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Follow Along With The Niche Site Challenge & Learn From The Successes & Failures

If you’re a member of the Nichehacks Mastermind you may have seen the huge confession I made to everyone.

If not here it is for you again in full:


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.12.28


And this commitment still stands. In fact, I’m going one step further.

Let me explain…

Every month you’re going to see my progress on my new Niche Site.

I’m going to start a travel blog.

And, you’re going to have access to everything that I do.

All the tips, tricks, tools, keywords, and traffic strategies that I use to get this site from zero to profitable.

You’ll even have access to the income I make, too.

My main focus is to use strategies from Nichehacks and implement them.

But, if I use a strategy that isn’t here, you’ll get a complete guide to what I’ve done.

Because I want you to succeed alongside me.

You can find all updates of the Niche Site Challenge living here:


Part 1: Introducing The Niche Site Challenge (And How To Start A Travel Blog)

Part 2: Facebook Videos, Blog Comments, & Getting In The Dirt

Part 3: Why You Need To Forget Your Income If You Want Your Niche Site To Be Successful

Part 4: Five Lessons You Can Learn From My Catastrophic Failure

Part 5: Building Traffic, Growing Your Lists, And Getting Your First Sale


You’ll get the best out of these if you read them in order.

However each works as a standalone post too.


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21 Jan

[Case Study] How To Create A $20,000+ p/m Amazon Affiliate Site Like This Weird Example

measure success

Would you like to to see an example of a VERY successful Amazon affiliate site so you can copy it?

Well this WEIRD affiliate site is a GREAT example.

As not only are they a SUPER affiliate but they do it in a very unusual way.

Usually the secret to affiliate marketing is to pick great products that really solve your audiences problems so they bite your hand off to buy.

With this site they specialize in showing their audience products that are so outlandish 90% of them will never get bought….

…yet they still make an reported $20,000+ a month from Amazon as an affiliate alone which you’ll learn more about below.

This case study is on $20,000+ affiliate per month site ThisIsWhyIAmBroke.com a incredibly cool site far away from the typical affiliate site.

Find out how they make an estimated $20K+ a month and how you can copy them below…


Disclaimer: Just in case it’s not obvious I am not claiming that if you create a site like TIWIB you will be guaranteed to make $20,000 – you might but you might also make $0. It’s an example of what’s possible.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


What You’ll Learn About This Example Amazon Affiliate Site:

  • What this website is and how you can use their strategy to make money online.
  • How they make an estimated $20K+ a month just from Amazon even though anyone rarely buys the products they feature.
  • How to build your own “niched down” version so you’re not directly competing with them.
  • The “secret” owner Adam uses to give massive value to his audience and in return make more more from them without directly selling.
  • Ideas for similar style affiliate sites you can create and profit from


What is This Is Why I’m Broke?

This Is Why I’m Broke (TIWIB) shares unusual items, cool products and geeky gadgets across multiple categories that they find around the web.

Gadgets, wearable items, food & drink, home and office, toys and more.


Some of the weird stuff on sale

Some of the weird stuff on sale


It was NOT the first affiliate website of this type.

But it was the first that really focused on user experience and engaging the visitor over just listing unusual products and trying to make money.



amazon affiliate websites examples

The Website


Why Was The Site Started?

The site was born in 2011 by Adam Freedman who had previously struggled to make money online with many failed ventures. (Source)

He started the site because he followed similar websites and thought he “could improve on their experience with a better website design and higher quality products presented” (Source)

For example it was the first site of it’s type to use infinite scrolling.

They added humor and wit in the product descriptions.


An example of their quirky product descriptions

An example of their quirky product descriptions


Spent time improving product images over Amazon’s standard ones.

Carefully selected products rather than just adding anything slightly unusual.

And put a lot of thought into what order products appear on the site.

But they don’t make money unless they promote interesting products.

And it’s not as simple as you think.

So here’s how they choose what to feature…


What Are They Promoting?

Unusual, cool, geeky and sometimes useless products from space invader chairs to camera lenses coffee cups to jet packs to bacon vodka.

You’ll find gadgets, gizmos, gear, quirky products, concepts and more.

It includes products from big retailers such as Amazon and Ebay.

T niche stores like ThinkGeek and Firebox and sites like Etsy and Kickstarter.

Not every product  is on sale they feature any products they think have the ‘wow’ factor even concept products that have not yet been created.


Some of the weird products on sale


The reason behind this is so to create value.

If every product they feature just leads to an Amazon link it just becomes about getting affiliate link clicks rather than sourcing out and sharing unusual and cool products.

They find products to feature by signing up to the RSS feeds of 100’s of different blogs and retailers around the net that feature or sell unusual products and check on a daily basis for inspiration.

And featuring products alone won’t make you money.

Here’s how they make money from it all


How Do They Make Money?

The site utilizes the Amazon associate affiliate program, Ebay Partner Network and various other affiliate programs such as Think Geek, Firebox, Wicked Lasers, Hammacher and more.

Not all products are affiliate products or even on sale.

Many simply have the wow factor that it takes to get featured.

But for Amazon, Ebay and the other retailers that they have an affiliate relation with any time someone clicks a link on TIWIB and lands on the retailers website an affiliate cookie is set.

Amazon has just a 24hr cookie, meaning your visitor has just 24hrs to buy something for you to get a commission, but other sites have much longer cookie durations.

I’ve mentioned before that it’s estimated they make over $20K p/m on Amazon (Source).

But that’s just ONE affiliate program out of scores.

Wondering how much they make it total.

You’ll be amazed…


How Much Do They Make In Total?

An estimated $20,000+ per month from Amazon alone which accounts for 66% of their income. (Source)

So it could easily be over $50,000 in total.

This is not including income from other affiliate programs and Google Adsense.

Of course it’s all speculation as Adam, the owner, won’t reveal how much he makes in public.

Amazon is the main affiliate program they link to as most people will never buy the products they feature but go on to buy something more practical from Amazon which still nets them a commission.



Comment from TIWIB owner on Reddit


Another important thing for you to consider is how they turn visitors into money…


Why Does The Site Convert So Well?

The site is designed to get affiliate link clicks due to the large enticing images, well positioned buttons and great calls to action that send you off to the retailers websites.



The big enticing affiliate buttons


Almost everyone who visits the site will end up on a retailers site whether they planned to or not and this sets the affiliate cookie.

Even if you don’t make a purchase immediately the cookie will last for a certain duration and any purchases you make throughout that time will result in an affiliate commission being paid.

And remember the products they feature are so outlandish most will never get bought.

But their business model is simply to get the affiliate cookie set and rake in commissions from the other items people DO go on to buy.

A website is nothing without traffic so let’s look at that…


How Many Visitors Per Month?

2,800,000+ per month (Source)


Who Visits The Site?

Primarily men from the United States of college age. (Source)


How Many Social Media Followers?

Facebook: 305,000 followers
Twitter: 5,236 followers
Pinterest: 7,358 followers
G+: 11,388

The above data will change frequently and likely be far more by the time you read this.


6 Things That Makes TIWIB Successful

Let’s look at the 6 most important things, which I believe, makes TIWIB most success.

And that you should focus on if you want to create a similar site.


1. Branding and a Great Name

The name is memorable, quirky and fits in with the concept of the site.



The logo


2. Cool Concept

It’s not unique nor the first site of it’s type.

But they put effort into the design, style and user engagement.

And the quirkiness in the content combined with the unusual products makes it a great site that people want to visit time and time again.


3. Great User Engagement

They engage the user with their humor and wit.

The infinite scroll feature keeps you browsing an endless amount of products.

And they get you interacting with them on social media and in the comments.

It’s built with the users in mind and to give them a fun experience.

Not aimed solely at ‘making money’ even though it’s great at making money.


4. Ease Of Sharing For Viral Traffic

It’s designed to get people sharing the products featured which spreads the word.



The easy to find social buttons


5. Intelligent Product Placement That Makes You Go ‘Wow’

Most people won’t realize this but a lot of thought goes into the product placement and order on the site to keep it fresh.

For example they will place a cute animal toy next to chainsaw gun next to house gift which adds to the shock factor.



Comment on Reddit from TIWIB.com


6. It’s Designed To Convert

The site is designed to entice clicks from visitors even if they don’t intend to buy the product.

Instead of ‘buy here’ buttons they use clever copy such as ‘check it out’ which gets people clicking to see more and landing on the retailers page.



Big check it out buttons


They might not intend to buy anything at that point but the cookie is set and anything they buy throughout the duration of the cookie gets them a commission. 

