27 Mar

7 SEO Affiliate Programs to Monetize ANY Blog

One of the most common terms you’ll hear and read when building a website or engaging in affiliate marketing is SEO.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a fancy term for making sure people can find your website. As most online experiences begin with a search engine, it is absolutely crucial to make sure that your site is on top of those search engine results pages. This is where a good, solid SEO strategy comes in.

This led me to wonder if there was an "SEO niche," and if so, whether it would be profitable to promote SEO affiliate programs.


The amount the SEO industry earns each year will have you going “Ooooh” and “Ahhh”

The SEO industry was valued at more than US$16 billion in 2010. That's not surprising, as more and more online businesses realize the huge impact SEO has on sales.

Search Engine Land reported in 2016 that the SEO industry is worth US$65B, and is expected to keep, if not exceed, its current size. They cited a MediaPost article claiming that companies are expected to spend approximately such an amount for 2016. They did forecast a drop in SEO expenditure in this year and the next, but SEO will still remain a multibillion-dollar industry.

You can have a website that is focused solely on SEO, like KaisertheSage.com, or you can put up something like SmartBlogger.com. It's a website for bloggers, and they cover all aspects of blogging, including SEO. My knowledge of SEO is embarrassingly limited compared to KaisertheSage, and so I'd probably build a website in a niche I am interested in or good at and promote SEO affiliate programs on the side.

Promoting an SEO affiliate program on a website in an unrelated niche goes against what I have always preached on every Niche of the Week post: promote related products or products that are in the same niche. However, you don't have to promote these SEO affiliate offers over your list of affiliate products for your chosen niche. You'd be promoting them in addition to the others.

At the least, you can have a post detailing how you built the website and include your resources with links (affiliate links!) to where your readers can get the same. Or, a small banner on the sidebar that says "Want to drive traffic to your own blog?"

Good Keywords for SEO

The SEO niche is no different. You need to know your target keywords, and be aware of how tough the competition is before joining in the fray.

As a niche, SEO is competitive and challenging. The AffiloTools keyword data below shows exactly how stiff the competition was about a year ago, when I last wrote on this topic:

Search Engine Optimization - AffiloTools Search Results

Some information keywords had low competition, like "how to do search engine optimization," "about search engine optimization," and so on. They had monthly search values of about 1,000. That wasn't as high as the other search values in this niche, but they made decent starting keywords.

A passage of time has made little difference. SEO is just as competitive as before, if not more so.

SEO - AffiloTools Keyword Research Results


You'll have to be very creative in your niche and keyword research to get some really good keywords in. You can post articles about the newest trends and methods in the world of SEO and target those topics as keywords. There's also always Ubersuggest.io to give you variations.

SEO F - Ubersuggest.org Results SEO M - Ubersuggest.org Results


This won't really be a problem if your site isn't in the SEO niche. Still, these keywords are worth taking note of if you'll promote one or two SEO products on your site as a supplement to something else.

SEO Affiliate Programs

There's a whole array of SEO affiliate programs to choose from. It's easy to get confused and not know which one to pick, or to be lazy and pick just about anything off the list.

There are plenty of SEO affiliate programs on the ClickBank Marketplace under the e-Business & e-Marketing category. You'll find about 7 pages worth of SEO and SEO-related products to promote, with most of the commissions at 50% per sale. You could earn anything from $18 to $800 per sale.

There are even more options available when you go out into the Web, but the commissions are mid-range with various commission structures. There are also different kinds of programs: SEO plugins for CMS platforms like WordPress, link-building services, submission services, etc.

Since there's plenty to go through, take your time in choosing which ones to promote on your site. Think about what specific SEO services you'll recommend and whether they are the real deal. Get in touch with the affiliate managers and ask for a trial if possible. You can go into SEO forums or SEO blogs and check which ones are being recommended or talked about and which ones have a strong following.

Below are some SEO affiliate programs I picked from ClickBank and the Web. These are not necessarily the best programs to promote, but they are representative of the varied options you will see in this niche.

SEOPressor - SEO Affiliate Programs

1. SEOPressor

SEOPressor is a powerful, and popular, SEO plugin. Among its features are semantic and machine readability analysis tools.

How much can I make?
50% recurring commission.

How do I apply?
You can learn more about their affiliate program through their affiliate page, but you need to join the ClickBank network to promote this SEO plugin.

Backlink Beast - SEO Affiliate Programs

2. Backlink Beast

Need help building links? Backlink Beast can help you build diverse, tiered backlinks to help boost your site’s rank.

How much can I make?
30% recurring commission.

How do I apply?
Backlink Beast is part of the ClickBank network.

180Fusion - SEO Affiliate Programs

3. 180Fusion

Another SEO provider, 180Fusion offers digital marketing and advertising on top of the usual array of SEO services.

How much can I make?

How do I apply?
You can sign up for their affiliate program through their affiliate page.

SEMRush - SEO Affiliate Programs

4. SEMRush

A globally well-known brand in SEO and marketing services, SEMRush began as a small startup in 2008. They are now one of the leading providers of SEO services like backlink analysis and keyword research. They also offer advertising and marketing services.

How much can I make?
40% recurring commission.

How do I apply?
BeRush is the SEMRush affiliate program.

HOTH - SEO Affiliate Programs

5. The HOTH

The HOTH provides link-building and content services along with their SEO tools.

How much can I make?
25% to 70%, depending on the program you choose.

How do I apply?
Head over to The HOTH’s affiliate page for more information.

SEOReseller - SEO Affiliate Programs

6. SEOReseller

A US-based digital marketing solutions provider, SEOReseller offers various SEO, content and marketing services.

How much can I make?
6% per sale.

How do I apply?
You can join through their affiliate page.

Traffic Travis  - SEO Affiliate Programs

7. Traffic Travis

Shameless plug, yes, but Traffic Travis is an SEO tool that can help with keyword research and improving on-page SEO, so here it is.

How much can I make?
US$44.36 for each sale.

How do I apply?
You can read more about it on the Traffic Travis affiliate page or sign up through ClickBank.

SEO to Promote SEO

You can't promote SEO products if your website isn't optimized to get traffic.

