weekly has a million visitors a month, the bulk of which come from the United States.

These websites took the time to build a strong following in the toy collectible niche. Any website built for this niche will have to be similar in nature. A squeeze-page only website will not work well, because information is the lifeblood of the business.

"Collect"-ible Keywords

There's a long list of keywords to choose from in the toy collectible niche, but that doesn't make it easy to collect keywords for your list.

The main keywords to target in the toy collectible niche are "toy collectible" and "action figures." "Toy collectible" and all its variations have medium to high competition. Traffic Travis shows that the monthly global figures vary, depending on the specific toy collectible you're interested in.

Toy Collectibles - Traffic Travis Results

The search results for the same keyword, "action figures," are the same for AffiloTools. The monthly search figures are lower though, with a higher competition for most variations.

Action Figures - Affilotools Keyword Research Results


"Action figures" is similar to "toy collectible" in that it has some variations with medium competition, but the more specific you make it ("Iron Man action figure" vs. the more generic "action figure"), the more difficult the competition. Some keyword variations have low monthly searches too, so make sure your keyword list a good balance of specific action figures and buyer intent phrases. Then add some general-information keywords such as "how to take care of your action figures" or "where to shop for toy collectibles."

Action Figures - Traffic Travis Results

AffiloTools shows a similar trend. General-information keywords such as "best toys" have less competition, but the monthly search figures go down too.

Toy Collectibles - Affilorama Keyword Research Results


UberSuggest is always a good site to hunt for keyword variations. I like to look at the search results because they give me an idea of topics I can write about in my niche.

Action Figures - Ubersuggest Results Toy Collectibe - Ubersuggest Results

Toy Collectible Affiliate Programs

These are the best affiliate programs in the toy collectible niche that we could find.

My first stop when searching for affiliate programs in any niche is the ClickBank Marketplace. But there were no toy collectible affiliate programs in there. So, I turned to the vast repository of information that is the internet for affiliate programs in this niche.

These are the best as far as commission, sales pages and websites are concerned. There are plenty more we haven't included that you can check out by doing a Google search. Be sure to look at the sales pages before selecting an affiliate program to promote. If you are not convinced or impressed enough that you want to buy, then your site visitors likely won't be either, when they land on the same sales page.

TFAW.com - Toy Collectible Affiliate Programs

1. TFAW.com

Things From Another World (TWAW) doesn't just offer toy collectibles. The site has an extensive comic book and graphic novel collection, too.

How much can I make?
Commission is at 14% on both in-stock and pre-order merchandise. TFAW offers cash bonuses if you reach a certain amount of sales in a month, and the site has a 90-day return cookie. This means that you earn a commission for any purchase made by a returning customer who initially purchased through your link.

How do I apply?
For more information, visit the Affiliates page, but you need to be a ShareASale affiliate to promote the program.

EntertainmentEarth.com - Toy Collectible Affiliate Program

2. Entertainment Earth

The tagline "Bring Hollywood Home" is a perfect match for this website, which sells action figures from popular comics, movies and TV series. It also has a wide range of cute collectibles and bobble heads.

How much can I make?
15% for each sale.

How do I apply?
Entertainment Earth manages its own affiliate program so you need to register as an affiliate through the Affiliates page.

SideshowCollectibles.com - Toy Collectibles Affiliate Program

3. Sideshow Collectibles

This toy collectible website offers high-quality collectible products. Most, if not all, the collectibles are handcrafted. Take a look at the details on this Kylo Ren toy collectible.

How much can I make?
5% commission on each sale. It doesn’t seem much, but collectibles on this website sell for more than USD $100 each.

How do I apply?
Sideshow Collectibles also manages its own affiliate program so you can register directly through the Affiliates page.

ThinkGeek.com - Toy Collectibles Affiliate Program

4. ThinkGeek

The tagline "Stuff for Smart Masses" is rightly put. ThinkGeek offers geeky electronics, apparel and home and office items on top of action figures and collectibles.

How much can I make?
9% per sale.

How do I apply?
You need to be a part of the Commission Junction network to join ThinkGeek’s affiliate program. Head on over to the Affiliates page for more information.

Cmd Store - Toy Collectible Affiliate Programs

5. Cmd Store

Where ThinkGeek is everything "geek," CMDStore is strictly a toy collectible and action figure shop.

How much can I make?
12% commission, or 15% in-store credit for purchases through your affiliate link.

How do I apply?
The site manages its own affiliate program, so send an email or check the Affiliates page for more information.

Idcow.com - Toy Collectible Affiliate Programs

6. Idcow.com

So far, the toy collectible affiliate programs I’ve featured all sell action figures. Idcow.com sells another kind of toy collectible: die-cast model cars and motorcycles.

The prices are a lot less than action figures, but these products definitely belong in the collectible category, and there's a healthy niche of collectors.

How much can I make?
10% for each sale.

How do I apply?
Idcow.com has an Affiliates page you can go to for more information. The site is a part of the Yahoo Affiliate Network, but you only need to send an email to register.

eBay Partner Network - Toy Collectibles Affiliate Programs

7. eBay Partner Network

eBay is like Amazon in that you can find practically anything in its marketplace, including toy collectibles. The major difference is that eBay is an auction site more than an online store. That said, you can expect collectors to look for rare items on eBay more than they do on Amazon.

How much can I make?
eBay has certified commissions and a rate card, but I can’t find either on the eBay Partner Network site.

The site has an earnings calculator on the home page, though. It seems you earn a bit of commission for every item sold, so 1 item may not amount to much, but that combined with a few more products can get you a good commission for a single sale, if not a single item.

How do I apply?
Visit the eBay Partner Network to register for the program, and get more information.

Amazon.com - Toy Collectible Affiliate Program

8. Amazon

As always, there's Amazon.com if any of the above affiliate programs don't work out for you. The commission isn't as high, but there is always the chance to earn more if the user purchasing through your link also buys other items.

How much can I make?
The commission can go up to 10% depending on the product purchased.

How do I apply?
You can sign up on the Amazon Associates page.

Light Up the Internet Sky With Your Website's Brand

Getting traffic to a website, in any niche, isn't child's play. Be like Batman: Be prepared. And have your own beacon to attract followers.

You might still be in the planning stages for your website, but that's no excuse not to come up with a link-building strategy. This doesn’t have to be written down in stone; an outline or rough draft will do. Having something to refer to when you need to drive traffic to the site helps you save time.

Below are some link-building methods you can try on your toy collectible site:

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the third-biggest website in the world. It is one of the biggest search engines, too, so it pays to have videos ranking on YouTube.

You can create video reviews of popular action figures, or the latest best-selling graphic novels. Then, on the video description, you can place your affiliate link along with a link to the related page on your site.

You'll find plenty of tutorials to guide you through creating YouTube videos, like this one from Lifewire. If video creation is just not your thing, but you've got ideas, then you can go to Fiverr or Upwork and pay the pros to do it for you.

This shouldn't surprise you, but there are also tutorials on how to get traffic from your YouTube videos if you need even more assistance.


Always look for ways to promote your site through social media. Social media sites such as Pinterest have thousands of members who are constantly sharing information with each other. Take advantage of that by sharing images of your own action figure collection, or create a wishlist of action figures you'd like to collect, then share that on Pinterest.

Kissmetrics has an excellent guide on how you can promote your website on Pinterest.

You can also check out image-sharing sites such as Flickr and Photobucket. They also have their own communities that you can tap into.

Link Indexing

Always make it a point to ensure the search engines index any backlinks you create. There are several ways to do this: RSS, Ping, or Twitter.

Indexing your backlinks will not bring traffic to your website. But it does help draw the search engines to your website. Link indexing helps speed up SEO results by letting search engines know that you have all these backlinks pointing to your site.

Toy Collectible Affiliate Programs: Your Affiliate Marketing Superhero?

The toy collectible niche is a fun niche. But like any other business endeavor, it requires serious commitment and follow through.

.table-aff th img { border:0; padding:0; -moz-box-shadow: none; box-shadow: none; margin-right: 0; width:50px; } .table-aff td, .table-aff th { text-align:center; border-bottom:1px solid #eaeaea; } .table-aff td.striped { background:#f2f2f2; } .table-aff tr.signup a { font-size:10px; text-transform:uppercase; } .table-aff .commision { font-size:10px; color:#999; }










I like this niche. It's fun, it's interesting, and there's a big potential to earn, especially during gift-giving months, or right after a blockbuster movie franchise such as Superman or Star Wars releases a new film. The only downside is the competition. As I found out during keyword research, most keywords you'd target in this niche are high-competition keywords.

You can take the same route as One Per Case, a website that reviews action figures and collectibles (and incidentally, the source of my blog post's image. With permission.). You can also build a website on toys and have a section for toy collectibles. This way you have plenty of affiliate programs to choose from.

Competition is big in the toy collectible niche, so be ready with a link-building strategy to help you get started as soon as you finish your website.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Niche of the Week. Click on any of the share buttons below and share this post. I love hearing from you, so be sure to leave a comment or two!

Get AffiloBlueprint and start building your own affiliate website!

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23 Dec

Discover How I Made $2,499.12 In Less Than 72hrs From A Single Digital Product

moneyI’m sure by now you’ve recovered from the Black Friday frenzy that was going on…

It get’s a bit crazy, right?

And you may also remember that I was mailing particularly hard that weekend.

As I was recommending ‘Internet Selling For Newbies’ by Omar Martin.




I was really excited to recommend this to you as it’s a complete A to Z course perfect for newbies and struggling marketers alike.

It covers all the foundations you need to build a successful online business that earns passively.

And that’s the type of business we all want, right?

So congrats if you bought it you got a great deal on a potentially life changing course.

And thanks very much for choosing to buy through my link, if you invested.

And I thought you’d like to see my results from that launch…

It was a 3-day launch from midday Black Friday to Midnight on Sunday.

And a discounted version of the course was available as a Black Friday Special.

Usually, the price is much higher.

So it was a great opportunity to get this at a low price.

Plus if you’ve seen the amount of valuable content in those videos, you’ll realize it could easily be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Similar courses are.



What You’ll Learn

  • My results and how much I sold
  • The email marketing strategy I used and works
  • What you should do to increase conversion rates
  • 4 key lessons you need to know to succeed


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Overall Launch Results

So anyway, here’s the data from the launch overall:

  • It sold a total of 500+ copies (sorry don’t have the exact figure).
  • And converted into sales at 4.88%.
  • Earnings per click (EPCs) were $0.99 on average.

Which means that on average for every click an affiliate sent it was worth $0.99 to them.




The refund rate was a whoppingly low 2.56% which just shows the quality of the product on offer.

5% is considered low on digital info-products in the IM niche for comparison due to the shiny object buyers who serial refund and the blackhatters.

So whilst it wasn’t a HUGE launch in terms of volume sold it was a mid-sized launch.

And a decent volume seeing as it was just a weekend launch and not a full 7 days.


My Personal Results

I sold 80 copies of the front end product ‘Internet Selling For Newbies’.

My traffic converted at 3.34% which was much lower than the average of 4.88%, more on that later.

Which made me atotal of $1,461.65 in instant commissions direct to my Paypal account.

And an extra 7 copies of the 2 upsells for the monthly membership to another of Omar’s courses for a total of $519.50.

For a total of $1,999.12 in instant commissions.




And here’s the cool thing:

As I sold 80 copies of the front end product, which is approximately 16.2% of the total volume sold (500ish)…

…I came 3rd place in the sales leaderboard, and that paid me another $500 in bonus cash.




