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Reiki Affiliate Programs: Healing and Living

REIKI (/ˈreɪkiː/). A Japanese method of relieving stress, initiating relaxation and promoting healing in a sick person by "laying on hands." It is based on the belief that there is a "life force energy" that flows through us, and that when this is low we are more likely to get sick. When it is balanced, we are healthier and more at peace.

Reiki is a part of the bigger alternative healing niche. It is related to the natural health and spirituality niches, just like it’s close relative, yoga. Both involve meditation but the two are essentially different. Yoga has its roots in India and is a collection of physical, mental and spiritual practices to achieve control of the body and mind. Reiki is focused on healing, usually another person.

Or so my initial research says.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am not one to believe things like “healing through the mind”, chakras, or chi. As my dear Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory fame would put it:

Sheldon - Hokum

Is it? It does sound dubious, particularly to people who do not believe in a higher power, chakras or psychic energy. But people who practice it fully believe in the power of this life force energy and the healing that comes from Reiki.

Reiki Affiliate Programs

Without further ado, following are a few Reiki affiliate programs you can promote in your spirituality website:

The Reiki Store - Reiki Affiliate Programs

1. The Reiki Store

At first glance, you’d think this would be the one-stop shop for everything Reiki, and Garry and Adele, the Reiki masters behind the Reiki Store, would want it to be so.

They offer a complete training program on Reiki, “The Essence of Reiki.” The course is a digital product you can access from their website. They also sell the "Reiki Master Teacher Premium Training Toolkit."

How much can I make?
50% on each sale.

How do I apply?
They have an affiliate page you can go to for more information. They are under the ClickBank affiliate network, though, so you need to register with ClickBank before you can promote them.

Pure Reiki HEaling Mastery - Reiki Affiliate Programs

2. Pure Reiki Healing Mastery

Pure Reiki Healing Mastery, like the Reiki Store, sells home training courses.

How much can I make?
75% on every sale, with upsells.

How do I apply?
They too have an affiliate page you can go to for more info. Like the Reiki Store, they are part of the ClickBank affiliate network.

Elemental Chi Institute - Reiki Affiliate Programs

3. Elemental Chi Institute

Elemental Chi started as a Reiki website, until its founder decided to widen her knowledge to cover all other forms of healing. The website offers services such as Ayurvedic consultation and coaching on top of Reiki courses.

How much can I make?
30% on every course sale.

How do I apply?
They have an affiliate page, but their courses are part of and sold through YesCourse.

Reiki Awakening Academy - Reiki Affiliate Programs

4. Reiki Awakening Academy

Similar to the preceding Reiki affiliate programs, Reiki Awakening Academy, offers both online classes and books.

How much can I make?
50% on classes booked through you, and 20% on books and products purchased through their store. Payments are made through PayPal.

How do I apply?
They manage their own affiliate program so no need to go anywhere else to register. Head on to their affiliate page for more information, or to register to their program.

Study Reiki - Reiki Affiliate Programs

5. Study Reiki

This is another digital course on channeling that energy towards healing.

How much can I make?
75% on every sale.

How do I apply?
This is another ClickBank product so you need to create an account with them before going to Study Reiki’s affiliate page.

Reiki Portal - Reiki Affiliate Programs

6. Reiki Portal

This Reiki affiliate program stands out among the rest because they don’t sell courses or books. Reiki Portal sells crystal bracelets that can help heal and energize the body.

How much can I make?
5% on every sale.

How do I apply?
Reiki Portal run their own affiliate program. You can register as an affiliate directly from their affiliate page.

Amazon - Reiki Affiliate Programs

7. Amazon

Not strictly a Reiki affiliate program, but they do offer books on Reiki, and everything else related to it.

How much can I make?
They offer tiered commission for the products they offer. It may not be much but keep in mind that this is Amazon, and that it’s likely they’ll purchase more than just a book.

How do I apply?
Learn more about Amazon’s affiliate program on Amazon Associates.

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