Now that you have SEO products to promote, you can go ahead and build the site. But before you do, look at various link-building and inbound marketing methods you can use to drive traffic to your site. The SEO niche is highly competitive. Having your own marketing strategy early on will help you transition easily from site-building to link-building.

Forum and Blog Commenting

It's easy to find SEO forums like SEOMastering.com that you can participate in to promote your site and any program you recommend. Forums in other niches also touch on SEO even though their niche isn't tech-based at all (think muscle-building or self-help). This is because there are people who want to put up their own sites in these niches and would like to know how to go about it, which products to go with and all that.

The great thing about promoting affiliate offers through forums and blogs is that you're learning while building trust with your target market. You can check out tutorials like this one: Steps to Successful Forum Marketing.

This method takes time, though, so it's best to combine this with other link-building methods.

Kindle Marketing

This is a good inbound marketing method for any popular niche. You can create a small e-book on SEO, like a primer for beginners, then refer them to a page on your site that promotes an SEO affiliate program.

The best thing here is you can make the e-book free, or charge a small fee (think $0.99) for every download on Amazon. I would rather make it free (because we all love freebies!), but if your content is really good, then charge for each download. That's another source of income for you.

You have your choice of guides and software to help you piece together a good eBook. You can also hire a professional writer to create one for you.

Reverse Engineering

This method is worth trying out, especially in a competitive niche.

It can be difficult to locate websites where you can build your links. With reverse engineering, you look at competing sites' backlinks, and build links on the same sites. The links from these sites, coupled with those you've built on other sites, will give your site a helpful boost over your competition.

Ahrefs.com has an excellent guide on how to reverse engineer your competitors' backlinks. It's from a few years back, but it's a good starting point before moving on to the more current how-tos.

SEO Affiliate Programs: Are They Worth the Effort?

Earnings are directly proportional to effort in any niche, and nowhere is this truer than in the SEO niche.

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US$44.36 per sale


I wasn't kidding when I said that you can monetize any blog with SEO affiliate programs. If you have a blog, then you can pick from any of the above or others and recommend it on your site as your SEO service of choice.

If you have a website on weight loss, fashion, wellness, you name it, you can monetize it with one or two SEO affiliate programs. Again, this might seem to completely throw out the rulebook, since you're only supposed to recommend products within and related to your site's niche. But once you have your site up and running, there will be people interested in how you built it and what you're using to get ahead of the competition. Why not recommend a course or a product and earn a bit on the side?

Keep in mind that you will not be actively promoting any of these products unless, of course, your site is all about SEO. Then you will have to make a real effort to rise above the challenges this niche brings—namely, tough competition. One of the reasons SEO companies are willing to pay affiliates top commission is because of the stiff competition. You need a solid marketing and link-building strategy in order to make it in this niche.

You're going to have your work cut out for you, but in the end, it will be worth all the trouble.

I hope you enjoyed this week's niche! Don't forget to hit one of the Share buttons below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this week's niche, or any niche suggestions you may have, so be sure to leave a comment too!

Want to know how to find profitable niches? Let AffiloBlueprint show you, step by step!

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24 Mar

The Downside of a Single Focus in Your Entrepreneurial Journey No One Talks About

Like most of us with an entrepreneurial leaning I enjoy listening to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts related to business and self-improvement.

There is one recurring message from wildly successful people and many success guru’s… FOCUS!

In this post I am going to argue why I don’t think the focus on a single business is the optimal strategy for many. It may be the right strategy for some but based on my goals (and depending on yours) I don’t think it is the right strategy for everyone.  


The Argument for FOCUS:

John Lee Dumas – One of his common sayings is FOCUS “Follow One Course Until Success” and he has certainly embodied this with a daily business interview podcast that has helped grow his business to generating over $100k/month in profit!

Warren Buffet & Bill Gates – 2 of the richest men in the world and long time friends both when they were growing their businesses identified “FOCUS” as the one attribute that most contributed to their success (see story here).

Andrew Carnegie (great autobiography I recently read) – “Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket”

Many many motivational speakers talk about the benefit of Focus.

Who am I to disagree with these wildly successful people?

My Argument against Singular Focus:

First let me be clear I do believe singular focus on an overall goal is incredibly important and I have talked about this before. Understanding your why and having that being crystal clear is key! My obsessive focus on building my online business to allow me to move back to my hometown to raise my family I believe contributed to that becoming a reality. But, what I am arguing against in this post is singular focus on a SINGLE business/strategy is the right plan for most people!

The question I ask myself when devising my business and strategy is…

what strategy/decisions (single vs multiple businesses) will provide me with the highest probability of providing the life that is best for my family.

Or another way that is more generic…what is the right decision to give me the best chance of achieving whatever my “why” is?

For many people whose online business goals range from paying their mortgage with the proceeds, covering their retirement and being able to leave the day job and work online full time their financial goals are not as extreme as many of the people providing the FOCUS advice.

My issue with a single focus on a single strategy is that by its nature is often tied to a single failure point.

  • 100% organic traffic sites – Google can take you out overnight
  • 100% selling on Amazon FBA – Amazon can suspend you overnight
  • 100% lead gen via paid traffic – New competitor or terms changing can demolish the business overnight
  • 100% social media traffic – Traffic on a platform you don’t control (Facebook changes rules and business posts don’t show up as much)
  • 100% dependant on affiliate relationships – Those reltaionships can change (Amazon Associate account suspension)

For those of us whose ideal lifestyle financial needs are not extreme any additional profit attached to the same failure point becomes partially redundant.

Note – If you want to be a billionaire… I doubt my advice is right for you! I would recommend following the advice of the wildly successful people above!

The people who are wildly successful Billionaires were smart enough/worked hard enough to avoid that single failure event from occurring while many others who followed a similar single focus did experience failure. The result is we have a survivor bias where we celebrate mostly those who avoided the multiple close calls with failure to achieve astronomical success.


My Solution – Income Stool Approach

If my goal is to increase the probability that I will continue to provide financial freedom to my family then any arm of my business that earns income in excess of that amount does not continue to increase that probability at the same ratio. What I am trying to say is that I would rather have 5 businesses independent of one another that all could cover my family’s financial needs then 1 business attached to a single potential failure mechanism that earns 10x what I need.