Taking me to a total of $2,499.12 in less than 72hrs.

Or $166.60 per email sent.

And considering I wrote all these emails in the space of about 4hrs that’s not a bad hourly rate.

Over $600 per hour if my terrible maths are correct.

Overall a nice weekend of earnings.

Some easy money.

And I recommended a product I’m very happy with that I know you can learn a lot from.

I know if you purchased and take the correct action on what’s inside you’ll see success.

So those are the numbers but you’re probably wondering what are the key takeaways for you?


My Strategy: Crushing It With The Crush Campaign

As I mentioned during the launch I used Omar Martin’s “Crush Campaign” email strategy.



He uses this strategy on every launch to maximize sales.

It was my first time using this strategy though I do something fairly similar though not usually emailing so aggressively.

But if we don’t test these things we’ll never know, right?

And by testing them, I can share the results with you which you can go on to use yourself.

So here’s what happened:

I sent a total of 13 emails throughout the launch.

And 2 before the launch started to warm you up to the idea and pre-sell.

For a total of 15 emails in 3 days.

This is far more than I usually would in such a short period.

And 8 of those were on the final day of the launch to continually remind of the launch ending.

Usually, I’d send 3 max on the final day.



Omar Martins Crush Campaign works well...

Omar Martins Crush Campaign works well…



Analysis Of The 13 Emails Used:

These are the exact emails used throughout the launch.

All throughout the emails, I’ve used different formulas to market my way into my audience’s problems and provide them the solutions with the A-Z course.

The key here is that I knew my audience needed this course to succeed in their online ventures and without it, they would continue to struggle.


Pre-sell Email #1

These pre-sell emails are the most crucial part of this launch.

Without them, there is less of a chance selling anything even if it’s the greatest product in the whole wide web world.

The subject line creates curiosity which most likely makes the subscriber open the email up.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • Warms up subscribers to a big product launch that’s coming up, leaving them in a “tell me more mode”, as no details are disclosed in this email.
  • Social proof is provided with testimonials that could be found in the link and mentioned “already helped thousands of people”, proving that the product isn’t just another shiny object.
  • “Major slash on pricing” so fear and scarcity is sparked a little bit with the limited time deal.




Subject: You won’t believe what’s launching tomorrow…

There’s a huge product launch tomorrow…

This is going to take the web by storm.

And I know that you’ll be interested.

Here’s why:

This is a proven product that has already helped thousands of people launch their first ever successful online-business.

It literally has all the pieces of the puzzle and almost everything you could ever need.

But access only gets opened a few times a year then it’s closed back down again.

And demand is always HUGE for this as it’s such a high quality A to Z product.

And it’s proven to work…

…which you’ll see tomorrow from the testimonials.

Because the guy behind this launch has been a top level marketer for close to a decade now.

And the really cool thing…

Tomorrow a Black Friday special offer goes live.

And the price has been slashed dramatically.

There’s a is a HUGE discount on offer tomorrow that is usually never available.

You will not believe how low the price is tomorrow for all the value on offer.

And here’s why this matters to you:

Tomorrow you are finally getting all the pieces to the puzzle.

And you’ll finally have all the steps you need to build your very own successful online business.

But to get more information on this you need to sign up to the early bird list right now, here:


Enjoy tomorrow,



Pre-sell Email #2

Not only does this email’s subject line get people’s attention, but it makes you wonder, “What’s happening today?”.

And in the body of the email, the subscriber won’t even realize what’s really going on until the link is clicked.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • Curiosity is stirred as the product is just referred as a “product” in the email
  • Subject line gives the subscriber a heads up on something awesome coming up, thus creating a bit of hype and leaving them thirsty for more details.
  • A “low price that’s never usually available” is mentioned so the subscriber knows this isn’t something that should be passed up on and it creates scarcity.

Subject: Look what’s happening later today…

There’s a huge product launch later today…

This is going to take the web by storm.

And I know that you’ll be interested.

Here’s why:

This is a proven product that has already helped thousands of people launch their first ever successful online-business.

It literally has all the pieces of the puzzle and almost everything you could ever need.

But access only gets opened a few times a year then it’s closed back down again.

And demand is always HUGE for this as it’s such a high quality A to Z product.

And it’s proven to work…

…which you’ll see tomorrow from the testimonials.

Because the guy behind this launch has been a top level marketer for close to a decade now.

And the really cool thing…

Today a Black Friday special offer goes live.

And the price has been slashed dramatically.

There’s a is a HUGE discount on offer tomorrow that is usually never available.

You will not believe how low the price is tomorrow for all the value on offer.

And here’s why this matters to you:

Today you are finally getting all the pieces to the puzzle.

And you’ll finally have all the steps you need to build your very own successful online business.

But to get more information on this you need to sign up to the early bird list right now, here:


Enjoy tomorrow,



These headlines are surely going to attract attention… .agreed?


Email #1

This email is to alert subscribers on the limited time promotion that has just gone live.

It uses scarcity, and social proof by providing the fact that it is a limited time sale and that the testimonials can be found in the link of the email.

And by using the subject line “IFSN is LIVE!”, it uses curiosity and makes subscribers want to know what’s going on.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • Alerted subscribers by letting them know about the training course and that the promotion is live.
  • Mentions that it only opens a few times a year so you know it won’t be on sale for long.
  • Ends the email by letting you know whether you’re a newbie or just stuck, you’ll get further with this purchase.




Subject: ISFN is LIVE! [Black Friday Special]

Yesterday I emailed to tell you about the A to Z training course that would help you finally launch your own successful online business.

The course that 1000s of people have already used to launch their own profitable businesses.

Of which the testimonials and proof are available on the link below.

And about how it only opens a handful of times a year but usually for a high price.

But there’s good news:

Right this second a Black Friday hugely discounted price has just gone live.

And you need to be quick before it’s gone again and you end up paying more.

And remember:

Whether you are a newbie.

Or you’re been around for a while but are stuck in the Internet Marketing ‘Wasteland’…

…and unable to get to where you need to be.

Then this is the perfect A to Z course that gives you all the steps until profit and beyond.

And the only place you can get your huge Black Friday discount is here now:


Enjoy it,



Email #2

The email used here is called “gain” and the main reason why it works is because it’s headline builds curiosity and the email is simple and short.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • Subject line builds curiosity.
  • Simple and short email lays out the benefits of buying.
  • Provides testimonials so you know it’s been tried and tested by other people.
  • Limited time sale is mentioned and that if they don’t take action then their fear builds up on the possibility of the pricing going back up.

Subject: Looks like you missed this?

Yesterday I emailed to tell you about the A to Z training course that would help you finally launch your own successful online business.

The course that 1000s of people have already used to launch their own profitable businesses.

Of which the testimonials and proof are available on the link below.

And about how it only opens a handful of times a year but usually for a high price.

But there’s good news:

Right this second a Black Friday hugely discounted price has just gone live.

And you need to be quick before it’s gone again and you end up paying more.

And remember:

Whether you are a newbie.

Or you’ve been around for a while but are stuck in the Internet Marketing ‘Wasteland’…

…and unable to get to where you need to be.

Then this is the perfect A to Z course that gives you all the steps until profit and beyond.

And the only place you can get your huge Black Friday discount is here now:

Enjoy it,



I will be mailing about this a LOT over the weekend.

And I want you to not only considering investing in the training.

But also paying close attention to the marketing I am using and the emails I am sending.

And the marketing used on the launch.

This will be a HUGELY successful launch.

And you’ll learn twice as much by investing in the course AND paying close attention to the marketing behind it.

So keep your eyes peeled and invest in the product here too:




Ryan Deiss’s “Logic, gain, fear” formula works…


Email #3

This email is using the “logic formula” as it uses logic to persuade subscribers into using a product that they’ve been destined to use (i.e.: If you really want to succeed (I’m guessing you do).

Analysis of why this emailed worked:

  • Strong subject line that makes people want to know what you are talking about.
  • It uses logic with “You’ve been around for a while but can’t really get ahead. Then this is perfect for you.”.
  • Access is only opened a few times a year (as mentioned in the email) so scarcity is built.

Subject: This is bonkers!

People are going crazy for the Black Friday once per year discount of ‘ISFN’.

Hundreds of people have already got inside this A to Z training within the first few hours.

And this is NOT the typical hyped up IM launch…

…where you buy something and only get part of the puzzle.

With this you literally get all the steps from scratch to profit with nothing missing.

The proof is all below on the link.

So here’s the deal:

If you’re new and struggling to make your first dime.

Or you’ve been around for a while but can’t really get ahead.

Then this is perfect for you.

It’s the cure for information overload.

It’s the cure for shiny object syndrome.

It’s the cure for inaction or confusion.

It’s the cure for all those lost hours and money.

Because ‘ISFN’ is one of the few, A to Z, products that have proven results.

Which you’ll see when you click the link below.

And you know what:

This isn’t some flash in the pan launch that will be abandoned next month.

This has been around for years and gets upgraded and improved continually.

And the marketer behind it has nearly a decade of experience online.

And he’s one of the few people trusted by marketers and customers alike.

But access to ‘ISFN’ is only opened a handful of times per year.

And usually at a high price due to the amount of content inside.

But for Black Friday there’s a huge discount available.

But it’s not available for long.

So come join the thousands of people using ‘ISFN’ to make positive changes in their life here:


All the best,



I will be mailing about this a LOT over the weekend.

And I want you to not only considering investing in the training.

But also pay close attention to the marketing I am using and the emails I am sending.

Because this will be a HUGELY successful launch driven by affiliates like me.

And you’ll learn twice as much by investing in the course AND paying close attention to the marketing behind it.

We’re both marketers here and we can both learn a lot from this launch.

So keep your eyes peeled and invest in the product here too.



Email #4

This email uses “results” to further convince subscribers that this stuff works and they will be inspired to buy by reading the story.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • Builds curiosity by using the subject line of a mysterious married couple making 7 figures.
  • Mentioned how previous subscribers have already jumped on this so it makes the subscriber feel like they may be missing out.
  • Builds scarcity by mentioning the low, limited time price.




Subject: Married couple build a 7 figure biz from their spare bedroom?

This guy and his wife report to have built a 7 figure business from their spare room…

…selling digital information products using a crappy old laptop.

Now look:

I of course cannot verify their 7 figure claim.

I’m not their bank manager or accountant.

But here’s what I do know:

They’ve been marketing online since the early 2000’s.

And in that time I’ve come to follow their journey.

And they definitely know what they are talking about.

I’ve bought products from them that have made me money.

And they have had a lot of success.

I’ve seen their big public launches and the volumes they sold and revenue they generated.

So the 7 figure claim could well be true.

But let’s not get caught up in numbers here.

Because the point is these guys ARE successful.

And the really cool thing is:

They did this all without breaking a sweat.

There was NO stock or inventory to deal with.

There was NO fulfilling orders.

There was NO boring SEO to struggle with.

There was NO content to create for blogs.

There was NO dealing with 4% Amazon commissions.

It was all clean, hands free money, from selling digital info-products straight from their spare room.

My smartest subscribers have already jumped all over this and got involved.

And I’m confident you’re going to love it too.

Especially when you see how crazy low the price is.

So go take a look at it for yourself here:


Thank me later,



Remember I WILL be sending a lot of emails about this launch over the weekend.

So pay close attention not only to the course but to the way in which I promote this.