People use Amazon to buy all sorts of products on a regular basis.

Those are the 6 things that really make TIWIB as successful as they are.

Now let’s look at their traffic and the lessons you can learn from it…


Where Do They Get Traffic?

The traffic is driven almost entirely by social media though people sharing their content.

In the beginning they used Reddit and Stumbleupon paid ads including the legendary “Not Safe For Wallet” ad on Reddit.


Not Safe For Wallet

Not Safe For Wallet Ad


But it didn’t really kick off until someone posted about it on the first page of Reddit causing it to go viral all over the web.

This was the catalyst which caused a storm of social media sharing across all platforms which continues today.

They now do very little in the form of paid advertising or marketing.



Advertising on Reddit was the first thing they did


Instead relying on their users to share across the web on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, forums, blogs and more.

Search engine traffic is near non existent (likely due to the short descriptions most products have). (Source)

The owner Adam has stated that their best converting traffic source is a little known link exchange network called Knowd (Source)


Lessons To Be Learned From This Successful Affiliate Site Example?

  • Create something that you love and that other people want or need and can get excited about.
  • Don’t focus on ‘trying to make money’ but on a great user experience, engaging your visitor, making your site a fun / useful place for people to visit. People hate being sold to buy they love to buy.
  • Give your users a reason to return time and time again and tell their friends about it and if you’ve picked a solid idea that is monetizable the money will follow.
  • Continually be optimizing your site for clicks. They are split testing and making changes constantly to try and improve conversion rates.
  • Create something that has the potential to go viral across the web.
  • Don’t be afraid to try an out the box business model, TIWIB make their money from featuring products very few people will ever buy!
  • There’s more to the Amazon affiliate program than just creating basic product review sites and trying to rank in Google.


amazon affiliate websites examples

The logo


3 Things That Could Be Improved / Changed

Here’s some changes I would implement if I was creating a site like TIWIB…

1 Email marketing – they have an email list but depending on what design they are split testing sometimes there’s no email opt in on the site which is a huge mistake.

Being able to send an email out and drive traffic back to your site on demand is an affiliate websites dream.


2. Content marketing – they have a blog but it’s often neglected for months at a time and isn’t given the attention it deserves.

This could be used to draw in search engine traffic and blog readers who might not really be into the style of site This Is Why I Am Broke.com is but still like to read about gadgets and cool products.

Starting and maintaining a blog would be key.


3. Product Giveaways / Competitions – I could see this being a huge viral success.

Basically give away some of the products they feature in a competition where people have to share on social media to enter.

You could reach thousands of interested people and drive them back to your site.

Let’s now look at ways you can create a similar site…



Ideas For Similar Sites You Can Create.

Simply trying to copy them straight up isn’t the way forward unless you can better their design, improve on user engagement, write better product copy and create better images.

They do this too well for most people to compete.

There’s already dozens of competitors out there doing similar such as:

  • dudeiwantit.com
  • shutupandtakemymoney.com
  • thegreenhead.com
  • walletburn.com
  • thegadgetflow.com



A competitor site


The trick is to create a site similar but ‘niched down.

All of these sites are promoting much of the same products.

And trying to appeal to everyone and anyone with gadgets and cool things from multiple different categories.

By picking one single category and focusing just on that you could create a niche site that appeals to one type of person.

Yet still has the cool factor and viral appeal of This Is Why I Am Broke.com.

Instead of focusing on all cool products and gadgets focus just on kitchen / food & drink or home and office or unusual pet products.

Or pick a demographic like 21-30 year old males or 35+ year old women and publish things they like only.

You could create a whole site around geeky kitchen items or weird office products.

There’s no shortage of products and niches that the  interactive layout would work with.


Examples of Niche Sites Using the TIWIB Style:

  • http://mommyiwantthis.com/
  • http://www.cool-camping-gear.com/
  • http://shoeporn.com



A “niched down” similar site



(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Wrapping Things Up

This Is Why I Am Broke.com is a fantastic example of a clever Amazon affiliate site away from the typical ‘Amazon review site’ that so many internet marketers focus on.

The site isn’t reliant on unpredictable search engine traffic and no matter what Google does it will not be affected.

It draws in traffic virally from social media with almost no advertising or marketing on their part.

If the numbers are true and they really make $20,000 from Amazon per month (I suspect it’s higher!) then it’s a golden affiliate business model.

And it can work for anyone who uses the concept and design with their own niche or range of products.

You can take one of the many categories from the site or it’s many clones such as kitchen, home and office, or pet and focus solely on those or apply it to different niches completely.

Follow their lead in terms of product selection, design, user engagement, social media interaction but also put a lot of focus into list building and blogging to increase success.

The only key now is to take action…




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17 Jan

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Profitable Niche [Updated January 2017]

Looking to find your profitable niche but don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you’re not even sure what a niche market really is?

Look I get it, it’s a minefield at times with all the conflicting information out there.

But I’ve got you covered…

Today you will find your profitable and perfect niche.

I created The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Profitable Niche after being inspired by other epic resources in the internet marketing sphere.

We’re talking guides by the likes of Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Matthew Woodward and Glen Allsop.

There wasn’t one on the subject of finding a profitable niche so I decided to create one for you.

This is mostly for those who are new to internet marketing or have been around for a while but are stuck in the internet wasteland unable to progress.

Each chapter is designed like a mini guide that can be read as a standalone page but you’ll get the best results if you read it from start to finish.

You can start reading from the beginning by clicking HERE.


Table Of Contents


1. So What Is A Niche Market Anyway?

Before you start anything, you should know who you’re targeting and if there’s a market.

The more specific you are the better.

Most people fail here as they are way too broad.

This section will get you on the right path to success.


2. What Makes A Good Niche Market?

Taking it further, you’ll learn what is a good niche market.

And what types of niches there are out there.

Some of the stuff in this section will surprise you.


3. Do I Follow Passion or Money?

This question is always asked and for good reason too.

Do you follow your dreams or chase money?

I also ask a panel of marketing experts for their thoughts.


4. Do I Have To Be An Expert To Enter A Niche?

This is a huge dilemma for most new marketers.

Because you probably aren’t the worlds expert on anything, right?

Me neither.

Good news is that you don’t have to be.

You’ll learn how to “hack” your way to authority in any niche.


5. How To Find A Niche Market

Niches are literally everywhere and with the internet at your fingertips.

Yet so many new marketers struggle because of outdated information and lies.

Here’s a bunch of ways to find profitable niche markets with ease.


6. Working Out If Your Niche Is Profitable

Not every niche is worth pursuing.

Learn what you need to know to figure out the profitability of a niche.

Use these simple strategies to see how much money can be made.


7. Evaluating & Testing Your Niche

You can only get so far without testing your niche.

So take this section and apply it to test out your niche.

I cover some simple tasks you can do to avoid wasting time or money.

You’ll also know how to tackle your niche while standing out from other blogs and websites.


8. Niche Questionnaire Checklist

Take this simple checklist and complete it.

Once you do, you’ll realize whether your niche is well in demand and has loys of potential.


9. Turning Your Idea Into A Business

By now, you’ve got a few niches that you may want to pursue.

Learn what you need to do to turn them into ideas and plans.

This is the exciting bit where you make money!


Finding A Profitable Niche

Finding a profitable niche market that is viable, profitable, and that you personally can compete in is a crucial part of online niche marketing.

But if you don’t get it spot on you don’t have an online business as everything else relies on this stage.

If you follow the guide you WILL find a profitable niche.

And then you can start your new online business.

I hope you take value from this guide and all the best in your online ventures!

And please leave a comment below to tell me if this has helped you find your niche…


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches click here or the image below)

1781 niches [new]




Want 6 profitable niche reports every month?

Go here…


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10 Jan

8 Quick Hacks To Find Profitable Sub-Niches In Any Market (Updated January 2017)

Finding profitable niches is hard, right?

All the good ones are already saturated and have too much competition.

So there’s no way you could possibly compete, right?

Well I’m here today to tell you that you are wrong.

Yep, sorry about that.

As here’s the thing…

It’s true that most of the profitable niches already have a lot of people marketing in them.

Which is NOT a bad thing as it shows it’s a healthy market, with lots of products and customers.

And means there’s money to be made.

And usually enough money for everyone to get a piece of the pie.

All it means is…

If you want to compete you simply have to find your own smaller sub-niche.

Where there’s still LOTS of demand but much less competition.

As even smaller sub-niches within larger markets have a lot of demand.

And finding sub-niches is easy.