I think of this approach as an income stool… the more legs the stool has the more solid it is.  If you have 5 legs and one gets chopped out (such as Amazon Associate account suspension) the stool stays standing.

What To Do If You Have a Single Failure Point in Your Business?

I have several very successful friends who run a single online business and do incredibly well.

The challenge they have the one described above…

But for them diversifying into a new business with a new skill set isn’t optimal since they are world class at their existing business model.

Solutions to Consider:

  • Sell a portion of the business and take some money off the table
  • Use the same skill set in a different industry
  • Sell the knowledge they have through consulting to provide a revenue source independent of their single failure point
  • Listen to the more successful people then me and keep focusing with their eggs in one basket and achieve wild results!


 If You Have Thought Through the Same Question What Decision Did You Make?

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18 Mar

February 2017 Income Report

Although February was a short month it was a very busy one! We have a lot of projects on the go and have the feeling of momentum behind many of them.

Definitely sometimes struggling to ensure I give new projects enough of a push before I try and hand them off. I have a concept that I am still thinking through but essentially it takes a 10x increase in my effort to onboard/launch a new business vs maintain it so I only have a limited amount of energy I can invest in those growth projects. When I have too many in the critical phase it doesn’t go well… but the flip side is that once I correctly get on onboarded it takes limited effort. So, basically I need to limit the number of growth projects, give them 110% focus and then not move until it is above my imaginery “self-sustaining” line.

In February I was also very appreciative of my key team members both in house and over-seas they have been able to continually take on more and more work but what is most impressive is how much they are continually invested in growing the business which is fun! Although the dream was to work from home initially working from an office with talented staff pushing in the same direction is fun!

This report covers the results of the business over the course of February.

The Business “Divisions” For My Online Business:

  1. Money Site Portfolio
  2. AuthorityWebsiteIncome Blog
  3. Services – Web Development, Content Marketing & Link Building:
  4. Amazon FBA Business
    • Brands 1-6 – All have specific targets for 2017
    • ListingEagle – Amazon FBA Hijacking and Suppression Monitoring
  5. Put Outside Capital to Work Efficiently in the Online Asset Space

Key Successes

  1. ContentRefined.com Customer Support – Maddie is going the extra mile including a few examples of getting a clients unique dog food sent to her so she could get photos with a dog
  2. BrandBuilders Deal – A deal was finalized in February that increased my % stake in BrandBuilders, provided a vehicle to look at bigger deals moving forward and setup the existing team to build the business even more.
  3. New Website Growth Strategy – Several of the sites I have been building have been having some great success out of the gate! I am looking to continue testing this out myself and then scaling and sharing it!
  4. FBA Deal – I am starting to purchase some small Amazon FBA deals and the first one is performing well. There are not very many outlets for people looking to sell Amazon FBA businesses making under $2k/month but they can be solid little businesses. I am working to setup systems to onboard these businesses efficiently. If you are interested in selling your FBA business let me know.

Key Failures

  1. Passive Income Portfolio – Both my time and a team members time I hired to help run the portfolio is getting pulled in other directions. The immediate payback is low but the long term payback is great so I need to figure out a way to put more effort in here. The solution I am looking at in March is a re-organization of my team to re-balance workload.
  2. FBA Brands – I still don’t quite feel like I have nailed the business model here, plenty of challenges with existing brands and lots of learnings again this month.

2017 Business Goals

Below is my businesses main goals for 2017…

Part 1 – Passive Authority & Niche Website Income Profit/Loss

3 Goals in 2016 for my Website Portfolio Business

  1. Everyone Win at the Mortgage Crushing Competition

Feb Update – The team is doing very well in the MortgageCrushingCompetition. Everyone struggles with the same issues of finding time to invest in this project but all sites are looking good!

  • Traffic = 1,199
  • Earnings = $2.64

2. Buy 1 Site Per Month

Feb Update – 1 larger site was purchased and a new business was spun up with a manager and investor. It is a unique dropshipping business that existed for 9 years and the deal had a substantial earnout component to it. So far it is performing on baseline for revenue with a lot of efficiencies already realized. We are looking at some nice growth opportunities moving forward.

  • GOAL = 1 New Website Purchased
  • ACTUAL = 1 New Website Purchased

If any readers are looking to sell their profitable site(s) VERY QUICKLY let me know by emailing me. I can let you know in 12hrs if I am interested and complete the purchase in 24-48hrs – Contact Me Here

I have found the right sellers are those…

  • Looking to sell FAST (under 24hrs has been accomplished!) (shorter time for due diligence on my end increases risk for me)
  • Not wanting to spend a lot of time on the sales process (analytics and income proof is all I need)
  • SEO done to the site can be questionable and that increased risk will be reflected in the sales price
  • Site being associated with a banned Amazon Associate is still possible to sell (but STEEP discount!)
  • Understand that the benefits of the bullet points above means the sales multiple will be lower than if you went a more traditional route

If you have a profitable website you are looking to sell fast please let me know

Amazon FBA, SAAS or Larger Websites I Can Close on Quickly As Well – Contact Me Here

3. Scalable New Site Creation Strategy adds $5k to Portfolio

Feb Update – Some great progress here! Several sites have started to perform well that were brand new builds using a unique strategy. The goal of this strategy is to add $5k/month to the portfolio.

  • Traffic – 37,281 uniques per month
  • Earnings – $177.24


Feb Update – With some  changes in how one site is being monetized I had a big drop in earnings but expect it to bounce back nicely next month. Overall the portfolio is performing well in terms of traffic but not getting the level of attention it deserves!

Part 2 – Authority Website Income Blog Profit/Loss

3 Goals in 2015 for AuthorityWebsiteIncome.com

  1. Post Once Per Week

Feb Update – Some big posts were published in February including my post and tool about how to calculate your drop in amazon affiliate program earnings.

  • Plan = 4
  • Actual = 4

2. Systematic Promotion of my Content and Building of my List

Feb Update – No progress – need to develop system to systematically promote posts. With my Amazon Affiliate Program earnings calculation tool I did a bunch of outreach to let people know I had a tool for them to easily calculate the change in their earnings and as a result received a large number of links back.