Because I fully expect to sell a lot of copies of this over the weekend.

And you’ll learn twice as much by studying my emails AND investing in the course.

Than if you just invested in the course alone.

This will be a SUPER successful launch and that will be because of affiliates like me sending lots of sales.

So keep your marketing hat on at all times, study my emails carefully, and pick up your copy here:



 Email #5

This email sparks curiosity by using the subject line “You need to watch…” and connects with the subscriber by letting them know what strategy is being used in the promotional emails.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • Scarcity and fear is sparked by saying “Buy IFSN right now before the Black Friday sale is removed”.
  • And this line “You’re a marketer and you need to be not just taking action on what I say” basically saying that if you’re serious about gaining something then you need to take action.

Subject: You need to watch what’s about to happen here…

This is where things get REALLY interesting…

I’ve been emailing the past few days about the A to Z product ‘ISFN’, right?

Well, right now the launch is about to go into the “Crush Campaign” phase.

Basically Omar the guy behind this developed this email promo strategy that he uses on every launch.

It revolves around increasing the frequency of emails every day until the launch is over.

And it’s proven time and time again to increase sales like wildfire.

And I’m going to be using the “Crush Campaign” too.

So don’t be alarmed if you get a few more emails than you’d expect from me the next few days.

Here’s why:

You’re a marketer and you need to be not just taking action on what I say.

But also observing what I’m doing from a marketing point of view too.

And understanding why I’m doing it and what the result is.

This is a VERY powerful marketing campaign that you can learn from.

And use on your own affiliate promotions.

So not only should you invest in this product you should also study the marketing.

Because that way you get the best of both worlds.

You get a complete A to Z marketing product with pretty much everything you can ever need to succeed.

And you get to understand how the marketing works for a big affiliate launch which you can use for yourself.

So there’s two things to do right now:

The first is to pay attention to this email and the others that follow over the next couple of days.

And the second is to buy ISFN right now before the Black Friday discount is removed.

And you’ll have all the information, tools and systems you need to be a successful marketer.

Get your discount here now:




Don’t forget to study what I do as well as what I say in these emails.

You’ll learn a lot on what it takes to be a successful affiliate by doing so as I will sell a lot of copies of this over the weekend.

And you’ll learn even more if you combine it with what’s available in ISFN here:




Kevin Rogers’s 60 second hook is something you need to try as it works well…

Email #6

This email uses the famous “60 seconds sales hook“.

Getting my audience to understand that I’ve been in their shoes helps them feel like they can relate to me.

It also shares a story which people like to read and then finally revealing that they don’t have to struggle any longer as the product can help them.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • A personal story is shared to which the subscribers can feel like they can relate to.
  • Sparks personal gain by sharing the fact that this product is the answer to the struggle.
  • This email also explains that they don’t have to go through the same trial and error by buying various products and having the shiny object syndrome.
  • Let’s the audience tap into my personal experiences and learn from my mistakes.

Subject: Are you trapped?

How long have you been at this internet marketing game?

Are you where you want to be…

…or stuck?

Because here’s the thing:

Most people are trapped in a cycle of buying shiny objects and information overload.

Just spinning their wheels and getting nowhere.

Don’t worry you are NOT alone.

You know what:

I struggled with that for nearly 3 years too.

The only way I was able to beat it was by shipping myself off to the other side of the world.

I had VERY limited funds.

And I told everyone at home I wouldn’t be back for at least a year.

And that I’d have a successful online business when I next came home.

There’s nothing like the fear of running out of money in a foreign country to motivate you to succeed.

And nothing like fear of ridicule either by telling everyone I’d have a successful business…

…then going home broke without one.

I couldn’t let myself fail so had to stop with the shiny objects and info-overload and just make thing happen.

Now hold on:

I’m NOT suggesting you ship yourself over to the other side of the world with no money.

Not everyone can do it.

I was young, free and single so I had nothing to hold me back.

But here’s the thing…

If you don’t find something that gets you on track then you’ll stay trapped forever.

Stuck in the continual cycle of info-overload and buying shiny objects.

And just getting more and more stuck.

And more and more broke.

And your situation will likely get worse than better.

And it’s NOT your fault.

Most IM products are not designed to give you the full picture.

You only get small pieces of the puzzle but don’t have the box to see what the final picture should look like.

So if any of this is sounding familiar here’s what to do:

You need to stop for a second, take a deep breath, and get back to basics.

All online businesses have a solid foundation.

You likely know most of the fundamentals.

But you’ve been so overloaded with information.

And bombarded with shiny objects that you’ve got confused along the way.

That’s why you need a STEP BY STEP plan that takes you from A to Z.

Showing you all the steps, in a logical order, from beginning to profit.

You can do this you just need a road map.

You and your family deserve this and a better future.

You’ve fought hard enough all your life up until now.

So here’s the kicker:

Your road map is available today but come tomorrow it’s GONE again.

And then your opportunity for a successful future is lost AGAIN.

If you take this opportunity now, and follow through, there’s a very good chance 2017 becomes YOUR year.

The one where you prove them all wrong and secure the future you always knew you deserved.

It all starts with one simple action.

Just clicking here now before it’s too late:
>> http://nichehacks.com/ISFN

Here’s to 2017,



Email #7

Here I used the PAS formula which helps the marketer understand that they do not need to go from product to product to finally get the answer and help that they are looking for.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • Explains on the common problems that the subscribers as they are always bombed with products and offers regularly.
  • Provides a final solution to their ongoing problem by showing an A-Z course to help them succeed.
  • Agitates the problem further by explaining that they’ll continue to have this problem.

Subject: Do you need to go on a “low-info” diet?

If your business has either not started or not as successful as you’d like it to be then…

…you need to go on a “low information” diet.

Now hear me out:

The biggest problem we all face as marketers is…

…that we’re bombarded with new products, offers, and information daily.

And it all sounds amazingly good.

So we want to know more about it.

And off we go down a new path learning about a new system.

Discarding what we were already learning about or working on.

It’s enough to make you go crazy.

Here’s the thing though:

There are literally 1000’s of ways to make an income on the internet.

But you do NOT need to know all of those ways.

Simply learning ONE of them and getting good at it is enough.

If you try to learn them all you end up on an “information overload” diet.

And get fat on information but never do the necessary exercise (taking action) for long enough to see success.

That’s why you need to go on a “low information” diet right now.

Cut out all the noise and distractions.

Choose ONE method to focus on.

And work, STEP BY STEP, until you see success with it.

And the good news is that simple A to Z “low info” method is available here:

Enjoy your new diet,



(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Email #8

This email is using the PAS formula by explaining why they open these emails and further agitates the problem by describing the struggles they are most likely going through.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • Uses examples and focuses on the struggles of what the subscriber is probably going through.
  • Shows that the problem is very real and will not be solved by buying various products, that there’s an A-Z solution waiting for them.
  • It sparks urgency by saying that the solution is there for them and all they’d need to do is invest their time and effort into the A-Z course.

Subject: I know EXACTLY why you open these emails…

Because you aren’t making as much money as you like…

…and you’re willing to make a change.

And your life isn’t exactly how you want it to be.

That’s why I got into online marketing too.

That’s why we ALL get into it.

No one who is happy and comfortable in life with their situation decides to try internet marketing.

You want to make a positive change to your life.

Me too.

Even still now there’s changes I want to make.

So here’s what you need to do…

Online marketing is a REAL business and must be treated like one.

If you treat it as a hobby then that’s all it ever will be.

Sure you’ll have some fun with it.

And get some distraction from the mundane day to day grind.

But you’ll never make any REAL money from it.

Or have it change your life.

It’ll just waste more of your precious time and money with no results.

But treat it like a REAL business.

In which you invest time and money into the RIGHT things…

…then good things will happen and it will reward you like a CEO gets rewarded.

And you’ll make the huge positive changes in your life you always dreamed of.

So it’s about time you put down the shiny toys.

Decluttered your mind from the info-overload.

Stopped buying things you don’t need.

And stopped chasing brand new systems and business models.

And instead lay the foundations for a REAL, solid, business that lasts for a lifetime.

No more playing around it’s time to get serious about this.

There’s a simple step by step, A to Z formula, that you can follow.

And no one can help you succeed with this formula more than these two here:

Thank me later,



Email #9

This email is using fear and scarcity to get my audience to take action or they would be too late.

It uses a story to describe the average Joe who may be putting things off and then miss out.

Analysis of why this email works:

  • It uses urgency and scarcity from the subject line and in the email.
  • It highlights the common mistakes people make when putting off a great investment.
  • Scarcity and fear is used as the email mentions that the course is only on sale for a limited time.

Subject: Get this RIGHT NOW before it’s too late

I’ve seen this happen far too many times…

Tons of people miss out on something they REALLY wanted because they procrastinated on it.

They put it off to the last minute and then forget or get busy.

And then suddenly when it’s not available anymore they’re mailing me like mad asking for a second chance I can’t give them.

Don’t be that person.

You don’t want to regret this later.

The bottom line is this…

If you don’t take action on this now you’ll miss out.

Because this offer ends today.

And when it comes back online in 2017 it will be at it’s usual price which is WAY higher than the discount one on offer right now.

Remember this is a Black Friday special price not usually available.

Here’s the thing:

You say you want change in your life.

And you say you’re serious about it.

And I believe you otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this email.

So take the action you need to take and invest in the training you need here:

Enjoy your day,



Email #10

This email is straight to the point and short which makes it easy to read for my audience.

It also uses logic so my audience knows that they should be taking action but we are assuming that they are not.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • It uses logic in the subject line “You know this BUT you’re still not doing it?” and makes the subscriber want to open and find out what they are not doing.
  • It highlights the obvious needs of a business to be successful “Sales are the key to all businesses” so by not taking action on the purchase, it wouldn’t make sense for them.
  • “Invest in your future…” if the subscriber cares about their future then they would find it logical to take action.
  • Also uses scarcity and fear as the email mentions that this is a limited time sale.

Subject: You know this BUT you’re still not doing it?

You know this…

SALES are the key to ALL businesses.

You can set up websites.

You can create content.

You can put affiliate links all over the web.

You can mess around with social media.

You can buy all the shiny new products and tools of the month.

You can do all the other 10001 seemingly endless things an online business needs.

But unless you make SALES none of the other stuff matters.

And you know what:

Most people get so caught up in all the other stuff that they FORGET about the selling part.

Or at the very least don’t focus on it enough.

It’s the most important part.

The ONLY part that really matters.

And I get it:

Selling has a bad reputation.

But if you’re not interested in selling stuff to your audience.

Then how do you ever plan to make any money?

This is business not a charity.

And selling need not be bad.

You sell stuff that solves peoples problems.

Not selling them stuff they don’t need.

Think about it:

If someone has a problem and you sell them the solution you’ve done a great thing, haven’t you?

You’re not a charity you can’t be expected to put all the time and effort into solving their problems for free.

And it’s not a difficult thing to sell ethicaly when you know how.

It just revolves around some basic foundations and a solid system.

But most people gloss over it and get caught up in the other smaller moving parts.

Or get scared to try and sell.

Don’t be that person.

Invest in the step by step ISFN training and foundations you need to make BIG changes to your future.

Invest in the guidance you need from the 2 online business experts behind ISFN who’ve been there and done it all.

As is ISFN is followed correctly soon you’ll be making sales day in day out on auto-pilot.

And your life WILL change thanks to ISFN.