As you’ll learn with these 8 profitable niche research hacks…



(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches click here or the image below)

1781 niches [new]


Firstly, What Exactly Is a Sub-Niche?

Before we dive right in let me briefly explain what a sub-niche is so we’re both on the same page.

A sub niche is simply a smaller segment of the market.

So for example weight loss is a big, general, market rather than a niche.

Weight loss for women is more niche but still quite broad.

Weight loss for women who’ve recently given birth is a sub-niche.

It’s specific and focused and caters to a very particular sub-section of the wider weight loss market.

More examples:

  • Pet Care > Dog Care > French BullDog Care > Breeding French Bulldogs
  • Making Money > Online Marketing > Traffic > SEO > SEO for ecommerce sites

You’ll always have much more chance of success if you drill down into a sub-niche of a popular wider market.

If you just try to appeal to everyone and anyone in the wider market where there’s already a LOT of competition, usually from established brands too, you’ll struggle to get success.

So always strive to go more niche using these 8 easy tricks…


Here’s 8 Hacks To Find Profitable Sub-Niches:

Let’s get straight down to the 8 hacks…


1. Simple Google Searches Reveal Gold You Might Have Missed

Let’s continue using the “weight loss for women” example.

Go to Google.com

Enter your “weight loss for women” and Google suggest instantly suggests some sub niches for you.


google suggest


  • Weight loss for women over 50
  • Weight loss for women over 40

Then hit enter and go to your search results.

Scroll right to the bottom of the page and you’ll see “searches related to..” section…


google related searches


7 potential sub niches using a basic Google search.

  • weight loss for women in their 20’s
  • weight loss supplements for women
  • weight loss pills for women
  • fast weight loss for women
  • meal plans for weight loss for women

You can take it one step further and use UberSuggest which scrapes the Google Suggest feature based on your keyword and gives you EVERYTHING people have searched for.

Potentially hundreds of sub niches will be revealed.

See how easy it is?

If you need further demonstration on finding keywords, you can use what James has revealed here in this post of finding 100 keywords in 26 minutes.

Let’s move on to the next point…


Nader’s thoughts: Change up your wording and get creative with what you say. Sometimes people aren’t searching exactly for weight loss for women, but instead are looking for healthy foods to lose weight. Also Google isn’t the only search engine, you can apply this method to Bing.com as well. 


2. Wikipedia Is A Treasure Trove Of Niche Ideas You’re Missing

Wikipedia is a great resource to discover profitable smaller niches within big markets.

Go to Wikipedia.org

Enter your niche into the search bar and hit enter.

Wiki will return what it thinks are relevant results.


wiki search


I used this trick to find out more about beekeeping for my Niche Hack report.

Look at the different niches Wiki reveals to us on the search result page.

  • Urban beekeeping
  • Heath beekeeping
  • Feeder beekeeping
  • Checkerboarding (beekeeping technique)
  • Beekeeping in Ireland
  • Beekeeping in the US
  • Beekeeping in the UK
  • Honey bee keeping
  • Bees for development


Wiki’s table of contents for beekeeping revealing more niches


Again you can take it one step further by clicking on some of these results for more information.

Click on the main ‘beekeeping’ result and the first sentence tell us…

“Beekeeping or apiculture’

So now we know beekeeping is also known as apiculture giving is a whole new term to search with.

Look at the table of contents and there’s more niches revealed….

  • Wild honey harvesting
  • History of beekeeping
  • Fixed Comb Hives
  • Movable frame hives
  • Top-bar hives
  • Protective clothing
  • Bee smokers
  • Natural beekeeping

That’s at least 17 from one search on Wikipedia.

Think about all the others that will pop up from checking out the pages on all the various sub-niches we’ve just found.

Point 3 reveals a gold mine of buyer niches…


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches then click here or the image below)

1781 niches image


3. Use Amazon To Mine Buyer Niches That You’re Overlooking

Amazon is another easy place to find them.

Enter your niche or product of choice into the Amazon search bar.

Much like Google does Amazon suggests products to you.


Using Amazon’s search feature can bring up sub-niches


Using “lawnmowers” as an example, look what they suggest to us…

  • Qualcast lawnmowers
  • Electric lawnmowers
  • Petrol lawnmowers
  • Self propelled lawnmowers
  • Lawnmowers with roller
  • Lawnmowers battery

Then hit enter and they’ll tell you even more…

Look at the ‘show results’ section on the left hand side of the page.


The show results feature lists sub-features


It lists sub-categories:

  • Rotary Lawn Mowers
  • Walk behind Lawn Mowers
  • Lawn Mowers & Tractors
  • Hover Lawn Mowers
  • Robotic Lawn Mowers

Click on any of these sub-categories and more are revealed.

I found 13 in less than 2 minutes – see this list of products you can make money from Amazon with,

And also use this guide by Chelsea on how you can find profitable niches with Amazon.


4. Get A Sneaky Peak Using Amazon Book Look Inside Feature

Head over to the books section of Amazon.

Enter your niche into the search box.

A range of books on the topic will be revealed

Click on the book cover to ‘look inside’ the book.


look inside


Go to the contents page of the book.

Check out the different chapters in the book – all sub-niches.

I searched for internet marketing and the first result was a book called ‘Digital Minds’

The contents chapter revealed the following…

  • Content marketing
  • PPC
  • Landing page optimization
  • Display advertising
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Video Marketing

And various more.

All great topics to be explored.


Nader’s thoughts: This could be applied to Udemy, and wherever else courses and content lists are shown. You’ll be able to find the most popular courses easily and from there, you can take a closer look into it’s chapters / table of content.

Point 5 shows how to find crappy products but turn them into gold…


5. Use Crappy PLR To Find High Quality Niches

PLR content (public label rights) has a bad reputation for being junk and rightly so.

Most of it is badly written and not fit for sale.

However it’s not all bad and even bad PLR has it’s uses for finding sub-topics.

Go to any PLR store, I use PLRStore.com as an example.

Down the right hand side of the page they have scores of different categories.




A lot of these are fairly targeted niches themselves but you can find even deeper sub-niches by clicking on them.

The first on the list is ‘Acne’.

Click on it.

Articles pop up on a variety of different acne subjects. Many of these are sub-niches.

  • Adult acne
  • Acne prevention
  • Dealing with acne scars
  • Acne skin care tips
  • Natural acne remedies

Rinse and repeat (excuse the pun) with the other categories.

Then go do point 6 here…


6. Explore Your Favourite Blogs & Then Steal Their Ideas

This is a great way to find sub-topics using blogs.

Go to any blog in your niche.

You can find them using Google by simply searching “YOUR NICHE + blog” if you don’t know any in the niche you’re interested in.


Find blogs on niches you’re interested in on Google


Or even search “Top NICHE blogs” and you’ll find lists of the best blogs on the topic, usually, as you can see below…


There are lots of blog lists on the internet


Then look at which categories the blog is split up into.

Many will have them either along the top or down the side of the page for you to click on.

These different categories are often sub-niches.

For example, here’s NicheHacks and it’s categories:




Point 7 reveals an easy way to get more popular sub-niches..


7. Profit From Forum Sub-sections You Visit

Nearly all niches have forums and they can be an easy way to find smaller niches within a niche.

Go to any major forum on the topic you’re interested in and simply look at the different sections the forum has.

I typed in ‘guitar forum’ into google and found Ultimate Guiter.




Look at all the different sub-sections the forum has…

  • Songwriting & lyrics
  • Recordings
  • Tabs
  • Guitar techniques
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Guitar accessories and gear
  • Customizing and building

All potential smaller niches you can explore.

And point #8 is one of my favourite ways to find profitable niches that pay up to 75% commission…


8. Find Profitable Digital Product Niches On Clickbank Easily

The Clickbank market place is packed full of digital products on almost every niche imaginable.

It’s another great resource for finding sub-topics.

Go to Clickbank.com

Then click “affiliate marketplace”


Clickbanks affiliate marketplace


Down the left hand side is some broad categories and markets.

Pick the one that most appeals to you or where your niche belongs.


Clickbanks wide ranging categories


And then click on the white arrow to reveal more sub-categories.

Then choose the most relevant category.

I choose health and fitness > women’s health.


Digging into Clickbanks niches


Now scrolling through looking at the products I can see:

  • Cellulite
  • Yeast infections
  • Natural breast enlargement
  • Fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts

And that’s just on page 1.


Women’s sub-niches


If you keep going through the 8 pages of results you’ll find dozens more.

Lots of profitable sub-niches in the women’s health market as you can see.