3. Increased Intelligence with Email Automation

Feb Update – Progress moving all customers and contacts into one database with established tagging practises so we will be able to take the next step of applying some intelligent automation.


Feb Update – Lots of work to do this year to hit this target! I will continue pushing!

Part 3 – Services Business Profit/Loss

  1. Systems First Focus

Feb Update – Continued focus point during my meetings with each business manager. As businesses are growing we are continually finding ourselves outgrowing our systems and needing to adapt quickly.

  1. LightningRank.com – Quality and Efficiency Improvements

Feb Update – The tests are part of the new systematic money site creation strategy that resulted in 37k visitors within a couple months after starting a series of sites. The results we are seeing are fantastic and are looking forward to continuing to explore these strategies with more tests.

Visit LightningRank.com for Link Building Services!

  1. ContentRefined.com – 20k MRR by June & 40k MRR by End of Year

Feb Update – Another great month for this new and promising business. With happy customers, VERY low churn numbers we achieved the target growth rate. To hit our end of year goal it is clear we need to develop additional sales channels and branch into new markets. We expect some learning curves branching into additional markets but are looking forward to it! Maddie as mentioned above is doing a great job at taking care of all customers and growing the business.

  • Planned MRR = $12,000
  • Actual MRR = $12,989

Visit ContentRefined.com for Content Marketing Services!

4. BrandBuilders.io Structurally Well Setup & New Offering Launched

Feb Update – This goal I can now call complete for 2017! It is structurally well setup, new office for this business has been established and the team is growing. The TurnKey affiliate sites ready in 24hrs are fantastic and feedback has been great.


Part 4 – Amazon FBA Business

  • Brand #1 – HG – Running Lean and Spinning off Cash
    • Feb Update – Running lean (don’t have the numbers for this business so not included in the income report)
  • Brand #2 – CF – Quarterly Dividends Ahead of Baseline
    • Feb Update – First loan repayments have been sent and the business is operating efficiently and ahead of baseline. Unfortunately for me as manager with a big hole to dig out of before I get any upside consideration it isn’t adding a lot to the monthly profit yet.
  • Brand #3 – NT – Path To Strong Market Position and Successful Pillar Product
    • Feb Update – This business might be on its way to be my first FBA flob… the product is great but the price point is simply too high to compete with the much cheaper competitors. We have a few more tricks up our sleeve to pull out to see the results.
  • Brand #4 – CF – Systematic Growth to $20k/month Profit
    • Feb Update – Still having issues with Amazon and needing to get our listing live again. Great product which had been doing great sales! We have $30k worth of inventory waiting to start selling again!
  • Brand #5 – PC – Successful launch and $5k/month Business
    • Feb Update –
  • Brand #6 – SE – 4X Value Expansion with Dream Team!
    • Feb Update – The investment needed for this project has started to make it look less attractive but coming up with some other strategies to validate the idea before launching.
  • ListingEagle.com – Hijack Monitoring Service
    • Feb Update – Continued slow growth.

Part 5 – Put Outside Capital to Work Efficiently

Overall Income Update

Original Monthly Net Income Target (original goal $15k/month reliable income by age 35)

  • Target Net Income = $10,400
  • Actual Net Income = $24,537
  • 2017 Average Net Income = $24,537



Gross revenue is a vanity number for my business and I do not share it.

Final Comments


Feb was a short month but definitely one where a lot of great progress was made. My disappointing performance with FBA is still a pain and I have some ways I am looking to solve it moving forward. In addition some great progress on setting up unique opportunities looking longer term, excited to keep the momentum going in March!

Hope your year is starting well!


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12 Mar

The Niche Site Challenge Part Four: 5 Lessons You Can Learn From My Catastrophic Failure

I’m not too proud to admit when I messed up.

And, around October last year, I really messed up.

I promised to bring you a new niche site update every month. And did I?

And did I?


In fact, right now, One Day Guides lies untouched.

Not a word has been written in months.

In this article, I’ll explain why.

But in every niche marketing failure, there are lessons to be learned.

And today I’m here to share them with you.

Along with my plans for the future and what you can expect.


What You’ll Learn

Here’s what we’ll cover in today’s article:

  • How Long You Need To Wait To Rank In Google
  • Why Email Sign Up Placement Is Paramount
  • How I Get As Low As 30% Bounce Rate
  • Why You’re Thinking Small Time About Interviews

If that sounds good to you, let’s get on with it, shall we?


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


First, What The Hell Happened?

Life got in the way.

If you follow me on the Nichehacks Mastermind you’ll know that I’m a freelance writer.

That makes up 100% of my income right now.

And, I recently moved to Germany. (More on that at the end of the article).

That means that I took on a lot of Freelance Work to be able to move here.



There was also the whole learning a new language thing.

That meant there was zero time for traveling or trying to grow a niche site.

These aren’t excuses, just facts.

You can leave me all the hate-mail you want in the comments, but I can’t change what happened.

But, before you do, let me show you what you can learn from my failure.


5 Lessons You Can Learn From My Catastrophic Failure

I’m trying to keep this section as data-driven as possible. Because the data doesn’t lie.

But I’ve also included my thoughts based on the experience.

The brain farts, stupid decisions, and wrong turns that you can learn something from.

I hope you find it as informative to read as I found it to live…

1. Give Google About 5 Months To Catch Up

One of the reasons many new Niche Marketers give up is because they can’t get traffic from Google in a short space of time.

I mean, how often have you felt like writing (or seen a comment) like this from the Warrior Forum?


warrior forum image


It’s easy to think that, once you get all green lights on your Yoast SEO plugin, you should end up at least somewhere on Google.

But that’s not always the case.

Especially when your site is brand new and you’re in a competitive niche.

Google needs time to know you’re not a spammy awful site users will hate.

In fact according to Google’s own product forum there is no maximum time limit!

Take a look at my Analytics data below.

My site started in April of 2016 but it wasn’t until September that I really started to see any consistent search traffic.

(I should have paid closer attention to Stuart’s 101 traffic hacks)


analytics search data


I didn’t really do anything special to get this either.

It just, well…kinda happened.

And my site started ranking for lots of long-tail keywords that I’d never thought of in lots of different places:


long tail keywords nichehacks


Now imagine those results if I’d put a lot of effort into my SEO and tried to rank for them.