And you have to make this investment in ISFN before it’s too late as there’s only a few hours left now.

Invest in ISFN and your future here:

You won’t regret this,



Email #11:

The headline in this email would make people want to click as it describes a certain desire  (i.e. “type of income”.)

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • It shares a personal story and experience that the subscriber can relate to.
  • It uses a certain desire “recurring income” and uses the course to provide as a way to meet that desire.
  • It uses scarcity by saying that it won’t be available after a few hours.




Subject: I LOVE this type of income…

There’s one type of income I love more than any other…


It comes in on auto-pilot month after month and keeps on growing.

My membership site provides just that.

And if there’s a better type of income I just don’t know it.

Imagine if you woke up on the 1st of every month to see your Paypal balance so full of recurring income payments…

…that you had already covered all your bills and expenses for the month.

You could literally sit back and do nothing for the rest of the month if you chose to.

And any money you made after that would be a LOVELY bonus.

That’s the type of business model and income methods you’ll learn inside the ISFN training.

Omar and Melinda Martin have been doing this very business model for close to 10 years now.

And they have perfected it.

And they have documented it STEP by STEP so that anyone can follow it regardless of their experience or skill.

If you want to learn an evergreen business model that provides passive, recurring, income month after month…

…then you need to get involved with this too.

So stay ahead of the curve and get inside before the opportunity vanishes in a few hours:

> http://nichehacks.com/ISFN

Here’s to your recurring income,



Email #12

This email uses final warning to get my audience off the fence.

It not only mentions that this is a limited time sale but it urges subscribers to take action unless they are not serious about their future (logic).

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • Final warning urges subscribers to take action.
  • Quick and straight to the point. Subscribers know there are no opportunities to get the product after this email.
  • It taps into emotion by saying without buying this product, everything will remain the same and that they will continue to struggle.

Subject: You’re cutting it close…

It’s down to the wire now…

The deadline for getting inside ‘ISFN’ is midnight tonight.

Any later than that and you’ll be forced to pay a huge price increase.

Remember this is a Black Friday weekend special and is hugely discounted.

So don’t let that happen to you.

And remember:

You’re reading these emails because you’re curious about the system.

And you’re on this list because you want the information and training you need to change your life.

That opportunity you need is right here and for a hugely discounted price.

But if you don’t get off the fence and invest now then nothing will change.

Please take action now before it’s too late if you’re serious about changing your life:

>> http://nichehacks.com/ISFN

All the best,



Email #13

This email is sparking fear by using a “final warning” subject line.

Subscribers would feel like they will miss out if they do not jump off the fence for this deal and also that they would be paying much more after this black Friday sale.

Analysis of why this email worked:

  • It highlights the fact that the price will be bumped up and may not be available after Black Friday.
  • By saying “if you’re ready to invest in your future” is basically telling the subscriber that if they are serious then they should take action now.
  • It builds scarcity and fear of missing out on ever getting this product.

Subject: This is your final notice…

My last ever email about this…

ISFN is about to close now.

The huge Black Friday discount is about to vanish.

And after midnight whenever this re-opens the price will be significantly higher.

If you don’t take action on this now I can only assume you are already happy with your income.

And that you have the perfect life you always dreamed of.

Because for anyone who doesn’t yet have an online business or is not making the income in they want…

…this is the perfect STEP BY STEP product with nothing missing.

And from two of the most trusted marketers on the internet.

So by not investing in it, especially at this super low price, I can only assume everything is perfect for you right now.

If that’s the case, then fantastic I’m happy for you.

I know personally I still want more out of life.

And if you do too then you owe it to yourself and your family to invest now before the chance is lost.

I’m not trying to pressure you it’s just that as your trusted mentor I believe that you need this.

And thought you wanted my help and advice.

So if you’re ready to invest in your future you need to get ISFN now.

Do it here now before it’s too late:
>> http://nichehacks.com/ISFN
Over and out,



Other Email Campaigns Lessons And Templates You Can Try:


My Strategy: Why I Had Low Conversion Rates

My conversion rate was low at just 3.34% compared to the average 4.88% obtained by all affiliates.

I spoke with Omar’s JV manager about this and they think it may be because I didn’t do a bonus offer whereas most other affiliates did.

It’s possible.

But I was short on time and don’t always do a bonus on the low priced launches.

I’ve won many contests before without them.

So it’s hard to say what caused that low conversion rate really.

But anyway here’s the really good bit…


Here's the type of bonuses I usually include (this one was used for Commission Black Ops)...

Here’s the type of bonuses I usually include (this one was used for Commission Black Ops)…


My 4 Key Takeaways:


1. The Crush Campaign Works, But….

It built urgency throughout the launch and played on scarcity well-urging people to take action.

Though it didn’t result in an extraordinary sales volume and I believe I could have done similar levels by emailing less.

Further testing is needed to see if it’s effective over my usual strategy

…which consists of 2 emails per day, AM and PM, until the final day when 3 or 4 emails are sent.

But overall if you don’t have an email strategy yet, the Crush Campaign works so use it.


2. You Cannot Just Email Once or Twice

Many of your audience need to be reminded continuously and exposed to a product before they buy.

You cannot assume if they are interested they will buy and just sent a couple of emails.

You need to give them multiple reasons to buy and multiple reminders.

People sit on the fence or put things off.

So emailing often keeps it fresh in their mind and builds in scarcity and urgency.


3. Bonus Offers Can Help You Sell More

Though not essential as I mentioned earlier.

There’s no doubt for some buyers these are a key incentive.

If your audience is on multiple lists…. which they are.

And they see one marketer offering an extra $500 or whatever in bonuses over you.

Then many will choose that option.

So try and create a bonus package that adds value to the offer.

I find the best bonus is to find a weakness or something missing in the main product.

And offer something which addresses or solves that weakness.

I was very short on time for this launch and created my promo at the last minute.

So I just didn’t have the time to create one.


Nader’s thoughts: As Stuart mentioned, bonuses may help increase sales and many affiliates will agree with this.

You have to remember that a lot of affiliate marketers are going to be involved in the same launch as you (or any selling that you do really) so one way to stand out from the crowd is by offering bonuses.

You can do this by simply offering your blog content, lead magnet bonuses, PDF’s, etc. 



4. A to Z Courses Are An Easy Sell And a Win-Win For Everyone

I have nothing against simple front end products which address 1 particular thing.

But there’s no doubt A to Z products and step by step courses are great.

They give you a roadmap from start to finish with nothing missing.

Which is what most people need as piecing together the puzzle can be tricky.

Online marketing is a big minefield with a lot of noise so an A to Z course can solve that issue.

If you can find high-quality A to Z courses to promote….then do so.

You benefit and your audience benefit.

So those were my takeaways.


Nader’s thoughts: Don’t hestiate to promote high priced courses.

Stuart has mentioned in this post that higher priced courses may sell less but they make up for it by bringing in higher commissions.

Your audience will want this stuff and are willing to pay for it. 


Your 3 Key Takeaways

These takeaways are what should be what you’re taking from this post.

You can’t expect something so successful to be only learned by one person as it can be replicated for virtually any niche.

As you probably know, an email list is a crucial key to having a constant flow of traffic to your site.

Without it, your website is at the mercy of Google and their rankings.

As a beginner or someone who isn’t as advanced as I am with email marketing, you should be taking away the simplest lessons here so you can start using it right away…


1. Email Hard And Often

This launch was done over the course of 3 days and blasted an epic launch that gained not only for me but hundreds of subscribers an A-Z course that they thoroughly enjoyed (2.56% refund rate).


2. Market And Tap Into Emotions

Email marketing is not about you, but your subscribers.

You owe it to them to understand emotionally why they need the product / service that you are promoting.

Use different templates (fear, logic, gain, etc).


3. People Are Buying All Year Round

Although this launch was based on a Black Friday sale, there are some nice sales / launches that happen all year and it really doesn’t matter what season it is.

Your subscribers are buying, whether you’re emailing or not.

If you’re not promoting solid products / service because you think you can’t do it, then someone else will just gain the sale.

So it’s okay to promote different launches throughout the year.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Final Words

Black Friday is a great time online to make money.

People are in buying mode and want to treat themselves.

And it’s NOT limited to physical products either.

So get involved if you can.

And be sure to promote high-quality products with good discounts.

Plus make use of mailing campaigns like the Crush Campaign if you haven’t figured out your own strategy yet.

And definitely email daily and multiple times per day, at least 2.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this email and the results.

Thanks again for studying my emails and investing in the course if you did.



The post Discover How I Made $2,499.12 In Less Than 72hrs From A Single Digital Product appeared first on NicheHacks.

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22 Dec

Want to Participate? Mortgage Crushing Competition 2017

Want to build a site in 2017 that pays your mortgage/rent…

When I was starting out building my portfolio I liked to think about income from my sites in terms of the freedom it would provide… what was on the monthly budget that a sites earnings would pay for!

I would think along the lines of…

  • What would it mean to my family if the phone and internet bill were covered (and I live in Canada where the fees for these suck!)?
  • How amazing would it be if a site would cover all the costs of my sports skiing/biking in a year?
  • What if a site paid for 2 awesome vacations per year?
  • What if I could build a site that could pay for a wedding?
  • What if I my mortgage/insurance/housing costs were essentially ZERO because a site had it all covered?

By attaching a concrete goal to a sites success seemed to help me stick with a site even in the slow initial growth stages.

With the above in mind me and my team have decided to compete in a friendly challenge where we each will build a site starting now with the goal that it pays for mortgage/housing costs by the end of 2017.


The Plan:

There are 3 of us involved myself, Kelley (who runs LightningRank.com) and Maddie (who runs ContentRefined.com). Each with varied experience, I have built many sites and ranked them over 8 years, Kelley has built and had success with a couple while Maddie is…  well other than how to do some awesome content marketing she is a pure beginner.

Every Thursday during our Throwback Thursday (where we have a beer at lunch) we will talk about what we have done for the week and I will help to provide guidance.

Each of us will have a slightly different strategy but they will all be sites focused on earning organic traffic through great content and links.

  • My Strategy – Heavily use advanced SEO and Content Marketing strategies such as my 301 building block strategy while providing consistent quality content and links. The goal is a very high traffic site focusing on evergreen useful content and not trendy/viral content. I have not tested a “general” site in a long time and I am interested to use this as a learning experience. My primary monetization method will be display advertising. I believe site relevanancy is more important then ever with Google Hummingbird and so I am interested in moving against that trend as a way to learn.
  • Kelley’s Strategy – Heavily focused on keyword research and creating an Amazon Affiliate site identifying keywords that are super low competition. She will combine consistent content and links from LightningRank to achieve her target in 2017.
  • Maddie’s Strategy – Maddie will focus on building an authority site focused on a topic she has some knowledge and passion in. Plus the keyword research shows there are a lot of opportunities that great content can win at. The focus will be on great content, genuine outreach and sprinkling in some more advanced strategies when it makes sense and with some help.

We will essentially be following the same attack plan with customizations we have been using for years to help build my portfolio.


Our Internal Rules:

Here are the rules so far… I will make more up as we go ?

  • $500/month spending limit per month
  • Can’t sell a service
  • Sites are 100% owned by each person and everyone covers their own costs but use my teams help to build/host the sites
  • We don’t buy the domain until Dec 22, 2016
  • The winner is the person who hits their number in a given month the soonest
  • The goal is to build a website by the end of 2017 that covers the mortgage/rent payments with its profits


Want to participate?