And let’s quickly wrap things up…


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches click here or the image below)

1781 niches [new]



Using these 8 ways by themselves or in a combination with each other can easily reveal hundreds of profitable sub-niches to you.

Most of them you’d have otherwise never have known about especially if you aren’t knowledgeable in the niche you’ve chosen.

Or simply pick one of the sub-niches revealed in this post and take action on it.

By carving out your own sub-niche you can differentiate yourself from the masses who choose to create online projects around vague, broad, and obvious markets that are already tough to compete in.

Drilling down and being as specific as possible allows you to become the authority in your field and the go to site on your subject over the sites filled with vague information aimed at everyone and anyone.

So use these 8 hacks to good effect and watch as you dominate your competitors.

Take it a step further and try our report on finding your perfect niche in 7 easy steps.

Tell me which of these 8 hacks you enjoyed the most below in the comments…




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07 Jan

31 Lessons Learned From Making $90,680.75 In Affiliate Commissions On JVZOO (Updated January 2017)

Affiliate CommissionsIf you could miss out all the learning and mistake making parts and skip straight to the money making parts you would, right?

Me too.

Well here’s the deal:

I can’t fast forward you to super affiliate status just yet


I can show you what I’ve learned as an affiliate from making $90,680.75 in commission to date just on JVOO.com.

Here’s the proof in the image below…




And that does not include bonus prize money from winning affiliate contests (I estimate that’s worth another $15K at least but I’ve never recorded it).

And it doesn’t include commissions from the other affiliate networks I use like Amazon, Clickbank, W+, Commission Junction, ShareASale and more.

But anyway that’s not the point…

Whilst I’ve made a lot of commissions on JVZOO I’ve also made a lot of mistakes too that have cost me.

So by reading this quick and easy affiliate lesson guide you can not only learn what worked and copy them.

But also learn ALL of the mistakes I’ve made and avoid them for yourself.

And don’t worry if you’re not promoting products on JVZOO as the simple affiliate lessons here apply to whatever affiliate network you use, especially if you promote affiliate products.

So here’s those 31 affiliate lessons that will increase your affiliate profits…


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


1. This Is Where The BIG Money Is…

Your customers love products launches. 

This is where the BIG money is.

That’s probably no surprise to you, right?

But here’s why that is and how you can take advantage of it (in an ethical way)…

There’s the excitement of a new product and system.

The hype.

The buzz.

The thought that they are going to discover some brand, new, system, no one else knows about that will solve all their problems.

The scarcity and fear of missing out when the launch is over and the price rises or the product goes offline.

Launches flat out work and you’ll make far more money in the few short days when a launch is on than you will from months of promoting an evergreen product not in launch phase.

Here’s a screenshot showing some nice earning product launches I’ve taken part in…


Some of the launches on JVZOO

Some of the launches on JVZOO


So get involved with product launches as an affiliate.

No matter how many other big marketers are involved.

There’s room for everyone.


Make sure you are not 100% reliant on them for all your income as if one doesn’t go to plan and you don’t make much or any money…you’re in trouble.

More revealed on this later, but for not check out this sales maximizing tip…


2. Maximize Sales By Emailing Like This…

If you only mail once or twice you won’t make nearly as many sales as if you promote daily through a product launch period.

I typically mail 3 times on launch day, twice a day throughout the launch, then 3 times again on the final day.

If you just send 1 or 2 emails it doesn’t seem like you fully believe in the product.

I talked about using The Crush Campaign on a recent promo which involves heavy, daily mailing, which you can use as a guide.


Omar Martins Crush Campaign works well...

Omar Martins Crush Campaign works well…


To further back up this point…

There’s an age old marketing adage called “The Rule of 7”. developed by the movie industry in the 1930 to increase movie sales.

They figured out the average person needed to see their movie trailer or ads 7 times before they went to see the film.

In marketing terms it means a prospect needs to be exposed to your advertising at least 7 times to compel them to take action.

Now not everyone needs 7 exposure to buy, some will on the first exposure.

But the point stands that not everyone will purchase the first time you recommend them a product.

The more you show them your marketing message the more chance they will buy.

Typically the bulk of all sales come from day 1 and the final day but the days in between add up to a substantial amount too so mail daily.

Next, we will quickly talk about how to pick “win win” products…


3. How To Pick A Product That Benefits Your Audience AND Makes You Money

Picking products isn’t difficult when you know the problem your audience have and what the solution is.

This is the first step.

You don’t go hunting for ‘good affiliate products’ or ‘high converting products’ you go figure out what your audiences problems are and how to solve them (you should already know this).

Then you find products which solve these problems.

I mean we’d all be tempted with a product with stats like in the screenshot below…


Super high converion and sales rate

Super high converion and sales rate


But make sure it IS something your audience actually needs and solves a problem.

Just because it’s a high selling product and good doesn’t mean your audience actually need it.

There is endless choice of good products that they do need in most profitable niches.

So simply match there need with a high converting and profitable product that you’ll make money from.

It’s a win win….

They get their problem solved and you make some commission for your time and work.

You may find the perfect product but it doesn’t convert well…should you promote it anyway?

Tricky one but probably not.

Because if it doesn’t convert (because of bad sales page or other reason) then few people will buy it and then fewer people get their problem solved which doesn’t help either.

The more people getting their problem solved the better.

So find a balance of problem solving product that also converts or you’re wasting everyone’s time.

And now let’s briefly talk about how not to be boring…


4. Don’t Bore Your List To Death

If you’re anything like me when I first started doing affiliate promos I’d pick one angle and run with it through the whole campaign.

Every email would basically say the same thing over and over again in a slightly different way or share the same results but with a different headline.

It’s boring and ineffective.

No one wants to read the same thing time and time again.

You’ll see in the screenshot below the different headline angles I’ve taken for one promo…


A range of different email headlines with different angles

A range of different email headlines with different angles


Take a different approach in every email.

Go with results, testimonials, stories, tell them what they’ll gain by purchasing, tell them what they’ll lose by not purchasing.

Mix it up.

And make sure you know the best days to mail which I’m about to reveal below…


5. Mail Hard On These Two Days…

I mentioned this already but you should mail hard on the first and last days.

It’s where the bulk of your sales will come from.

Typically 20-25% of all sales I make will be on day 1.

And on occasions up to 50% have occurred on the final day (particularly with a mid range product of around $199-$500 but also with low end $7 where 20.98% of all sales on average come on the final day.

People either want to be the first to buy into a new product as they get caught up in the excitement.

Or they hold off until they are forced to make a decision through fear of missing out, price rises or products going offline.

Did you know you can use Fill In The Blank Email Templates…


6. Save Time With Fill In The Blank Templates On Every Launch

Until recently I had no process or direction for writing promo emails.

I just opened up Word and started typing whatever came into my head,

It was totally hit and miss what would come up. Emails with no structure that could either be a hit or a flop.

Then after buying The Commission Machine by Michael Chenney (this product is one of the best I’ve ever bought) I learned about email types I never used.

And it also occurred to me that you could actually template-ize your emails in many instances.

So I set about finding or creating email templates.

Some I found online from Digital Marketer…

Like their Gain, Logic, Fear series (these work like crazy!) below…


Gain, Fear, Logic

Gain, Fear, Logic


Get them here: Gain Logic Fear Templates

Others were templates using proven copywriting techniques like the 60 Seconds Sales Hook and PAS Formula.

Get the 60 Seconds Sales Hook here: 60 Second Sales Hook

And the PAS formula: Pas Formula

And others I made myself based on my most successful emails…

The “results” and “bonus” emails were born among others.

Here’s a screenshot showing my simple “LIVE” template in action…


My 'LIVE' promo email

My ‘LIVE’ promo email


These are talked about more inside my product here: 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks

Download these templates and use them.

If you’re already having some success with affiliate promos check your own emails to see if there’s any common email types you send that can be made into templates.

Do you know these basic techniques…


7. Learn These Basic Techniques And You Will Sell More Instantly

I touched on this above but really even studying some really basic copywriting techniques will instantly make you sell more.

When I started implementing the 60 Seconds Sales Hook and PAS formulas into every email promo I did my sales increased massively.

The 60 Seconds Sales Hook emails. as shown below, now account for 9.66% of all sales on average on a promo.


The Powerful 60 Seconds Sales Hook

The Powerful 60 Seconds Sales Hook


And the PAS Formula 9.70% on average.

They work time and time again.

Do you know the Early Bird technique to beat other affiliates to the punch?