2. Email Sign Up Placement Is Paramount

I’m writing this in February 2017 so my site has been dormant for around six months now.

But, yet, every month people keep signing up to my site.

Despite no new content, no updates and no effort from my part.

It only averages around one or two every few days, but still.

Check out my Aweber stats here…


weekly subscribes odg


Why is that, though?

Well the email sign up option on my site is SO easy to see.

It’s the first thing you’re greeted with:


one day guides home page


So before they’ve even seen if my site is active, or if my content is really good, they’re able to sign up and join ‘other smart travelers’ on my list.

The social media blog Buffer, for example, managed to double their subscribers in just 30 days by making the placement of their email opt-in forms more prominent.

In fact. over 33% of those sign-ups came from having a hello bar that was the first thing new users saw on the page:


buffer table


For your niche site then, what I can honestly recommend is placing your email sign up box in a place where people must see it.

Even if that is to just scroll past it or that they have to interact with it as a pop-up or light box.

The more prevalent it is, the better.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


3. Make Your Introductions and Internal Links Count

The bounce rate across my site sits at just 52%.


low bounce rate


That means more than 50% visit more than one page, as per the definition on Search Engine Watch, on my site.

That is higher on social (where intent if often just to check out your latest article) and lower on Google (between 30 and 50%) where people have a more focused and driven search intent.

Anyway, why is this important?

Because when more people visit your site – and for longer – your chance of:

  • Sales
  • Email sign ups

Goes up a lot.

Which is really important for your bottom line.

Don’t think about whether it’s a ranking factor. Don’t think about the average for a site.

(The average for a blog and the average for an Amazon site would be completely different).

And how can you make people read more of your site?

Well, firstly, having interesting content makes a huge difference.

But, there are two main factors for me:

  • Good Introductions: You can read [names] awesome guide on that here [link]
  • Internal Links: Giving people the opportunity to see more of your site

In fact, when Matthew Woodward did a critical analysis of Stuart’s bounce rates here on Nichehacks, he came to similar conclusions.

By removing opt-ins, improving introductions and letting people get to more content, more quickly, our bounce rates plummeted.

And it’s a simple as doing this:


internal links nh


And be sure to do it at specific drop off points in your content.

By employing this tactic of adding links in prime position and improving my introductions, I’ve been able to get at high as five pages per session at the height of my traffic:


pages per session


Not bad results for a small site with not a lot of followers!

4: Be Clear On Your Products Before You Start

I can’t stress this enough.

My biggest failure with One Day Guides was that I wasn’t clear on what I was trying to sell or the problem I was trying to solve.

Don’t get me wrong I started with an idea of what I wanted to do.

And, well, I just never got round to actually doing it.

I tried a couple of Amazon Affiliate recommendations.

Threw in an affiliate link here and there. But nothing you could really consider money focused.

Now, I previously said you don’t need to focus on making money from the off.

Especially for a blog.

And I think that’s true to this day.

But you need to know how you want to make money in the long run.

If you don’t, you’re really just pissing in the wind.


5: Change Your Focus On Interviews

Getting influencers to appear on your site is really easy.

You send out an email. They let you know if they’re available for an interview.

And, the end up on your blog.

Like when Nomadic Matt did an interview with me here:


interview with nomadic matt



It’s easy to create content. It’s easy to generate traffic.

And, heck, you might just even rank for some of their brand-specific keywords:


nomadic matt search results


In fact, Noah Kagan (and his prodigy) were able to get 10,000 views on a brand new site using Interviews as a cornerstone technique.

Which is no small feat.

But this is small time, short term thinking.

And, it’s only in hindsight I see that now.


Because if you interview someone you get a:

  • Spike in traffic for a day (when they share it)
  • Small association with a big name
  • Free content for your blog

Which is great and everything.

But if you’re the person who gets interviewed for a blog you:

  • Receive a backlink for the life of that site
  • You’re framed as the authority on that topic
  • Consistent referrals from that site
  • A spike in traffic whenever they reshare it

Now which of those sounds more appealing?

If I went back to One Day Guides again I’d take the hit the traffic in not having these interviews and work with smaller sites to get interviewed and grow my brand.

If you’re thinking of employing interviews as a strategy, I highly recommend you do the same.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


The Niche Site Challenge Isn’t Over…

At the start of the article I explained that I’d tell you a little more about my move to Germany.

And, here’s why…

My new niche site – the one to replace One Day Guides – is my new niche site about life in Germany.

In fact, at the time of writing this, it’s already growing by one to two subscribers every single day.

I’m purposely not linking to it (you’ll see why next month) but here is a screenshot of it to whet your whistle (and if you find it all by yourself, then so be it) 😉

Okay, that’s it for this month!

Have any questions, comments or suggestions?

Please let me know in the comments below…



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09 Mar

12 Month Amazon Affiliate Site Case Study – Exact Steps Revealed

Interested in following this strategy? Pickup a pre-built turnkey Amazon Affiliate site HERE (limited quantity and often sold-out but you can get on the wait list!)

This case study is hopefully the most actionable 12 month affiliate site case study ever published. The goal is to break down what was done over 52 weeks to show you exactly how we grew a website to over 11,000 unique visitors per month (revealing all the numbers down to the # of posts and blog posts made!).

Monetization Comment – This business was started with the intent of creating an Amazon Affiliate site to then push the sales of a physical product we would source. With my Amazon Associate account getting suspended it hurt this sites earnings A LOT! So definitely the earnings are not very impressive but the traffic results are.

Why drop a case study as ONE big post… one of the issues with case studies is that sometimes keeping the pace moving on the case study is difficult by keeping this quiet until I was ready to publish an entire years worth of updates with data it should be a useful complete read.

The story of this site is summed up in the one graph below… great traffic growth but with the Amazon Associate account getting suspended it was hard to repeat the $/visitor we did with Amazon.

4 Main Methods Used on the Site

During the process of building out the site, we focused on 4 particular methods that helped to steer the site in the right direction. The idea with this case study was to do something a little different and stick to only a handful of tactics and document every single little step then only reveal the results once I was ready to publish a BIG case study post like this!