Anyone can participate!

At a minimum I will provide a monthly update here on exactly what each person has done over the last month and the results.

Last time I did this we had a CRAZY response to the six figure challenge which ended up as a success for myself and a few people in the group but I failed to keep up with providing updates.

This time around I would like to try and be more helpful and by the end of 2017 have a group of people who all have achieved crushing their mortgage payments through the creation of a money making authority site!

My Six Figure Challenge Site from 2015 Still Going Strong!

How you can participate…

Comment below if you are interested and any ideas on how we can be as inclusive as possible and help as many people as possible!

  • IF <10 people say they are interested in the comments below – We will provide updates in my normal monthly income post on how each of the 3 of us are doing.
  • If 10-30 people say they are interested in the comments below – We will have a monthly dedicated update and webinar covering the topics for the last month and training for next months work.
  • If 30+ people say they are interested in the comments below – We will create specific training (free of course) and a dedicated Facebook group where training and support will be provided.

Source: affiliate4

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20 Dec

Forex Affiliate Programs: For Real!

I hate numbers because I hate math. Unsurprisingly, this mentality led me to blindly hate everything that has to do with numbers. So writing about forex (short for "foreign exchange") is a challenge because this topic is the embodiment of numbers, formulas, charts, and everything that I simply hate. In fact, until this post, most of what I knew of forex and trading came from Hollywood films such as "Trading Places" (1983) and "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" (2010). 

But nevertheless, I found myself reading through websites like Forexmagnates and ForexMinute to learn more about how forex works and which forex affiliate programs would give me the biggest commissions for my effort.

There's a certain glamor or allure to the financial industry, and that includes forex — wouldn’t you like to know if Forex is a hot niche for affiliates?  Please keep reading. I promise you that I have a lot of new info to cover with this niche.

What is Forex?

The industry defined.

Wikipedia says:

“The foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. This includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices. In terms of volume of trading, it is by far the largest market in the world.”

OK, so right away we can tell that the niche is popular. It's been around a long time, too: the forex industry was born way back when the world relied on silver and gold as means of payment. But the world keeps changing all the time and so does the way we buy, sell and trade all kinds of goods. Today, the buy-sell-trade process has become more accessible, accurate, organized. It's a complex system now known as forex trading, where money literally never sleeps, because everyone can trade 24/7.  

Popularity = Money?

Is there still money in the forex market, despite leaner times?

Let us take a look at some current reports on forex:

On November 30, 2015, Financial Times forecasted:

“Currency strategists drawing up their predictions for 2016 largely agree on some broad themes — the US dollar will get stronger, emerging market currencies will stay weak and China’s renminbi will depreciate gradually.”

“Market uncertainty about 2016 stems from the uncomfortable experiences of 2015 — the shocks of the Swiss franc being depegged and China’s renminbi devaluation, the choppy performance of the US economy and worries over deflation sapping global activity.”

Earlier this year, FT’s forecast about the market has materialized and it was backed up with several interesting data reported by Reuters:

 “The days when close to $6 trillion changed hands on an average day may never return, industry observers say, as tighter bank regulation, the fading emerging market boom and secular slowdown in world growth and trade take their toll.”

“Data from CLS Bank, which offers the world's largest multilateral cash settlement service, showed average daily volume in January was $4.8 trillion, down 9 percent from a year earlier and a far cry from the near $6 trillion peak.”

But despite this fallout, Google Trends still shows a slight, slow general uptick in interest of late, along with the usual dips and peaks:



Additionally, the social share data is pretty much in line with Google Trends data, with some very popular sites and pages.



Using Buzzsumo, we can see that out of the top 5 trending pages about Forex, the first top 4 are all covering basic information on Forex and trading.

While the industry has fallen from its peak, people are still interested in learning about forex. One huge reason behind this is simple: The forex market is very lucrative. People are enticed by its money-making potential, since anyone can get into trading, with minimal capital and any kind of schedule, because the forex market is open for trading 24 hours a day. This is a niche where everyone’s goal is to earn money, and by that, they mean earning huge sums of money from forex.

Keyword Research

How to do keyword research and spy on your competitor's keywords.

For our NOTW posts, we always do the keyword research. We will do the same for forex, but this time, we will also be looking at the competitor’s target keywords.

Why are we doing this? If you are an avid reader of NOTW, you may have already learned the basics of keyword research. They are all the same. You can refer to our latest NOTW posts on keyword research here and here for reference.

This time, we take a different approach to our keyword research. We will be considering the keywords your competitors are already using, plus the keywords that we get from the basic keyword research. Consider this as a crash course in advanced keyword research using our very own AffiloTools.

First, we need to know who our competitors are for this niche. To find them, just use Google. Enter any keyword related to forex. For example, I typed in “forex trading” on Google, and it gave me 29 million results.

Big numbers like that indicate interest in the topic, but that's not our concern here. Nor do you have to check all of the results. All that matters are the first 10 results, since these are the top websites ranking for the given keyword (in this case, "forex trading").

NOTE: The top 10 results start below the ads. With every search term in Google, you can expect to see several ads placed just below the search bar, as you can see above. 

For the term “forex trading,” we have 4 ads under the search bar. Below that, you can see the top websites ranking for our search phrase. Just select one or two competitor sites to start.

These are two sites that I picked on the search results: GCI Online Trading (gcitrading.com) and Investopedia (investopedia.com). These sites are perfect examples of what an affiliate forex site looks like.

IMPORTANT: I have skipped Wikipedia since this site is already (automatically) considered an authority site. Most of the time it is very very hard and rare to outrank this type of site (other examples are Amazon and Ebay) — but that doesn't mean that it’s impossible to outrank it, either. What I am saying is, this site is not really the type of competitor site we are looking for. Remember, we’re looking websites that are built for affiliate marketing or similar to that.

Moving forward, we're going to focus on GCI Online Trading to search for keywords. We analyze its on-site and off-site keywords using the Backlink Analysis tool from AffiloTools.

To use this feature, go to AffiloTools and click SEO > Backlink Analysis in the menu. Once you’re in the Backlink Analysis tool, place the URL in the search bar, which is just above the page. Click the analyze button to start the search.

Now we have an overview report for GCI's backlinks:


The boxed section is what we need for our keyword research (and for our SEO efforts, which I will discuss later). We need the backlink data to analyze the number of backlinks for the site. Not only that, you can see all the sites that are linking back to GCI Online along with all the keywords and key phrases used as anchor text. The followed links are simply the percentage of the ‘do-follow’ links based on the total number of backlinks found. The domain information provides the total number of domains linking to GCI Online. The IP addresses are all the found IPs pointing back to GCI Online site. These IPs are based on the sites linking back (backlinks) to GCI Online.     

Let us see GCI’s list of anchor texts below:



Most of its on-site anchor texts (inbound links) are branded keywords. In fact, the top keywords found in the anchor texts for GCI are all branded keywords: GCI Financial Ltd., GCI Financial, GCItrading.com. But you can see several important, non-branded keywords which they used as anchor texts:


 online trading
 most reliable trading platform
 forex & CFD broker
 CFD trading | commodities | futures | metatrader


I have taken note of these keywords and compiled them in my Excel sheet. These keywords are now part of my suggestions list for forex.

Now, let us see GCI’s backlinks:



This is only a partial selection of the backlinks Affilotools found. But this one screenshot shows all the data that you will get when running the AffiloTools backlinks tool. You can discover the backlink URL, page authority, Alexa rank, site 1 (anchor text), and whether the link is no-follow or do-follow. At the moment, we will just be looking at the site 1 (anchor text column) since we are doing the keyword research.

These are all the non-branded keywords I have found and want to explore:

 the best broker in the world
 most reliable trading platform
 most trusted trading platform
 helpful trading software
 hy markets
 key to markets


Again, I have added these phrases to my list of keyword ideas. I now have a total of 13 keywords from the onsite keywords and the backlinks keywords for GCI:


 online trading

 meta trader

 most reliable trading platform

 the best broker in the world


 most trusted trading platform

 forex & CFD broker

 helpful trading software

 CFD trading

 hy markets


 key to markets












These 13 keywords are a good start, but you can find more by repeating the steps I have just shown you with a different site. Or, you can stick to the basic keyword research that we always teach you here on NOTW.

Once you are satisfied with your list of keyword ideas, I advise that you also re-run these keywords using the AffiloTools keyword research tool to see the level of competition for each, especially if you will be doing mostly SEO work for your site.

Forex Affiliate Programs

A list of the most popular affiliate programs

You won’t have a hard time finding affiliate programs in the forex niche. This niche is one of the most lucrative options and very high in demand. You certainly have a lot of choices when it comes to promoting forex trading affiliate programs.

However, since this niche is overcrowded with a lot of programs to choose from, do not get distracted by the payouts that these programs offer. Again, you must stay focused. We highly recommend that you start with a good sub-niche, especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing or forex, and stick to programs that fit in that sub-niche.

Another tip when choosing an affiliate program in forex: Base your choice on where you market is. For example, if your market is mostly from the US, then choose the affiliate programs that operate (or mostly operate) in the US market. Poke around at a few affiliate programs and you will notice that many programs specify the market or region they specialize in. You have to take note of this.  

Below is a list of affiliate programs based on popularity. You may check each of these options but bear in mind our advice about choosing programs:

Forex Affiliate

1. Forex Affiliate

About Forex Affiliate

This site claims to be one the largest, highest-paying, and best affiliate programs out there. I have read a lot of reviews about this affiliate vendor in forums and blogs and it seems that Forex Affiliate is true to its claims. A lot of marketers love the payouts and benefits they get from this company, to the point that some have stopped looking for additional affiliate vendors. They're satisfied with their earnings from this company alone.   

How much can I make?
Your commissions depend on the type of program you choose. The site offers Spreadshare, CPL, Lot Rebate, CPA Plan, and 2nd Tier.

Forex Affiliate doesn't disclose the commission rates from promoting these programs on the site, from but you can get an idea of how much you could earn by using the earnings calculator that the company provides on its website.

How do I apply?
You can sign up here.

eToro Partners

2. eToro Partners

About eToro Partners

eToro is one of the most popular programs in forex because a lot of affiliates claim it’s easy to promote the programs offered by this company. eToro has many useful and interactive promotion tools to boost conversions, which are very satisfactory based on user reviews. Affiliates also get 24/7 support available via email or phone.

How much can I make?
You can earn 25% on revenue shares, or up to $200 USD for CPA. Aside from this, the company also offers a variety of rewards and benefits, which are listed here.

How do I apply?
You can sign up here.

Ava Partner

3. Ava Partner

About Ava Partner

Ava Partner won the best affiliate program of 2015 from JFEX. If you are looking for an established company, then you may want to check out this vendor, as the site is considered a pioneer in online trading. The reviews about this affiliate are mixed, though. Some find success, while others find the offers and benefits to be lower than other affiliate programs.

How much can I make?
The payout for revenue share is 25% and you can earn around $200 USD per referral.

How do I apply?
You can sign up here.

Marketing Methods

How to Market the Exchange

There really isn’t a right or wrong turn when it comes to marketing. However, what helps the most in achieving good and (more importantly) high-converting results is knowing your “buying market.”

For any niche you promote, you need to spend time researching for your keywords, knowing where your market is and how your market behaves. The right keywords will help you target the right market, and in turn, will lead to a high conversion rate. But this is just the first part. You also need to make sure that you also have the right content, which helps you get more sales.