Let me quick explain…


8. Beat Everyone Else To The Punch With The ‘Early Bird’ Trick

Usually you can get your affiliate link in advance before a product launch has even started.

When someone clicks it it will either go to a blank page, a “coming soon” or an optin page rather than the sales page.

So they can’t buy but they are already “cookied” with your affiliate ID.

That means you’ve got the jump on most other affiliates who won’t email until launch time.

You’ll see an example of it here in the screenshot…



An example of a pre-sell email headline I used recently


Early bird emails mean a much higher chance of you being credited for the sale when they do buy.

Pre-sale / early bird emails account for 14.54% of all my total sales on average on promos – can you ignore that?

Send out warm up emails, which build up the curiosity of the launch, for 2 to 3 days in advance and include your affiliate link that leads to the opt in or coming soon page.

Then when the launch finally kicks off you’re already ahead of 99% of other affiliates as you’ve already got your cookie set.

I don’t think anyone does this next point but it works SO well…


9. Survey Your Audience Then Use It To Your Advantage

The more you know about your audience, about their motivations, problems, and what makes them tick the more you can relate your promos to them.

Just think, would you respond more to a generic email that says nothing to you personally or one that really resonates with you and your situation?

And I don’t just mean using “personalisation” like their names in email.

But knowing things like their frustrations, what they struggle with, why they want to succeed, how they feel.

Look at this question I ask them…



An example of one of my survey questions


Do you see how powerful that is?

For example if you’re in the IM niche and you know that your audience…

  • Work 50 hours a week.
  • Hate their job and feel underpaid
  • And want to be a successful blogger
  • But can’t make more than $100 online.
  • Don’t know how to get traffic…

…then you can use this information in your emails and show them how these problems can be solved via what you are promoting.

You can also relate to them by showing how you have been in a similar situation in the past (assuming you have been).

The more you know about them the more effective your promos will be.

Here’s a good list of things to find out…

  • Their demographics (gender, age, country, race, income)
  • Struggles in life in general and in relation to your niche
  • How they currently feel about their life
  • How long they have been struggling with their problem (within your niche, i.e. o make money online, to lose weight, to meet a girl etc)
  • WHY they want a solution and what it means to them
  • WHY they haven’t achieved that solution yet
  • WHAT drives them to do what they do
  • Their biggest regrets in life so far
  • What they’d do once they had success
  • Where they currently are in their journey

Survey them using free Surveys on SurveyMonkey.com and ask your email list and social media followers.

There’s a single email type I use that accounts for 18.78$ of my sales on average.

I’ve shared it with you below…


10. These Type Of Emails Account For 18.78% Of All My Sales, Use Them

There’s nothing people like more than PROOF.

Show them what you are recommending / teaching them works.

Screenshots (great in the IM niche) ike the one above…



A screenshot showing sales of my digital products in WSO+ which I’ve used as proof in the past


Before and after pictures (great weight loss / body building)

Videos of what you’re teaching in action.

Testimonials from success stories.

I always show my own results or results from my tribe in my promo emails, they account for 18.78% of all sales on average.

And I would never have believed this worked until I tested it…


11. Even $1 Discounts Work Well So Get Them Where Possible

A while back an affiliate manager asked me if I wanted a discount code to give to my audience.

I said sure why not.

The discount was for a whopping $1!

The product only cost $7 so I didn’t think this $1 discount was going to generate much sales.

I had a surprise in store.

I sent out an email offering the $1 discount….and in the end it resulted in 20 sales or 12.90% of all sales in that promotion.

If you can get a discount from the vendor then use it.

Here’s another email type that brings in 15.61% of all my sales on average…


12. This Emails Makes Up 15.61% Of All Sales

A simple way of selling anything is by telling people what they have to gain by purchasing.

Seems pretty obvious now, doesn’t it?

61% of all sales on average come from my simple and short email about what they have to gain.

I use DigitalMarketers template from the gain, logic, fear series.

Get it here: Gain Logic Fear Templates


Ryan Diess knows what he's talking about

Ryan Diess knows what he’s talking about


13. Here’s Why Affiliate Launches Are Great And Also Evil

If your whole income and business is reliant on affiliate commission and even worse on doing well in affiliate contests to win bonus cash prizes you’re in trouble.

Or will be soon.

I was in this situation for a while and I’m not completely out the water yet.

For a long time I had to do well in affiliate promos and win some bonus cash to have a profitable month.

If I didn’t get involved with an affiliate promotion I hardly made any money as that was my sole income stream.

But what happens on the months when there’s no good or suitable products being released?

Or you don’t have time to write an email promotion?

Maybe you’re sick, travelling or taking a break from work.

How about if you promote and the launch bombs.

Or it doesn’t convert well for you because so many other super affiliates are on board?

You’re going to be broke that month so have back up income from your own products.

Like my membership site for example which brings in passive income..


798 paying members of my membership site to diversify income

798 paying members of my membership site to diversify income


It’s happened to me before…

I’ve promoted a “guaranteed” big launch and it’s flopped.

No one made any money.

I’ve been out-gunned by other super affiliates and barely made any commission and no cash bonuses.

So the solution?

Have evergreen sales funnels in place with evergreen affiliate products or your own digital products that run on auto-pilot when someone opts into your website / opt in page.

It’s a whole other topic for a whole other time but we’ve covered it to some extent here…

34 Lessons Learned From Running NicheHacks For 18 months

Oh and you’re not boring your list to death by doing what I share below are you…


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


14. Don’t Bore Your List To Death By Doing This

Each email I send out is a different type.

And yours should be too or you’ll bore your audience to death.

I’ve touched on it above with the email templates but here’s some more info.

There’s many different types of emails you can send:

  • A product review
  • An FAQ email
  • Results based email
  • Story
  • An overview of what you get with the product
  • An overview of your bonuses
  • An email telling your audience what they have to gain
  • Another telling them what they have to lose
  • Using proven copywriting techniques like 60 Seconds Sales Hook and PAS Formula
  • Final Warning & Scarcity based emails on the final day
  • Checklist emails.

I touch on much of this in my product 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks as you can see below…


101 Digital Affiliate Hacks

101 Digital Affiliate Hacks


15. Don’t Be Like The Thousands Of Other “Me Too” Affiliates

Most affiliates just try and hype everything to death.

You know the type of emails…

“My buddy Mr Guru just released a brand new, revolutionary, never seen before product that will make you $XXXXX whilst you sleep, you better get it now before it’s too late because in 30 seconds the price will quadruple and then 5 minutes later he’ll delete the product from the internet”

Works to an extent for a limited period of time but everyone is doing it and it just becomes frustrating after a while.

Try to keep things hype free and if there’s no scarcity then don’t create fake scarcity

I.e. if the product is NOT going offline don’t say it is.

Keep it realistic and don’t make exaggerated claims.

Because when you tell people the price is rising or that a product is going offline…many people check after to see if it’s true.

And when they find out it’s not they stop trusting you.

Sometimes it’s hard as an affiliate as vendors aren’t honest with us either.

They say it’s rising in price or going offline then it doesn’t.

So be cautious and check what the vendor has done on previous launches.

This is a novel approach…


16. Promote Products You’ve Actually Used And Can Seriously Vouch For

The difference between a promo where the affiliate has used and can vouch for the product is a world apart from one where they have no idea what they are promoting.

You can see the difference a mile away.

A typical promo when a product hasn’t been used is filled with generic emails that don’t really tell you anything, you know the type..

“My good friend Mr Slimy Saleman just released THE BEST PRODUCT EVER

It’s amazing, it gets you lots of money”

You should buy it now before it’s too late..


Where as one where the affiliate has used the product will go into specific details and really dig deep into what benefits it has.

Promote what you’ve used and had results with….haven’t had any results from any products?

Then you’re probably in the wrong niche. 😉

At the very least go through the product before you promote to get a good feel for what it is, how it will benefit your audience, and what it does.

If you find out that it isn’t really that good….don’t promote it regardless of how much you’ll make.

Think of the long term, you make money today, but next week no one wants to check out anything you recommend as you gave them junk last time.

I like to share my results with screenshots to show what I’m saying is true, see that here in the image…



A snippet from one of my results based emails


17. Give Away Unique Bonuses Like This So You Stand Out

Bonuses are a strange one.

Most affiliates say they are essential and many tell you to focus on your bonuses over everything else as this will be what differentiate yourself from every other affiliate.

However I don’t quite agree….

I often forget or don’t have time to create bonuses for affiliate promos so simply don’t.

I’ve won affiliate contests without them.