Great Keyword Research, Niche Research, and Solid Initial Site

Starting out with a great site was very important. Both the sitemap, initial content and site creation is important for our strategy.

Blog Commenting

Each week we try to do 5+ blog comments. This is simply going to articles that are relevant to the niche/topic and leaving a comment on their site. The key is, when you leave a good useful comment, you also leave your URL which will be linked to your name once published. Although these are nofollow links, we still believe they hold some value. If you are interested in learning more about blog commenting you should read this article.

Article Posting

Each week I try to keep the site fresh by adding an article. Each article I create follows the ContentRefined process to ensure quality. If you are interested in learning more about the ContentRefined process you can go here.

Use My PBN Links

At the start of building the site I worked on getting 1-2 links per week for our Use My PBN service, but after a few months I wanted to dial it down a bit and do 1 every other week. Use My PBN is a service I created where I built up a large network of PBN sites that have on average DA25 and PA30.  I have seen good improvements with our sites as well as our clients sites when using these links. If you are interested in learning more about this service you can do so here.

Editorial Links

Before starting this site, we had not used the editorial link building root, so we decided we wanted to try it out a few times. This is the process of getting backlinks from sites such as lifehack.org, huffingtonpost.com (now nofollow links), engadget.com etc. These links hold a lot of power as they come from some of the best sites on the internet, and when you have a link from it to your money site, Google really likes it. If you are interested in learning more about our editorial links you can find out more here.

  • Resource – Buy links on major editorial sites here


Month by Month Update – In the section below I will a month by month update showing eactly what we did to built the site.

March  2016

Last March, my project manager came up to me and asked if we could build a site around a niche that she had been doing keyword research around. After taking a look at the niche, the competition and the keywords I decided it would be a worthwhile venture to take on with the intent of growing the affiliate site and then turning it into an Amazon FBA business. During this month we dug into keyword research more and found a handle of keywords that were low competition. We then took a few of those keywords and created 20 articles around them. We knew that the niche was going to involve a few silos so we planned to get 5 articles created per silo.

Blog comments0
Article posted0
Use My PBN0
Total Keywords0
Keywords under 200
Keywords under 350
Organic Traffic0

April 2016

In April, we started to plan out how we were going to build and structure the site. We picked out a theme (Luxe – from Thrive Themes) and worked on getting it up and running. We then added the 20 articles (5 articles per each silo) to the side and gave it the proper category tag. For the menu, we added each category tag as its own. For the homepage, we added a monster post on the main keyword we wanted to rank for with internal links to the main pages for each silo.

After 2 weeks of the site being up, we started to do some off page as well as adding more content. For off page we were able to get 37 blog comments made.

During the last week 2 weeks of the month we started ranking and getting organic traffic to the site. By the end of the month we were able to get 42 organic searches to the site while ranking for 15 keywords.

Blog comments71515
Article posted2050
Use My PBN000
Total Keywords5815
Keywords under 20000
Keywords under 35012
Organic Traffic61521

May 2016

In May, we wanted to continue on April’s upwards momentum so we did more content, backlinks and blog commenting. During this month we saw a great increase in the amount of keywords we were ranking for. We went from 42 organic traffic last month to a total of 171 this month. This month we added in an editorial link and 4 links from the Use My PBN service which had a great impact on our keywords and their rankings. We also were able to work on the internal linking structure of the site as we didn’t have to many in place during the previous months.

Blog comments1010139
Article posted0420
Use My PBN0022
Total Keywords56116225350
Keywords under 200000
Keywords under 3512284570
Organic Traffic29564434

June 2016

This month we had some great breakthroughs with our keywords and having some of them jumping to the top 20. One of the main keywords we are trying to rank went from 28th to 11th this month. Near the tail end of the month we started making our first few dollars with the site. This month we also were able to reach 356 organic searches which is just about double of last month.

Blog comments129109
Article posted2222
Use My PBN1111
Total Keywords495702776905
Keywords under 200203541
Keywords under 35112164176228
Organic Traffic445399105

July 2016

This month we had a few down weeks put near the end of the month it started picking back up and improving again. This month we saw that a lot of our traffic was landing on a particular article and was getting click throughs to amazon on a specific product so we decided to think about getting our own similar product created. Again this month we saw a doubling of organic searches from last month, going from 356 to 725. Another one of our keywords had a good ranking increase over the month going from 32nd to 15th position.

Blog comments152010517
Article posted22222
Use My PBN11011
Total Keywords9419459691,1111,531
Keywords under 203738384181
Keywords under 35251256256281426
Organic Traffic1247399238253

August 2016

In the month of August we had a few positives to touch on. We had good growth with monetization from Amazon. Our rankings also had a positive uptick by increasing the number of keywords we are ranking by over 200.

We also started to look at outsourcing our product and looked on Alibaba. When looking at the best way to go about getting a company and your product created, we followed Scott Voelker’s and his article on how to find and source private label products. If you haven’t read it and are looking at getting  into the FBA business it would be a great resource.

Blog comments13101210
Article posted2220
Use My PBN1101
Total Keywords1,6091,6131,6191,947
Keywords under 20879092101
Keywords under 35445450450501
Organic Traffic278310446494

6 Month Update (March 2016 – August 2016)

Total over last 6 months
Blog comments231
Article posted55
Use My PBN14
Total Keywords1,619
Keywords under 20101
Keywords under 35501
Organic Traffic2,821

September 2016

This month had a few negatives and a few positives. This month we made progress with our product outsourcing. We got 4 quotes back from suppliers and we created a weighted matrix chart to decide which ones we wanted to get samples from. We even got two samples, however one was a no right away.

We saw good growth this month in terms of monetization, however by the last week of the month our Amazon account got banned and so we lost a good source of revenue that we were hoping to have.

This month we also did a bit of design change on the site. The homepage, which once was a monster blog post is now laid out with videos, images and small descriptions on each of the silos our site talks about. We also added a call to action button that takes people to the monster post.

Blog comments119108
Article posted2221
Use My PBN0000
Total Keywords1,9472,0442,5562,002
Keywords under 20147159247184
Keywords under 35605651914681
Organic Traffic582633661812

October 2016

This month I was able to get an average 156 organic visitors per day. When looking at the metrics for the site, I found that we had made some good progress, Page Authority 36 Domain Authority 25 Citation Flow 26 and Trust Flow 23.