You can use almost ANY kind of marketing tactic imaginable so long as you know your market. However, of course, to be able to make it into the top search results, you need to do quality work, especially with your content.  This is time-consuming and challenging, but it’s a must!

Having said that, I won’t be recommending any marketing techniques for the forex niche, but I will be showing you how you can adapt your competitor’s marketing techniques by simply looking at their traffic (very similar to what I have shown you with the keyword research). This is another way to use and adapt your competitor’s data for your website. This strategy is good for marketers who have already used every marketing tactic in the book on their site but still have not seen any conversions happening. (Sounds familiar? )

For this task, I will be using the SimilarWeb website analysis tool to get the skinny on my competition. I love this tool (it's one of my most-used tools for SEO) simply because all the data I need is available in one place. This tool provides you information on the site’s audience, traffic sources, traffic destination, website content, and website competitors.    

I will be using GCI Online again as an example. Since we will focus more on how this website is marketed online, we will only check the traffic sources information for this site. Traffic shares for GCI Online are as follows:



What the Graph Shows:

1. Content matters A LOT.

The site is doing well on organic search (it's the top traffic share) even though it barely uses SEO on its website and on its backlinks (remember the site only has few non-branded keywords linking to it). Additionally, direct traffic is the second- largest traffic share. This tells us that the site has a lot of good articles published. As we always say, “content is king,” and search engines, especially Google, love websites with great content.

2. Social media is a must.

I have been reviewing websites a lot lately, and I noticed that one of the largest sources of traffic (aside from search engine referrals) is social media. This is the case with GCI Online. Social referrals take the no. 3 spot for traffic shares. GCI may have been spending less time and effort on social media than other tactics, but social still accounts for 10.30% of site traffic.

3. When you’re promoting in a very competitive niche, you need to experiment with paid ads.

Though paid ads and PPC make up a very small percentage, when it comes to traffic, this small percentage still matters a lot, especially for a very competitive niche like forex. GCI Online uses paid ads and PPC. The paid ads are set up with Google Display Network; the site’s PPC traffic comes from Google, Yahoo, and surprisingly, two specialized search networks: Qwant and Duckduckgo.

4. Partnerships or placing a link on similar sites help.

We can see that GCI has referral traffic as well. This means another website has placed a link that leads back to GCI site. How do you get a backlink on another site? You can use guest posting, article submission, or blog commenting, or even send the site owner an email about a possible partnership. For partnerships, another site will place your logo (with a backlink) under the Partners section of the site.

5. Run an autoresponder.

While GCI gets only a tiny portion of its traffic from email newsletters (0.84 percent), it is important to note that setting up your own autoresponder to build your list over time saves you a LOT of costs later on. Do not waste the traffic you get to your site. An autoresponder will help you keep in touch with the people who are interested in your site after they leave, allowing you to send out email newsletters with good information and product promotions that they may be interested in.

Forex Affiliate Programs

Capital gains or major losses?

.table-aff th img { border:0; padding:0; -moz-box-shadow: none; box-shadow: none; margin-right: 0; width:50px; } .table-aff td, .table-aff th { text-align:center; border-bottom:1px solid #eaeaea; } .table-aff td.striped { background:#f2f2f2; } .table-aff tr.signup a { font-size:10px; text-transform:uppercase; } .table-aff .commision { font-size:10px; color:#999; }





In my opinion, I would give the forex niche a go based on the fact that it appears to be evergreen. There have been some ups and downs, but as anyone who is familiar with stocks will remind you, the market always fluctuates. We might not see peak interest levels again for a long time, but despite the fallout in the trading market, a lot of people are still interested in learning about and getting into the trading system (we’ve seen evidence of this interest using Google Trends and Buzzsumo).

Did you learn something from this article? If you enjoyed reading our latest NOTW post, I highly recommend you check out AffiloBlueprint, our step-by-step lesson in affiliate marketing. This is a good course in helping you build your very own affiliate marketing business.   

Source: affilate6

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14 Dec

Nov Income Report – Record Numbers

Before we get into the the income post I have a special offer…

Special Offer…

Keyword Research + Content + Links = SEO Success

Winning in Google and attracting organic traffic is not complicated… if you have done great keyword research, created the best content and receive quality links you will win. 

Last month we launched ContentRefined.com and the feedback from existing beta testers has been great. Maddie the project manager has done a great job of building up the team while at the same time communicating A LOT with all existing customers. 

To keep the momentum going with ContentRefined.com and as a thank you to this audience for the support in hitting the record numbers below I have a special offer for you…

With the purchase of any ContentRefined.com package receive 1 FREE UseMyPBN link ($64 value) ​for each post!

Some Initial Results for Beta Testers:

Page 2 Rankings for 9,900 Search Volume Keyword In Under 1 Month!

Page 1 Rankings For Target Keyword In Under 1 Month!

With the purchase of any ContentRefined.com package receive 1 FREE UseMyPBN link ($64 value) ​for each post!

It has been awhile since I really had a huge breakthrough of a month.

This month it turns out a few things lined up to really deliver a GREAT month and was able to blow through a barrier!

Despite a few parts of the business not working out as I would like (ListingEagle and my Amazon Associates Account) the overall business performed well.

On a personal note it has been a great month for validation of my decision to leave the day job…I finally moved into our new house at the very end of the month, projects I would not have been able to start had a great month and I have been able to get out on the ski hill with my kids!

The Business “Divisions” For My Online Business:

  1. Money Site Portfolio
  2. AuthorityWebsiteIncome Blog
  3. SEO & Expired Domain Services:
  1. Amazon FBA Business
    • Brand #1 – Sold 2/3
    • Brand #2 – Investors and purchase affiliate site
    • Brand #3 – Product First Brand (launched!)
    • Brand #4 – Product First Brand (launched!)
    • ListingEagle – Amazon FBA Hijacking and Suppression Monitoring


Key Successes

  • ContentRefined.comBoth the demand of and quality of delivery of the service has been great. The demand for the service was large and the initial customers were all very happy with the support from the team and quality of the product delivered. With faster than expected scaling of the team we are now able to re-open to another set of customers to come in the door!
  • Happy Team Members – Working to show how much the key team members mean to me and this business I put a large effort into ensuring they are very happy with both challenging work and some nice perks. For my in house staff we have instituted a “take whatever vacation you want but have your shit covered”, “powder morning” (if it snows a lot and we don’t have meetings we get first runs in) policy and a couple shiny new MacBook’s have them extremely happy. For a key team member in the Philippines who heads up one of my bigger teams in my services business I helped him throw a charity event for a local school where they received food and gifts.


  • CyberMonday Services Sales – Cyber Monday services sales were very strong!
  • Website Purchase Success – Structuring some unique deals with people has allowed me to acquire some sites with reduced risk. One site in particular that had a substantial earn out but was a VERY trendy site (75% of earnings all year made in one weekend!) ended up being a success for everyone involved and has ultimately resulted in me being paid back in 1 month!
  • FBA Product Launch Successful – With the changes at Amazon launching a product is a little more challenging than before but with a great product and some extra effort we launched a product Early Nov that went on to sell 89 units all organically on Cyber Monday and be the #1 new release product in its category! The image below shows the $25k in revenue the product did in essentially the first 30 days it has been live!

  • Affiliate Site for FBA Brand + Outreach – Using essentially the 301 building block strategy I was able to get an affiliate site to #1 for its target keyword “best (product name we are selling)” and then in addition was able to reach out to 2 other sites ranking in the top 5 and get our product positioned as the #1 seller. It made over $500 in month 1 and is on track for $2,000 in Dec!

Key Failures

  • Covering Key People – We had two critical team members that had MAJOR surgeries in November (they are both doing well!) and I was very occupied at the end of the month with the upcoming house move. Our coverage plans worked okay but have room for improvement.
  • FBA Brand Launch – One of the brands has been slower to launch…the product is way better than the competition but the price point is a little high and it is currently fulfilled by merchant. I think long term this product is going to be a great fit for Amazon and the brand it is just a little slow out of the gate!
  • ListingEagle – As mentioned in last weeks post com is continuing to provide a valuable service to its existing and new customers but it is essentially going to be run very lean as I have been unable to find a scalable path to growth.
  • Amazon Associate Account – Hearing people earning 12% commission on native ads while my sites make WAY less than they would have been able to hurts! Part of the business but getting you Amazon Associate account suspended REALLY REALLY hurts!


2016 Business Goals

Below is my businesses main goals for 2016…

Download This Easy to Edit and Printable Goals Template – FREE

Part 1 – Passive Authority & Niche Website Income Profit/Loss

3 Goals in 2016 for my Website Portfolio Business

  1. Systematize Top 20 Sites in Portfolio

Nov Update – Great progress but the growth of ContentRefined has pulled my key managers attention away from this side of the business. However, our weekly meeting to review the portfolio definitely has us moving out of 2016 in much better shape to manage the portfolio than we were coming into 2016.

  1. Buy 1 Site Per Month

Nov Update – With my post discussing how to sell a website a few leads came in, but no acquisitions occurred in Nov through traditional means.

  • GOAL = 1 Website
  • ACTUAL = 1 Site purchased and used as a 301 Building Block with great success

If any readers are looking to sell their profitable site(s) VERY QUICKLY let me know by emailing me. I can let you know in 12hrs if I am interested and complete the purchase in 24-48hrs – Contact Me Here

I have found the right sellers are those…

  • Looking to sell FAST (under 24hrs has been accomplished!) (shorter time for due diligence on my end increases risk for me)
  • Not wanting to spend a lot of time on the sales process (analytics and income proof is all I need)
  • Site making $100-$1,000/month typically the right fit
  • SEO done to the site can be questionable and that increased risk will be reflected in the sales price
  • Site being associated with a banned Amazon Associate is still possible to sell (but STEEP discount!)
  • Understand that the benefits of the bullet points above means the sales multiple will be lower

If you have a profitable website you are looking to sell fast please let me know


  1. Sell Websites Strategically for $100k Total

Nov Update – The unique website lease/sale deal is still going to plan.



Nov Update – One unique deal REALLY paid off nicely in Nov and the rest of the portfolio performed well. A couple smaller sites were sold that will have a small impact on the portfolio moving forward but the timing was right for their sale. The result from Nov I am happiest with on my portfolio side of the business is the success of launching a new site using a great expired domain and deploying a modified 301 building block strategy.

Part 2 – Authority Website Income Blog Profit/Loss

3 Goals in 2015 for AuthorityWebsiteIncome.com

  1. Post Once Per Week

Nov Update – Achieved 4 posts with 3 of them being solid posts but actually missed 1 week of posting. I put A LOT of effort into the post talking about how to systematize content marketing!

  • Plan = 4
  • Actual = 4

2. 10x my Outreach

Nov Update – Still weak efforts on this front!

3. Site Redesign – Completed!


Oct Update – 15,839 users which represents a +21% year over year increase. I never want to admit defeat until it is over so I am going to push to try and achieve this in Dec!

Part 3 – Services Business Profit/Loss

  1. Systems Overhaul/Refresh

Nov Update – We are working through each procedure and working to improve quality, consistency and efficiency as we work through everything.

  1. Improve email marking and sales automation

Nov Update – not done yet – but I am going to get it done this year!

  1. Brandbuilders.io Becomes The Go-To Resource for Done 4 You Amazon FBA Private Label Websites and Done 4 You Amazon Affiliate Sites

Nov Update – Andrew at BrandBuilders continues to deliver great sites and scale his team.