But it make sense to include them.

The best bonuses are ones which compliment the main product and even better if they can or speed up and make easier the benefit the main product is claiming to offer.

As it’s one more way to stand out from everyone else especially when you are offering high quality and unique bonuses and not PLR junk (so many affiliates put no thought into them)

I keep it simple most of the time – I create bonuses from my blog content, lead magnets, or membership site.

All the bonuses listed in the screenshot below were already created:


Here's the type of bonuses I usually include (this one was used for Commission Black Ops)...

Here’s the type of bonuses I usually include (this one was used for Commission Black Ops)…


Or create something original if I feel it will be a real benefit and can be done quickly.

I will also re-use bonuses and re-purpose them from previous launches if they are relevant.

But for me bonuses aren’t as important as many affiliates say they are and definitely not the focus of my campaign.

However I still recommend you do use them wherever possible.

This next point is so obvious but so overlooked in the affiliate industry…


18. Be Honest About The Product So Your Audience Trust You

There’s no need to lie about a product or make it out to be perfect.

I doubt any product is, all have downsides.

So highlight the problems and downsides of the product and people will see you’re not just trying to sugar coat things and make it all out to be good.

When you figure out the con’s of a product you can create bonuses that fill in the gaps.

You’ll see that I did that here for Commission Cartel in the screenshot…


Highlighting some of the issues with the product

Highlighting some of the issues with the product


This makes both the product and your bonuses more valuable and you instantly more trustworthy.

You’re giving the good and the bad and it shows you’ve actually checked the product yourself instead of promoting blind.


19. Go Through The Funnel So You Know What’s On Offer

Nothing worse than sending your audience through a sales funnel with 17 OTOs or that simply doesn’t work and leaves you stuck in an endless loop of sales pages and not able to access your product.

They’ll just get frustrated with you and the product vendor.

Go through the funnel in advance, take note of what’s on offer, see if anything annoys you or doesn’t work right and note it in your promo or let the vendor know so they can fix before you promote.

Your audience will love your honesty.


20. People Want To Know This But No One Tells Them

One of the most common questions I’m asked by my audience is “What are the OTOs / upsells.”

People want to know before even considering purchasing the main product.

But so few marketers mention them, probably because they haven’t checked or went through the funnel to see.


An email discussing the upsells

An email discussing the upsells


Your audience like to know what they might be expected to spend before making that initial purchase and what’s on offer and how necessary it is.

So find out and tell them.

And please don’t make this next mistake…


21. Don’t Just Focus On Conversion Rate And EPCs Or You’ll Get Tripped Up

I’ve made this mistake before…

You see what looks like an epic launch.

Incredible looking sales page, high converting sales copy, strong EPCs, high commissions, lots of top name marketers involved, tons of buzz around it.

You think it must surely be an incredible product so you jump on board without checking it out properly or testing it fully.

For example if it’s a software you just have a quick look through it and decide it looks good and should probably work.

Then a few days into the launch it becomes clear there’s a massive bug, it doesn’t work as advertised or it’s got a security hack for example.

You are screwed.

You just promoted a junk product to your list and lost your credibility

They will never trust you again.

And there’s about to be a huge influx of refunds meaning you lose a lot of commission just like in the image below…


You don't want refund rates like this

You don’t want refund rates like this


Make sure you know EXACTLY what you are promoting at all times.

Stick with tried and tested vendors with a solid reputation, low refund rates, and who offer good support.

And if you want to REALLY sell affiliate products you’ll need to look at the next point…


22. Without This Asset You’re Going To Struggle To Sell Much

Without an email list you are going to struggle to sell many affiliate products.

Product reviews on your website or blog, social media promotions or traffic direct to offers can result in some sales but nowhere close to an affiliate promotion via email.

All my promos are done via my email list and it consistently gives me the best ROI.

There’s a reason why every super affiliate has an email list….it works.

Build your email list.

Is #23 a good description of you…


23. Are You An Opportunity Seeker?

You might have read some big marketers telling you that you should be selling in every email.

It’s debatable whether that’s the best long term strategy.

It works for some because of the way they have their business set up and the way they approach their promotions (and they are clever marketers and skilled copywriters)

For example one of the biggest and best email marketers is Ben Settle.

He promotes in every email but he does it in a non hype-y, no sale-y type a way.

He educates, entertains and amuses and sells that way.

He also tends to mostly promote his own monthly email newsletter subscription.


A Ben Settle email promoting as always

A Ben Settle email promoting as always


Then you’ve got another email marketing giant….Andre Chaperon.

He hardly ever promotes but when he does you trust him because of it.

So whilst it works for some it doesn’t work for everyone…

It totally depends on your business model and what you’re selling.

If you’re promoting a different affiliate product every day you’re just going to look like a chancer looking to make a quick buck.

An opportunity seeker

Very quickly people will lose trust in you.

There cannot possibly be so many valuable products that you’ve used and believe in coming out each and every day

And believe it or not, there’s a way to sell less but make MORE…


24. How To Sell Less But Make More

Higher priced products tend to sell in less volume than $7 products obviously…

But with their higher commission payouts you can easily make much more money.

Just look at what I recently made on the Inbox Blueprint launch which was a $1,999 product…


Commissions From Inbox Blueprint

Commissions From Inbox Blueprint


And the good thing about promoting products like this:

Higher end products tend to be more complete systems than the cheap $7 ones giving more value to your audience.

Don’t write off promoting higher end courses and products, many of your audience WANT this stuff and have the ability to buy it.

There’s a few things you 100% need to check in advance or risk losing the trust of your audience…


25. Check This Stuff In Advance Or Risk Losing Trust

There’s some things you must check before you promote a vendor regardless of how good the product is…

  • Their reputation
  • Average refund rate
  • If they are a serial product launcher with a new product every week
  • Their customer support service
  • What they do after the launch with your audience (spamming them every day?)

As it can come back to bite you.

Validate them before as you’ll ruin your relationship with your audience if vendors you vouch for aren’t quite as ethical as you.

The offer in the screenshot might look tempting with over 11% conversion rate but look more closely and it has a 90% refund rate too…


90% refund rate

90% refund rate


So pay close attention to all the stats.

And check past history with the vendor to see what stats on his previous launch look like.

This next, and very simple, point will make your life easier…


26. Know What You Are Promoting And When

I plan my promo calendar out at the end of the previous month where possible.

And you should too…

That way you can plan out your promo dates, think about what you’ll write about, do your research on the product and vendor if you need to.

Then you can gather testimonials from your audience and work out their problems in relation to this product.

Then create your bonuses and structure your content around your promos.

Which results in a better and more profitable affiliate promo than a last minute rushed affair.

This next point quickly shares how you can promote a lot if you also do one other thing…


27. Most People Don’t Mind You Promoting If You Also Do This

If you’re just promoting for the sake of making yourself money you’re screwed.

And YES, both you and I do this for the money.

It would be a lie to say otherwise.

This isn’t charity or some hippy dippy bullsh*t about making the world a better place.

But here’s the thing…

It can’t just be about YOU and the fact you want to increase your bank balance.

You have to help other people get what they want for them to give you what you want, i.e. the money.

And most of your audience will not have a problem with you recommending stuff to them if they know you have their best interests at heart.

The ones that have a problem are the ones you don’t want in your audience anyway, they probably just want everything for free and don’t plan to buy anything.

However if you are promoting simple because YOU want to benefit and make money from them they are going to get annoyed quickly.

So promote but promote wisely.

Pick products which will best serve your audience and solve their problems.

And be sure to be honest and deliver value in every promo email you send out, that way your audience won’t mind being promoted to.

But never, EVER, be afraid to do this next thing…


28. You Should Not Be Afraid To SELL

A lot of us, at some point or other, have a real issue with selling to our audiences.

It doesn’t come natural and feels slimy.

Like we’re a used car sales man trying to trick them into parting with their money.

It’s pretty natural but a dangerous way of thinking.

You should not be afraid to recommend HIGH QUALITY and PROBLEM SOLVING products to your audience.

I overcame this fear by reading the book pictured below…


One of the best books on the mindset needed for selling

One of the best books on the mindset needed for selling


Remember why your came to you?

For help.

They have a problem and they need a solution.

They asked you for help.

If you don’t recommend them the products which can solve their problems they might never get that help.

And some other dishonest marketer might falsely recommend something else that won’t really help making them worse off.

Your job as a marketer is to guide them on the right path and help them solve their problems like they’ve asked you to.

If you don’t then you’ve failed them and failed in your job.