We were having a LOT of issues with sizing for our product, we are still working with the one company to come up with a solution to solve this problem.

Blog comments796810
Article posted11122
Use My PBN01001
Total Keywords2,2332,4522,9193,0323,153
Keywords under 20210248350362380
Keywords under 357807801,0691,1151,127
Organic Traffic9761,1141,1211,0931,099

One of our main keywords went from 8th to 3rd this month.

November 2016

Monetization for the month also hit a new high at $164.04 (despite loosing Amazon Associates account!). This month we found a solution to the sizing issues on our outsourced product. I also hired a graphic designer to create the packaging design for the product.

Blog comments6575
Article posted1111
Use My PBN0101
Total Keywords3,2203,3543,3993,594
Keywords under 20400434461515
Keywords under 351,2501,1871,2221,313
Organic Traffic1,2501,1591,3521,694

December 2016

Almost increased the keywords I was ranking for by 1,000 in one week. As expected from a December month the monetization had some good weeks.

I also order 600 units of the product FINALLY! The product will take about a month to complete. We also incorporated the new business and signed up on Amazon Seller. In order to get the barcodes for the product I had to buy GTINS from GS1. The product is being shipped to a third party company in the US where they will be labelled with their barcodes and sent to Amazon.

Blog comments6565
Article posted1111
Use My PBN0100
Total Keywords3,6833,7144,6915,345
Keywords under 20540552664767
Keywords under 351,3641,3771,6861,896
Organic Traffic1,8281,8151,9341,743

January 2017

Every day this month the site had received over 250 organic visitors. The site now reached over 6,000 keywords that it is ranking for, 845 of which are below 20.

The site has not been collecting any email addresses so for next month I decided to make that a priority, especially with our product being released soon.

Our product landed in USA and we asked for 3 units to be sent to us so that I can get pictures done and the listing created. I also got the shipping labels created and mailed to the company so that they can send the boxes with the units to Amazon.

Blog comments57565
Article posted21211
Use My PBN01010
Total Keywords5,5255,5255,7215,9866,001
Keywords under 20786786792822845
Keywords under 351,9361,9361,9482,0122,041
Organic Traffic2,2832,5582,5002,6092,785

February 2017

This month we were focusing on Amazon and getting everything setup. We ran into some issues with the shipping labels not being correct as the product was over the weight limit that the shipping label said.

The email list has been going well, the site now has an email list of 145 people. Later down the road we will be doing a free giveaway promotion with the audience and the email list.

Blog comments0260
Article posted1211
Use My PBN0101
Total Keywords6,2496,4026,5126,884
Keywords under 20882907907964
Keywords under 352,1122,1382,1672,222
Organic Traffic2,5432,5222,4662,809

12 Month Update

Overall in the last 12 months the site has been doing well. Not so much in terms of monetization as the site took a hit when my account was banned from Amazon.

However the traffic is growing and the amount of keywords the site is ranking for grows each week. Hopefully once the product goes live on Amazon there will be some traction and a few sales.

Total over last 6 months
Blog comments390
Article posted89
Use My PBN23
Total Keywords6,884
Keywords under 20964
Keywords under 352,222
Organic Traffic123,753

Traffic over the last 12 months:


We will do more updates in the future on this site and how the FBA part of it is going. This site should continue to grow with the continued weekly effort of editorial links, Use My PBN links, blog commenting and content plan by following the ContentRefined structure.

If you have any questions on anything in this case study please let me know!

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05 Mar

How To Use AmaSuites To Find Profitable Buyer Keywords In Any Affiliate Niche

When Stuart gave me access to AmaSuite and asked me to write a tutorial post on finding profitable buyer keywords, I thought…

Oh…. now THIS looks cool….

But because of the cost of the program, I was a bit turned off at the idea of using it at first.

Then after a few minutes signed into the dashboard, I gotta say….

AmaSuite is kind of the shit.

It’s a product designed specifically with product owners & affiliate marketers in mind.

And it’s so good it literally takes the guesswork out of everything.

If you’re looking for keywords, for example, you don’t even have to any guesswork like you do with most keyword research tools.

So instead of guessing which keywords will get you buyer traffic from the search engines… AmaSuites just tells you which ones they are.

Other tools just give you a bunch of numbers in a spreadsheet and let you decide for yourself which ones are the best to use.

But AmaSuite has built-in algorithms that tell you which ones you can make money on NOW, and which ones you can save for later.

So let’s get using it right now…


What is AmaSuite?

AmaSuite is a collection of five different desktop software programs designed for people selling Amazon products… either as sellers or affiliate marketers.

Here’s what it includes:

  1. Top Product Analyzer
    • To go from a broad idea of what you should sell to a handful of actual products that will make money on your niche site.
  2. Search Analyzer
    • To search for new, specific, products within your niche that have good reviews and keyword rankings.
  3. Review Analyzer
    • To figure out ways to write better product descriptions so you do a better job of selling via your affiliate links instead of losing customers to buying from other sites.
  4. Keyword Generator
    • To find the right profitable buyer keywords to make sure your products & listings get found by purchase-reader site visitors.
  5. Ali Inspector
    • Find products you can buy and resell on Amazon for a profit. (This tool is less crucial for running a niche site, but it’s still really interesting.)

And the tool we’ll look at today is the Keyword Generator.

This is a tool specially designed to make niche marketing easier.

Basically, you type your niche into it & it pulls the most profitable buyer keywords from the six of the most popular e-commerce sites in the world.

Which means that as a niche site owner, you don’t have to waste your time doing keyword research, and can just focus on the keywords that will make you money.


What You’ll Learn

  • How to get AmaSuites set up in a way that is perfect for Amazon affiliates.
  • Which of the AmaSuite collection of tools to use to find buyer keywords.
  • How to filter out bad keywords so you only work with the most effective ones.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches click here or the image below)

1781 niches [new]


How To Get Started With AmaSuites

The ONE thing I don’t like about AmaSuite is that you can’t access it from the cloud.

