05 Jan

How to Make a Website That Makes You Money

In 2017 me and my team will each start and build a website that will make enough money to cover the cost of our mortgage and will show you everything we do here so you can join us!

This page will grow into a MONSTER free course on how to make a website that makes money in 2017

We will provide you with everything you need to build a website and make money from it!

After the post where I announced our “mortgage crushing competition” had well over 100  comments I will now be working on following through on my commitment to provide…

  • Free Training (better than anything else available)
  • A Dedicated Facebook group with support from me and my team
  • Monthly updates for all those involved to follow along


Want to Participate and Build or Grow a Website That Pays Off Your Mortgage in 2017?


  • Step 1 – Signup Here
  • Step 2 – Join the Facebook Group HERE
  • Step 3 – See module #1 below



In this free training on how to make a website you will…

  1. Have access to videos/tutorials where you can build a website in 15 minutes (but that is just the start)
  2. See NO affiliate link to HostGator, BlueHost or other CRAPPY hosts that just pay a huge commission!
  3. Get advanced training on all the aspects you need to be successful!
  4. Detailed updates on our progress to building our own sites following this training
  5. Month by Month PLAN to achieve results!
  6. Get access to world-class experts to teach section


Sections of Training


Module 1 – How to Select a Topic in 3 Steps

“Do what you love BUT follow the money” Business Brilliant

Objective – Identify the topic and “blue-ocean” for your website topic

Step 1 – Write Down a List of Problems/Passions/Knowledge Areas/Fears you have. If you are struggling to identify some look at your Internet History and your Amazon Shopping history. Pick 1-2 that jump out at you and continue working through the next modules until you have validated your idea. Expect this process to take a couple iterations!

  • Personal Example – My “idea” (which still needs to be validated) is that I want to build a website around is… Educating my kids

Step 2 – Identify Similar Sites – In this step find a list sites that are along the lines of what you are wanting to create.

Step 3 – Define Your Blue Ocean – This step you define your unique “angle” where you combine 2-3 sites that show what your website will be about. In the book Made To Stick the authors talk about how this is done for pitching Hollywood movie ideas. For example “think jaws in space” was for the movie Aliens.

  • My Personal Example – Evergreen knowledge site for parents focusing on a mix evergreen knowledge content and crazy thorough educational toy reviews.


Identifying the potential gap in the market was the central theme of the book Blue Ocean Strategy, in it the authors discussed case studies where entrepreneurs identified the under-served intersection of 2 existing markets. This strategy was described in the offline world but is just as applicable online.



  • Validate Topic with Keyword Research
    • I am excited to share this with you soon!
  • Validate Your Idea With a Business Model
    • 10 Types of Sites
    • 1 Page Business Validation
  • Pick and Buy a Domain Name
    • My new favorite tool!
    • Start with an Expired Domain?
  • Buy Hosting
    • JUST SAY NO to BlueHost or HostGator!! ($200 affiliate commissions have mislead people!)
  • Setup Your Site
    • Quick Start 15minute Guide!
    • Launch Checklist
  • Content Creation
    • How to build a content plan
    • How to create GREAT content systematically
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Ongoing Promotion Strategies
    • Weekly printable checklist/tracking sheet

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