Part 4 – Amazon FBA Business

  • Brand #1 – Sell FBA Business for 30x with 3+ Solid Months
    • Nov Update – The results of this business are not as good as we would like with the loss of our affiliate account and are working to test out different options with our own Ecommerce platform.
  • Launch Brand #2 – Investors – Affiliate Site Focused (External Traffic Focused)
    • Nov Update – Despite inventory challenges sales were solid, with expensive cost of goods landed I have been a little too tentative to deploy resources for this business and really ramp up inventory. Even with these challenges the business generated $14k in FBA revenue.

  • Launch Brand #2 – Partner – Product First Focused (Brand Vision Focus)
    • Nov Update – 1,000 units landed at our 3rd party logistics company. Sales were slower than we would like in Nov and the start of Dec but overall the reviews from unbiased people have been great and we will look to continue grinding on the promotion front.

  • Launch Brand #4 – Partner – Product First Focused (Unique Product Focused)
    • Nov Update – 1,300 units have landed and sales were flying after a little promo with giveaways, Facebook ads running at break even and affiliate site driving sales. Including selling 89 units on Cyber Monday. We now have inventory concerns and have placed another large order. What I am most impressed about the images below is the comparison of the previous 30 days compared to the 30 days before that… this business is flying out of the gates…

  • ListingEagle.com – Hijack Monitoring Service
    • Nov Update – Seeing the results from Nov we were a little disappointed, we tried hard to do a big push with some paid traffic to a more “fear-inducing” sales page we had created… the results were not good and I discussed the overall lack of success with this business in my failed SaaS business case study.

Overall Income Update

Original Monthly Net Income Target (original goal $15k/month reliable income by age 35)

  • Target Net Income = $10,050
  • Actual net Income = $52,928.83
  • 2016 Average Monthly Net Income = $32,166 (stretch goal is 30k average for the year)


  • Gross Revenue is a vanity number for my business and I do not share it
  • Net Income on the FBA businesses are not as accurate as I would like (likely being conservative)
  • The method of counting income usually results in bigger dips in months when sales slow such as December than reality

Final Comments

November looks like a breakthrough month! I am definitely excited that many of the growth projects are going well but also aware that usually Dec is a tricky month for many of my businesses and especially without my Amazon Associates account earning what it could be.

What I am potentially most happy about is that a large % of the income growth came from new projects namely ContentRefined.com, FBA businesses and a unique Affiliate Site deal that would not exist if I had not left my day job.

So thank you to everyone who follows this site

Source: affiliate4

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09 Dec

ListingEagle Failure To Soar – A Case Study on a Failed SaaS Project

With the success of some of my recent projects and the income number I will be sharing next week I am always concerned that I present an inaccurate image of someone who has all this online business stuff figured out with few challenges and no failures. Todays case study of a failed SAAS business including all the details in the SaaS dashboard will hopefuly present another picture.

The fact is that some projects are definite successes but I have my share of failures as well! Anytime a project fails to hit the goals I set for it hurts but I am reminded of a favorite quote…


Today’s post is about the process I used to build ListingEagle.com and the result (or lack thereof) it has achieved.

I as usual reveal as much data as I can including the substantial dashboard that we developed to track all key metrics month over month! Including every good and ugly number!

Stay tuned for next weeks big income report post in which two projects I started after ListingEagle have more than made up for ListingEagle’s disappointing results!

Hopefully me sharing this story in detail will provide some insights for others looking to launch projects about what worked and what didn’t!


The Idea Behind ListingEagle:

When I was selling my FBA business I was having a big problem with hijackers coming onto my listing and stealing sales and potentially hurting the brand. During the sales process I was particularly sensitive to this because we were using a shorter duration multiple and every sale lost was really like losing several sales due to the sale multiple.

So we resorted to my wife checking on the listings and sending cease/desist letters at all hours of the night when she was up with our newborn daughter. We discovered that we were much more successful when we quickly and aggressively responded to a hijacker.

The idea that sparked ListingEagle.com was what if we could be notified as soon as a hijacker was on our listing and follow-up to give us the peace of mind that there was no uncertainty if we were or weren’t hijacked at the present time. We wanted the ability to be more present with us and our kids not thinking about the business and wanted a tool that would do the checking while we weren’t focused on the business.

Amazon Hijacker Definition – An Amazon Hijacker is someone who jumps on your listing claiming to sell the same product, often the product is sold for less and shipped from China. The product quality is often lower and the overall customer experience is worse resulting in your sales being stolen and your brand reputation damaged.


Initial Timeline:

Below is the timeline for the development of ListingEagle…

  • Early February 2016 – Idea is born – receive instant notification when a hijacker is on your listing via SMS and email.
  • Mid February 2016 – Concept discussed with other sellers for feedback
  • Mid February 2016 – Developer hired with minimal pre-work. I went with a slightly different approach than any previous effort where I hired an expensive/talented developer and provided the use case I was after but left a lot up to him.
  • Mid February 2016 – Strategic partnership established with affiliates who would help launch the business and not just get earnings for the affiliate sales they drive but a small percentage of all revenue in return for their advice and help with the project.
  • Early March 2016 – Brought a business manager on board leveraging my audience at AuthorityWebsiteIncome.com to get someone who will build the systems and operate the business. A big focus was placed on setting this project up with the Entrepreneur, Manager and Technician and then using systems/data to automate what we could and use the data for improved decisions.
  • Early March 2016 – Launched minimum viable product to beta testers and had 20 people signup with positive feedback.
  • Late March 2016 – With the validation of the MVP we entered into the next phase of development.
  • April 2016 – Development and testing of final version to have it ready for sale was completed. Launch plan was created.
  • Early May 2016 – Launch! 2 podcasts, and 82 paying customers in the door
  • June 2016 – Focused on working with existing clients and recruiting new affiliates, positive feedback received. We also worked on finding a profitable paid traffic plan.



  • July 2016 – International expansion to the UK and 2 larger affiliates brought on board, word of mouth starting to work. Paid traffic struggling to work.
  • August 2016 – Legal help and managed services up-sell attempt was not a success.
    • Pivot 1 – In response to Amazon making it harder for hijackers to hijack a listing that has brand registry and based on customer feedback we launched an additional feature where you will be notified as soon as your listing has been suppressed.
  • September 2016 – Launched suppression monitoring with great feedback but no significant impact on sales.
  • October 2016 – Calls with top customers to understand needs and developed new paid traffic funnel with more pain inducing sales page to send paid traffic to.
  • November 2016 – Tested paid traffic campaign that would send people to a more pain inducing sales page and attempt to nurture the lead some to show the benefit of the tool (weak results).


By the Numbers

The one aspect of this business that I really enjoy is the data-driven approach to all parts of the business we are able to take.

The business manager did a fantastic job at building out a dashboard which really revealed the success/failure of the business.




What Worked Well:

  1. Idea – I still believe the peace of mind of knowing your Amazon Listings health is being monitored no matter where you are is a winning one. Notification of a suppressed listing 12hrs before you would normally deal with it can pay for the tool for a few years for some sellers!
  2. Software Development Paying for Talent – Using Shane and paying top dollar definitely was the right decision. The intuition to really “get” what I was after was huge!
  3. Team Structure – The structure adhered to EMyth revisited recommendation of the Entrepreneur (me) Manager (Ian) and Technician (primarily Shane)… this structure and the people on the team worked very well together!
  4. Small Business Model Innovation – Giving influencers in the space more than just an affiliate commission and actually a % of revenue helped to establish ListingEagle as the default tool in the space.
  5. Launch – The launch process worked well with several podcasts and posts driving up the initial sales and getting a solid core group of customers in the door quickly.


What Didn’t Work Well:

  1. Paid Traffic – We made several attempts and had a complete failure at being able to
  2. Finding Scalable Customer Acquisition Channels – Organic traffic was low, paid traffic didn’t convert profitably (not even close), word of mouth and seeding the social conversations was okay but not great. The only reliable customer acquisition strategy was influencer outreach and me getting on podcasts.
  3. Amazon Changed Policy – Amazon changing its policy to fight hijackers, which as a seller I am happy about, decreased the number of sellers who feel the pain.
  4. Repositioning with the pivot to seller suppression monitoring – Our new feature for suppression monitoring was not as successful as I would have liked and I don’t believe we managed it well enough.
  5. Timing – This is a weak reason as I am certain that if the others were addressed the market is still substantial! Right when I was launching ListingEagle.com I believe the interest in Amazon FBA as a strategy to make money from home hit its peak. I believe the opportunity is as good as ever but the barrier to compete is continually getting raised. You can see the interest peaking per Google Trends and traffic according to Alexa for 2 of the biggest tools in the space…




Special Thanks to the Team…

  • Ian – The business manager has done a fantastic job at building up the systems around customer support, managing the monthly dashboard and taking GREAT care with all customers. Contact Ian at Ian@listingeagle.com
  • Shane Labs – Did a fantastic job at developing the tool and guiding me through the process. I am certain if I had gone the more traditional route and used inexpensive developers via UpWork or similar the result would have been ListingEagle.com would not have taken flight. Contact Shane at his blog http://www.sideprojectprofit.com/
  • The advisers who helped provide insight and marketing opportunities were invaluable and the support was very much appreciated!



In the end I believe the problem was not a big enough problem for enough sellers to justify purchasing it and we were unable to reliably reach them with our message. Many customers love the peace of mind but it is not for all FBA sellers and we were unable to successfully segment and focus our marketing on the FBA sellers who would like the peace of mind of a tool monitoring their listings for suppression or hijacker activity.


So What is the Future of ListingEagle.com?

The service provides a lot of value to people who use it (especially the suppression monitoring now!) it is extremely well built, very easy to maintain and has very happy customers so we will continue to run lean and aim to slowly grow keeping costs/time to a minimum.

Source: affiliate4

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06 Dec

Niche of the Week: Organic Clothing Affiliate Programs

It's totally possible to run a business and also be kind to the earth. In fact, that's the focus of this Niche of the Week! 

The "green" niche is one of affiliate marketing's evergreen niches (pun only sort of intended). It's also quite vast — there are so many sub-niches within it, targeting different interests and lifestyles, from people who want to start growing their own food to those who want to reduce their impact on the planet. We've dived into this very large niche before; you can check out our featured post on green energy affiliate programs

And of course, the green niche also intersects with another hugely popular niche: fashion. There are plenty of manufacturers that have introduced lines of high-quality, sustainable clothing, which you can find featured on sites such as the Ethical Fashion Blog and Moral Fibres. Sustainable clothing is made using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment, which mostly means natural fibers. Within this particular sub-niche, you'll also find organic clothing, which is our specific focus in this Niche of the Week!

Organic products, whether food or clothing, have to meet a stringent set of agricultural standards, which includes no synthetic pesticides. Most organic clothes and textiles are made from cotton, but it's far from the only choice (take, for example, bamboo clothing!). Organic cotton is gentler on your skin (making it a great choice for people with allergies and intense skin sensitivities) and healthier for the environment.

Popularity of Organic Clothing

How big is the market for organic clothes?

The latest market report on organic cotton showed that the industry is gaining back its popularity, after three consecutive years of decline (2012-2014).

According to the Textile Exchange 2016 market report, the industry remains stable with a market value of $15.76 billion USD  in 2016. The stable growth was due to an increased market demand as well as improved connections between  organic textile farmers and the textile supply chain.