You have to download it from the internet onto your desktop just so you can use it.

Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy process:

After your purchase access to AmaSuite and log into your account, you choose the software you want to work with first from the “Software” drop-down in the top menu bar.


As an example, I’ll walk you through downloading the Search Analyzer. But the process is exactly the same no matter which software program you choose to work with.


Then, scroll down the page a bit to the download links, and click on the green “Download here” button underneath your computer type.


I use a Mac, but there is also a Window’s version. If you use Windows, be aware that the process might not look exactly the same as my screen, but they do have great tutorial videos.


Next, you’ll follow the installation video instructions depending on your operating system, which you can find directly under the download links.


It’s important to watch these videos because sometimes—depending on your operating system—your computer might try to block the download. Don’t worry—I’ve got them on my computer and their totally safe. But the videos go into detailed instructions on what to do in case that happens. (And it’s too much to explain here.)


Once the program is officially downloaded, add it to your applications folder and open it up!



Here are the two AmaSuite software’s we’ll go through in today’s tutorial in my application folder. They’re all ready to go!


Keyword Generator – Purchase-Based Keywords from SIX of the World’s Biggest E-Commerce Sites

Ok, confession time:

The Keyword Generator is probably my favorite AmaSuite tool.

And if you’re only going to use one tool for you niche site’s keyword research

I’d suggest this one.

The reason is this:

It’s sooooo based around showing you buyer keywords it’s not even funny.

When you’re relying on SEO for traffic, you want to make sure the keywords you’re optimizing for are ones that will attract buyers.

And Keyword Generator gives you exactly those words.

Based on the original term you insert, it searches six of the most popular online shopping sites in the world: Amazon US, Amazon UK, eBay US, eBay UK, Target, and Walmart.

And the magic of searching these six sites?

When people visit these sites, they already know they’re going to make a purchase.

So literally everything they type in is a purchase-based keyword.

But what Keyword Generator does is use an internal algorithm to give you a keyword rank score across all six sites.

Meaning it’s showing you the keywords people use when they have their credit cards in hand about to buy.

Which is a HUGE difference from using Google or Bing’s keyword data, don’t you think?

As these tools rarely show you buyer keywords.

And other paid keyword tools simply display large lists of keywords, with some data that’s usually hard to understand, and lets you make your own mind up if the keywords are good.

AmaSuites goes beyond all of that.

Here’s how you use it:

Open the program on your desktop (after you’ve downloaded it) and click on the “Keyword Generator” tab at the top.

Then, select which of the six data sources you want to use for your purchase-based keyword research.


I’m choosing all six… because why not?


Then, type in one to three keywords related to products in your niche.

I decided to go with a niche I’m interested in…yoga.

And in the spirit of being more niche than that…. I typed in “ashtanga yoga.”

So I also typed in “yoga mat” as well, since that’s something that every good ashtanga yoga needs.



And then…. you click on the green “Go” icon at the top of the screen.



Then… you let it run.

As it’s running, you’ll see two different progress bars at the top of the screen.

These signify the progress the software is making in extracting the keyword data from the sites you chose.


This can take a while.


Once the software is finished, you’ll have a really long list of keywords.

Yes, you can certainly use them all if you want to.

But not all keywords are created equal… not even all buyer keywords.

And since you’re a smart niche marketer, I know you’re only after keywords that’ll give you the best results.

When it’s finished running, it’ll look something like this:




To find the most powerful buyer keywords across all of the sites (which is what we want), the only thing you really need to pay attention to is the “Score” column on the right.

The scores range from 1-100 with 100 being the best.

And any number highlighted in green… obviously… means it’s a strong one.

And one you should add to your niche site.

So to sort the Score from highest to lowest, all you’ve got to do is double-click on the “Score” tab and it’ll sort them for you:



That looks A LOT better, doesn’t it?

And in this keyword search, all the green ones are about yoga mats in some way.

But since there are over 600 keywords here, I don’t want to use and save all of them… I just want the ones that will drive purchases.

So to do that, I need to filter out the keywords with lower scores.

Within the Ama software, anything that’s 60+ gets a “green” score, so those are the keywords I want to keep.

To eliminate the 59.9 & below keywords, I need to eliminate them with a filter.

I can do this by clicking on the “Filters” button in the bottom right-hand corner and selecting “Show Filters.”



When I do that, a new window appears where I can add in the kind of filters I want.

Since I want to filter based on the Score, that’s what I select in the “Column” drop-down box.



Then in the “Compare Type” drop-down, I select “Greater or Equal to.”



Then, in the “Value” column I typed in “60” and clicked on “Apply.”



And as you can see, it reduced the number of keywords I have to work with from 600+ to only 35… which is MUCH easier to handle.



So now I want to save these keywords so I can make sure I remember which ones I need to use when I’m optimizing my web pages.

To do that, I click on the “Save” icon at the top of the screen, and choose which file type I prefer.



I work best with a CSV file, so that’s the one I’ll choose.

But it’s also a good idea to choose to save it as a project file, especially if you’ll be using other Ama Suite software for more than just keyword discovery.

This is the only file type you can upload within the software and have it recognize your data values.

So within minutes, I had 35 profitable buyer keywords just based around yoga mats.

Which is just one of many products from my niche of choice.

You can repeat this over and over again with 100s of different product types from your niche.

If you’re not sure what those products are, simply go to Amazon and find out by browsing your niche category.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches click here or the image below)

1781 niches [new]


Conclusion: NicheHacks Members Already Love It

Not hard to use, is it?

Actually, it’s pretty easy and useful.

In fact, NicheHacks community members Kent Chow and Dom Wells already use AmaSuite to help build the success of their niche sites.

And why do they love it?



Because it makes time spent tediously trolling Amazon’s website for keywords a thing of the past and because it nearly guarantees they only promote the best products.

Pretty cool, huh?

So…. what do you think?

Would an investment in a tool like AmaSuite be a good way to grow your niche business?

Remember there are four other equally powerful tools included with AmaSuites too that I didn’t go over in this particular tutorial.

Or… have you used AmaSuite for yourself?

Let me know in the comments – I’d love to know!

If you’re interested in finding profitable Amazon products and buyer keywords then you can grab your own copy here…






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