So get out this disastrous mindset that “selling is bad” and into the mindset that “selling is good….

…when you are giving them products which solve their problems”.

It’s only bad when you’re selling them something they don’t need that won’t help them.

Selling Ice to people who live in Igloos isn’t cool, yo!

Remember they came to you for help so you owe it to yourself and them to get these problem solving products into their hands.

And please don’t be afraid to do this next point…


29. Don’t Be Afraid To Promote These Types Of Offers, They Pay Well

I used to think that no one would buy high end products if I recommended them as most of the stuff I promote was at the lower end of the spectrum.

But I’ve sold courses that cost up to $2,000 before and everything else in between.

See the screenshot showing sales of Niche Profit Full Control in 2016…


Over $13K in past few months from promoting NP FC at $1,999

Over $13K in past few months from promoting NP FC at $1,999


Many people in your audience have the ability to buy higher end courses and products.

And are actively looking for them too as they are a more complete solution over a $7 product which teaches part of the puzzle.

Try it.

Your audience will often thank you for it.

Some of my happiest audience members are the guys who have bought more expensive products on my recommendation.

This next point is overlooked but golden for making more commissions…


30. Ask Your Tribe For Feedback On Vendors And Products 

A little “hack” I do before any promotion is to get feedback and insights from my audience on the product and vendors I plan to promote.

This works great on relaunches of products and courses where members of your audience have bought before.

You can get their feedback on it, good and bad, and use this in your promo.

It allows you to get testimonials from them.

And also to address any issues they have with the product or vendor in your promo emails.

And to fill in any gaps or missing info they feel there are.

If none of them have used the product before or it’s new you can get their feedback on the marketer.

You can also ask them their biggest struggle or problem with whatever the topic of the product is.

For example if you know you’re going to be promoting a product about Amazon FBA.

You can ask them what they struggle with, why they haven’t got started with it, what their objections are and then address it all in your email promos.

It helps you write emails that relates to your audience and makes you more money.

Don’t have your own audience yet?

No problem (though you should be building one ASAP) just go to forums or social media groups in your niche.

Or even the one related to the marketers who’s product you’re selling and ask the questions there.

Just by scrolling through the FB groups of online marketers you can get huge insights into their customers.

This next little hack will save you time…


31. Batch Write Your Emails In Advance & Save Time

Some email marketers recommend writing promo emails as they come as things change throughout a launch but TBH I don’t feel they do much.

I write them days in advance and have them scheduled up.

The only problem that could arise would be the launch being cancelled but if you’re promoting tried and tested marketers with lots of launches under their belt this shouldn’t be an issue.

And should you be short on time the days during the promo your emails are already written and lined up.

I see no great advantage to writing on the fly.

Batch write all your emails when you’re in the zone.

They will flow better and you’ll get them done quicker.

Before you g0 let’s look at the key takeaways for you from this post…


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)



Key Takeaways:

  • Launches make the most money BUT they aren’t a long term sustainable business model so be sure to mix them in with evergreen promotions and sales funnels with your own digital products.
  • You must email multiple times to get the maximum amount of sales as your audience needs to be exposed to the product more than once or twice.
  • Look for products that solve your audiences problems first then make you money second.
  • Create email templates and fill in the blanks on every promotion – it works and will speed up your time spent on writing promo emails.
  • The first and last days are the absolute best days to make sales and will be where the bulk of your sales come from.
  • Learn copywriting and practice it often – you will become a better writer and sell more affiliate products.
  • Share real life results and examples – people want proof.
  • Bonuses are good but they are not essential. Use them where possible and make them unique and compliment the main product or make up for any short falls it has.
  • Don’t be afraid to promote high quality, problem, solving products, as your audience come to you for help so it’s your duty to get these products into their hands.
  • Some people in your audience WILL buy high end course so don’t only promote low end stuff.
  • Be honest about the products pro’s and con’s and give it a fair appraisal. People appreciate honesty.
  • You can promote every day if your business is set up properly but if every day is a pitch for a new affiliate product and you’re hyping it as the best ever – you’re doomed.
  • Use your audience feedback, dreams, pain points, desires and points of views in your emails – it will make your emails relate to them more and make you sell more.


Wrapping Things Up

In this post I’ve covered my 31 biggest affiliate lessons from making $90,680.75 in affiliate commission to date, just on JVZOO alone.

I hope it’s been valuable for you and given you some insights into what it takes to be a successful affiliate.

As well as steering you away from the common pitfalls and mistakes most us make at some point.

Now the only thing left to do is for you to put them into action for yourself.

Tell me in the comments which lesson taught you the most….

Which of the 31 lessons can you make money from today?

The post 31 Lessons Learned From Making $90,680.75 In Affiliate Commissions On JVZOO (Updated January 2017) appeared first on NicheHacks.

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27 Dec

Learn How I Made $5041.55 In Commissions In Less Than 7 Days But Was Still Disappointed With It

affiliate lessonsInterested in how I made $5041.55 in affiliate commissions in less than 7 days but how it should have been more?

Good, but first let me tell you a little story…

Last year long time NicheHacks tribe member, and niche marketing expert, Dom Wells approached me to do a joint promo.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Dom creates done for you niche affiliate sites to sell.

Probably the best done for you affiliate sites on the internet, as far as I’ve seen.

And up until last year he’d only ever sold them to his own audience.

But he wanted to expand to getting affiliates, like me, promoting them too.

So we ran a joint promotion expecting high sales.

Because ‘done for you’ affiliate sites seem like something the NicheHacks audience would snap up.

But the promotion flopped!

Here’s the scary thing:

We barely made $1,000 each, which is nothing to complain about, but it’s much less than we’d both expected.

Especially since at the time I was making $6,000 to $10,000 per promotion just selling $7 info-products.

And as Dom’s sites are selling for $400-$799 each and he was paying 50% commissions, we really expected much more from that promo.

I knew that this offer was definitely something the NicheHacks tribe wanted and if the promotion was set up correctly we could all benefit from it.

So when he approached me again recently asking to do another promo we knew we needed a different approach.

And whilst we didn’t get the setup perfect this time either we had a significantly better promo.

So here’s the deal:

I’m going to share how I made $5041.55 in commissions this time round but was still slightly disappointed with the results.

Not because it’s a low amount of money, it’s most definitely NOT, and I appreciate each and everyone who invested through my link.

But it could have been more.

Plus there’s lessons and takeaways for you as an affiliate on what worked and what didn’t.

As this wasn’t a perfect promo and there were a few mistakes I made that cost me commissions.

By reading this you can replicate the successes for yourself and avoid the mistakes I made on your own affiliate promos.

If that sounds good then read on…



What You’ll Learn:

  • Why not every affiliate promotion can be approached with the same strategy.
  • How to maximize your affiliate sales by thinking things through more clearly in advance.
  • How even experienced affiliates can make commission costing mistakes.
  • Why $5,041.55 in commission in 7 days is good but still on the disappointing side.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Results: How I Made $5041.45 In Affiliate Commissions

Here’s a quick overview of the promo and results:

  • 72hour Flash Sale
  • 50% commission per sale
  • Two different sites on sale, basic ($499) and premium ($799)
  • 27 sales made
  • Total commissions $5041.45
  • 30 day cookie


Side Note:

If you were one of the people who bought a site through my link then congratulations and thank you.

You made a wise move and have skipped out the boring niche research, content creation, and product selection stages and straight to the bit where you’re ready to make money.

I also really appreciate your support and trusting me enough to invest in something I recommended.

Thanks for making NicheHacks possible.


The promo was set originally to be a 72hr flash sale.

And it was exclusive to NicheHacks tribe subscribers.

Dom didn’t offer this to even his own audience or open it to other affiliates.

As mentioned Dom sells done-for-you affiliate sites with all the keyword research, on page SEO, content and monetization done.

So you can purchase one and it’s ready to make money.

Dom and his team created 25 brand new niche sites exclusively for the NicheHacks tribe.

Each site is unique and only sold to 1 person.

He sells 2 site types a basic site at $499 and a premium site at $799.

As well as additional extras like keyword research, extra content and links packages if you want them.

He was paying me 50% commission on each sale I could make.

In total I sold 27 items:

  • 7 Premium Sites.
  • 3 Custom Sites.
  • 13 Basic sites.
  • 4 Extra Items (keyword research, extra content etc)

Which paid me a total of $5041.45 in affiliate commissions (a sample of which you can see in the screenshot below)

And it’s entirely possible more sales will come in as the affiliate cookie is set for 30 days.