More and more companies are also becoming environmentally aware and supporting organic cotton farming and natural textiles in general. The Textile Exchange group featured a total of 89 retail brands that uses 100% cotton in their products. These brands include huge names such as C&A, H&M, and Nike among others.

Google Trends reveals that search interest on the term “organic clothing” remains mostly stable (with a slight decline over the years, which matches up wth earlier data):

More importantly, the top 5 countries for the term “organic clothing” are also major economic and cultural powerhouses: Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, and France. That's a good indicator there is money in marketing organic clothing affiliate products: These are affluent, well-developed nations that also feature some of the world's fashion capitals.

"Organic" Keyword Research

Pick out the essential keywords that will sustain traffic and conversions

The Internet is an endless source of wonder and information. However, without understanding the best ways to go about your research, you may end up with a lot of great information… that's totally irrelevant to your needs.

This is true with keyword research, especially if you are just starting out. Choosing which keywords to target and promote can be overwhelming for the new affiliate marketer.

Don't let it scare you. Keyword research can be time-consuming, but it isn't rocket science and it's not some giant mystery. It's just a matter of knowing where to look and having an idea of what your customer is looking for — that means knowing what phrases they're using to search for sites like your own. 

An important part of keyword research is finding long-tail keywords, the ones that might be 4 or 5 or more words. Why? The more descriptive your keywords are, the better. There might be 100,000 sites out there targeting "organic clothing," but only a few that have focused on the far more specific keywords "organic clothing for adults" or "organic clothing for sensitive skin." It'll be a lot easier to rank for those long-tail keywords, and they help you target a specific audience, to boot. 

Another thing to know is that good keywords should help you achieve your end goals: traffic + sales. You need to pick keywords that are not only topic-related but more so have high conversion rates. 

So let’s start.

How to Gather Your Seed Keywords

You're probably not going to sit down and write out a list of perfect keywords on your first go-around. Even experienced affiliates know that finding keywords is a process of trial and error and there's lots of room to experiment! So you're better off starting with a very long list of possible keywords and narrowing it down from there. This is your seed keyword list, and here's how to go about creating it:

1. Jot down your ideas.

When I do my keyword research, I start by writing down all the keywords that I can think of when it comes to the topic. In this case, it's “organic clothes”. Here are some of the keywords in my list:

  • Where to buy organic clothes
  • Organic clothing
  • 100% cotton clothes
  • Organic clothing brands
  • Where to shop for organic clothes
2. Gather keywords from Google search suggestions.

The next thing I do is to go to Google and type each keyword above to gather more keyword ideas. The great thing about “Googling” these days is you get a great list of suggested keywords even before you hit "enter." Take the example below:


As you can see, Google supplied me with several keywords related to my original queries. I will add these keywords to my list and repeat the process with the rest of the keywords.

3. Check out the keywords in the top menu or category sections of online shops.

You probably ran across a few promising sites (or competitors) in your Google searches. Use them for additional research — take a look at what keywords they target! You will know if the site is optimized for keywords if you can spot highly relevant phrases in the site's top menu and category sections. Take this online store, for example:


I have boxed the keywords that I would look into for an affiliate website focusing on organic clothing. Notice the word "organic" only appears once in the three keywords, and "clothing" or "clothes" isn't there at all. You should target all kinds of keywords, not just variants of the same few words or phrases.

Aside from online stores, you may also check out the menus and navigation categories for forums in your niche to get more keyword ideas.

4. List brand names, too.

Your keyword ideas should not be limited to topics and information only — especially in a niche relating to fashion, brand names or product-related keywords will be important to success.

You can begin your hunt for brand keywords by simply going to affiliate network companies such as ClickBank or JVzoo for example and searching for vendor products that are related to your niche.

You can also use search engines to look for websites selling products related to your niche. I did a simple search for organic clothing stores and from just one page of Google results, I have a good list of companies selling organic clothes.

5. Make use of a keyword density tool.

Another way to gather keyword ideas is to find websites that are already ranking for the term "organic clothing" and looking at what other keywords the site focuses on. 

Go to Google search and type “organic clothing” (with quotation marks, so you get exact matches). Pick the top 3 sites from the results to explore for even more keyword ideas.

In this case, the top site for the term “organic clothing” is this Wikipedia page. Then I used a free online keyword density tool to get all the top keywords from the Wikipedia page. These are the results:


There are several keywords that I could use for my site. The obvious picks are "organic cotton" and "organic cotton farming." I can also run another keyword density search to gather more keyword ideas from related pages.

6. Use AffiloTools.

An easier way to find keywords from an existing site is to go directly to AffiloTools. AffiloTools' keyword research tool can instantly gather all of the top keywords used on a site once you provide the URL, as seen below:


Once the results are in, you can view the list of keywords, complete with data such as local volume, CPC, competition, and sites indexed. You can select keywords for your website and compile them into a list in AffiloTools based on the competition data.

If you want to see even more keywords in Affilotools, you can switch the tab from the "keyword match" tab to the "related keywords" tab as shown:


This tab presents additional keywords based on the words and phrases you've entered in Affilotools. The keywords in this section may not be an exact match for the seed keywords entered and may be based on synonyms and associated terms.

For example, if the focus keyword in AffiloTools is "organic clothes," the related keywords section might turn up the key phrase such as "sustainable clothing," which is often linked to the organic movement. 

The "keyword match" tab, on the other hand, provides you with more precise keywords based on the search terms. In the case of "organic clothes," the results will feature key variants and expanded phrases that use the terms "organic" and "clothing." such as "organic supplies," "where to buy organic clothing," and "organic clothing stores."

For a complete step-by-step keyword research using AffiloTools, you may check out our post here.

Organic Clothing Affiliate Programs

Is sustainable fashion the new "fashion"?

ClickBank is more for digital products, so for this week we cast our net over the entire Internet and pulled up these promising results for affiliate programs in the organic clothing niche:


1. Econscious

About Econscious

One of the pioneers in organic clothing, Econscious works closely with its supply chain in order to guarantee it produces the finest organic materials.

How much can I make?
Affiliates earn 15% on each sale.

How do I apply?
You can apply as an affiliate at Performance Based Network.


2. YesItsOrganic

About Yes It's Organic

This is a one-stop eco-shop. Yes It's Organic doesn't just offer clothing, like Econscious; you'll also find furniture and bedding products.

How much can I make?
Affiliates earn 5% on each sale.

How do I apply?
You may apply as an affiliate at Performance Based Network.

From Babies With Love

3. From Babies With Love

About From Babies With Love

From Babies With Love offers organic clothing that helps support children who have lost their parents from war, famine, disease, or poverty. All proceeds are donated to these children.

How much can I make?
Affiliates earn 6% on each sale.

How do I apply?
You may apply as an affiliate at Affiliate Window.


4. Braintree

About Braintree

What started in 1995 as a small Australian brand with a vision of producing natural clothing is now a sustainable clothing empire with 500 retail shops all over the world.

How much can I make?
Affiliates earn 6%-12% on each sale.

How do I apply?
You can apply as an affiliate at Rakuten Linkshare.

Kate Quinn Organics

5. Kate Quinn Organics

About Kate Quinn Organics

The company was established in 2006 and quickly grew to become one of the leading brands in organic children's wear.

How much can I make?
Affiliates earn 10% on each sale.

How do I apply?
You may apply as an affiliate at Share a Sale.

Marketing and Promotion

How to Push For Green

The next big step after getting your site up is to market it and build your online presence. You need people coming to your site regularly to read your latest articles and check out what products are available so they can make a purchase. It's best to have a good marketing strategy in place even before you've launched your website, so you won't lose time trying to decide what to do with your site now that you've built it.


Content is King in affiliate marketing — and it'll certainly be the ruler of your marketing campaign. You'll need to maintain quality articles and other useful information on your website to attract visitors. To grow your reach, you should also publish articles, e-Books, videos, and other content on social media and on other publishing platforms (including the Kindle marketplace and guest blogs). The more unique and valuable your articles are, the more people will read and share your content.

But to do that, you'll need to have a good content strategy in place. That means outlining when you'll publish, what you'll publish, and when everything is due, as well as a list of topics and keywords to target. A content calendar will help keep you on track. 

Something else: This is absolutely a niche where you'll have to demonstrate your passion and expertise. So it'll definitely help if you understand the organic lifestyle or are starting your own journey to live "green." 


Links to your website tell Google that other people find your website helpful and relevant. So a solid link-building strategy (to get those oh-so-important backlinks!) will be a crucial component of any campaign. The good news is that link-building goes hand-in-hand with a lot of other digital marketing tactics.

A great place to start building links is blog and forum commenting. Join in the discussion — see what other people are talking about! Answer their questions to prove your expertise, and when relevant and allowed, include a link back to a piece of content on your site. Make sure you follow the rules of the community or you'll find yourself whacked by the ban-hammer in no time. But you can also build backlinks through guest posting and even publishing eBoks on the Kindle marketplace. 

However you go about it, always abide by the golden rule of link-building: Don't spam. No one likes a spammer, especially not Google. 

Also, always put your audience first before search engines. Humans can read and understand; search engines can't. More and more, Google is rewarding sites that focus on the human element first and foremost.

Social Media

If you are only after backlinks, social media is not the best choice of platform for marketing. All links posted on social media pages are set to "no-follow," which means Google ignores these links when it calculates how relevant a site is. 

However, this does not mean that social media is totally useless. On the contrary, social media sites are a powerful way to drive traffic to your site and build an engaged community that cares about your product recommendations. 

One great way to grow your reach is by posting your blog posts and other content on social media. Your followers will see what you've posted and if they like it, they'll share it with others, who may in turn "Like" your Facebook page or check out the rest of your website. 

This is a tactic used by businesses in all kinds of industries, and an essential element of successful affiliate marketing, and I've seen it time and time again. So make sure you take the time to build up a social profile!  

.For starters, you can check out our Facebook for Affiliates guide.

Organic Clothing Affiliate Programs: Yay or Nay?

Can the organic clothing niche also sustain profits for affiliates?


.table-aff th img { border:0; padding:0; -moz-box-shadow: none; box-shadow: none; margin-right: 0; width:50px; } .table-aff td, .table-aff th { text-align:center; border-bottom:1px solid #eaeaea; } .table-aff td.striped { background:#f2f2f2; } .table-aff tr.signup a { font-size:10px; text-transform:uppercase; } .table-aff .commision { font-size:10px; color:#999; }







If you have a parenting blog, a lifestyle blog, or a "green" blog where you already promote sustainable products, then you could easily branch out and promote some of the products above. If you're getting consistent traffic already on your site, then it'll be easier for you to promote the products versus starting from scratch. If you are a newbie, don't be discouraged — just do your research and focus on having a really solid marketing strategy in place as soon as possible! Having a passion for this sub-niche will definitely help. 

There is no doubt the organic clothing niche has earning potential, even if the commissions aren't quite as high as with digital products. (That said, I've seen lower commissions in niches before.) If you can get a steady stream of traffic to your website and convince them to make a purchase, you can make up for the comparatively lower commissions. 

A good link building strategy is a must for any website, but all the more so if you're going to enter this niche. Expect and be prepared for the competition — really focus on targeting the most promising keywords. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's Niche of the Week. I would love to hear your thoughts on this week's niche, so please leave your comments! And of course, don't forget to share it with your friends and associates using the "Share" buttons! 

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