Meaning people who discovered Dom and his site for the first time will start exploring his content and once warmed up purchase later.



A sample of the commissions earned


An Overview Of The Promo

I mentioned earlier we planned for a 72hr promo.

After the promo was over we realized that there was a lot of questions we didn’t answer clearly.

Dom had emails from people asking things like “where does the stock come from on these websites”.

They thought they were eCommerce sites instead of affiliate sites.

So we decided that Dom would make a short training video fully explaining the offer and answering all the questions he’d been asked.

And we extended the offer for another 48hrs to allow anyone who was on the fence but needed answers to watch it and make a decision.

This brought in the final 5 or 6 sales of the promo.

We will know in the future if we run a promo again that we need to warm them up BEFORE we reveal the sites for sale.

So that people can get to know Dom, his site, and his offer fully before committing.


Comparison To Last Year’s Promo

I mentioned earlier that myself and Dom ran a promo last year and it made us around $1,000 each.

Which was much less than we expected due to the offer being very relevant to the NicheHacks tribe.

This time I made over $5K alone in commissions for myself so there’s a big difference.

Here’s why:

Last time Dom’s offer was untested by affiliates.

He’d only offered it to his own warmed up audience who knew him and what he was offering.

So for me to send my traffic to his offer, without them being warmed up, was obviously going to lead to lower sales.

On top of that:

As Dom is offering a range of different unique packages, there’s no set sales page for the offer like you’d see for an info-product for example.

He just lists the sites he has ready to sell.

Usually, as an affiliate, you’d send your traffic to a sales page.

And then the sales page does the selling for you by explaining the offer and benefits.

But with no sales page, there’s nothing there to persuade them to buy.


Last time round we focused on selling CUSTOM sites where the customer would pick the niche they wanted and not pre-made sites.

That means the traffic was sent to an order form and had to make a decision themselves on the niche they might want.



Dom’s custom site order form


And when you think about WHY someone might purchase a done for you niche site…

…one of the main reasons is because they don’t know what niche to pick.

So asking them to come to a decision by themselves on the niche doesn’t make sense.

This time we sent them to a page with 25 done for you niche sites to choose from and they simply had to pick one.

This worked much better.


How I Could Have Made More Than $5,041.45 In Affiliate Commissions

We fully expected ALL 25 sites to sell out within the 72hr promo period, if not quicker.

They are unique sites, there was high demand, scarcity was involved, and there was an exclusive bonus offer.

Yet we got off to a slower start than expected.

And even after extending the promo for 48hrs we didn’t sell all of the sites.

Even now only 75% of the pre-made sites have sold.


A sample of the sold sites

A sample of the sold sites


Though a few people did make custom site orders or order extra items.

After careful analysis here’s why I think that is…

My usual email promo style is to use curiosity, mystery, and intrigue to get people clicking my affiliate links.


My 'LIVE' promo email

My ‘LIVE’ promo email


You’ll see that in the screenshot above I don’t mention what you’re about to find on the other side of the link.

You’ve no idea I’m promoting a done for you niche site service.

You’ll see from the screenshot below, which was my second email of the promo that while I acknowledge that you probably know what I’m talking about now…

…I still don’t mention exactly what’s on offer on the other side of the link, just in case you haven’t read the first email I sent.


My second email of the promo

My second email of the promo


Usually, this results in a curiosity frenzy and has people desperate to click the link and land on the sales page.

Then the sales page does the selling and explains the offer.

And it works REALLY well…


But with this promo it didn’t work as well as usual.

Here’s why:

Mainly because, as I mentioned earlier, Dom’s offer has no sales page like an offer usually would.

So the sales page that usually warms them up and sells them on the offer wasn’t present.

Meaning my promotion style of using curiosity and intrigue is less efficient.

It would have been better to have explained the offer in my emails first.

So that when they land on Dom’s page where the sites are listed they’d know EXACTLY what to do next.

And could just choose one and purchase it if interested.

In this promo they clicked my affiliate link and just landed on a page with a list of sites and a little explanation of what was on offer.


A list of sites available not no sales page

A list of sites available not no sales page


Also, on top of that:

With no sales page to explain the offer or its benefits.

And no training video or webinar to answer peoples questions.

There would have been a lot of people who were confused or unsure…

…and confusion will always lower sales.

Here’s how to avoid that:

Next time I would warm my subscribers up first by introducing them to Dom and his site.

And by showing his training and FAQ videos so that the offer is crystal clear upfront.


Dom's training video

Dom’s training video


And by avoiding the curiosity angle in my emails and being more straight to the point, so they don’t need to see a sales page to understand what’s on offer.


Comparison To My Previous Launches

Here you’ll learn why I was a bit disappointed with the promo here.

You’ll see the promos I did this year and how much I made…


Commission Black Ops

You’ll probably remember the big launch I did for Commission Black Ops (Micheal  Cheney).

It was huge and you can see by the commission below that I made quite more than I did in comparison to the affiliate launch I did for Dom.

In total, I made over $7,000 in commissions, not to mention the extra $2,000 cash I won for placing 3rd in the competition.




Niche Reaper

Now this contest was for the Niche Reaper, as you may remember.

I made over $6,000 in just 5 days from this affiliate promo.




Inbox Blueprint

Now this one was the latest affiliate promo and it was for the Inbox Blueprint, which should be pretty fresh in your memory as it was recent.

This promo has to be one of my proudest as I made over $13,000.




So by looking at these stats from my previous promos, you can see why I was a bit disappointed with the promotion I did for Dom here.

It’s NOT that the promo went badly.

Definitely not, over $5K is nothing to be sniffed at.

But due to the price point ($499+) and 50% commission plus this being an offer the tribe are definitely interested in…

…I felt like it could have been more.

But never mind it was still a good promo and here are my biggest takeaways that I think you can learn from this…


Your Takeaways From This Promo

Here are my biggest takeaways from this promo that I believe you as an affiliate can learn from…

Mystery & Curiosity Don’t ALWAYS Work

Mystery and curiosity emails only work when you’re sending your subscribers to a complete sales page that can sell them on the offer.

If there’s no clear sales page, like with Dom’s offer, your emails have to do more of the selling.

And you need to warm your subscribers up to the offer so they know what they are getting from day 1.


Done For You Packages Require Different Tactics

In offers for services, done for you packages, or similar you need to warm up your subscribers first via content or training videos.

So don’t send them direct, without any pre-selling of the offer, to the buy page.


Don’t Make Your Audience Make A Decision

If people have to make all the decisions by themselves most will not purchase as people don’t know what they want so give them options to choose from.

We saw that with the first promo we did last year. We just sent people to a custom order form and pretty much no one ordered.

The reason for many people buying a niche site is they don’t know which niche to pick so asking them to pick a niche for the site to be built around is counter productive.


Try & Try Again If It Doesn’t Go To Plan

If a promo doesn’t work as well as you thought, but you were sure it was something that should have been a good fit for your audience, analyze WHY it didn’t go well.

And see if something can be changed to make it work next time.

I knew that Dom’s sites were a good fit for my audience, it was just a getting the promotion and angle right.

We didn’t 100% nail that yet but we improved on the previous promo and will improve again in the future.


WHY Do They Want To Buy?

Think about WHY someone might want to buy the offer you are promoting.

Here it was because they can’t find a niche so it was crucial for us to give them choices of niche sites and not ask them to choose themselves.

We should have thought that through more carefully before the original promo and I’m glad we didn’t make the same mistake next time.


Be Brave. Be The First

Don’t be scared to be the first affiliate to test an offer.

Whilst it might not always go well by being the first you can potentially make big commissions by being first off the bat.

I’m glad to have run this offer with Dom as it’s a win win for customer, affiliate and vendor here.


Don’t Be Scared To Ask

If you see an offer that isn’t currently open to affiliates but you think might be a good fit for your audience then contact the vendor to propose a deal, it’s a win-win for both of you.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Wrapping Things Up

So this was how I made $5041.45 in affiliate commissions in 7 days and how it could have been more.

Thank you again if you were one of the people who invested through my link.

You get a head start with a done for you site and I get a generous commission, plus your in safe hands with Dom.

And I also think you can learn a lot about how to approach an affiliate promotion like this that involves a done for you service or package.

One where there’s no sales page as you’d usually expect.

You need to approach things differently.

Usually, your job as an affiliate is simply to get the click of your affiliate link and let the sales page do its magic.

But here you need to do more explaining of what the offer is and the benefits to it.

Making sure to answer any common questions before hand.

And do more of the selling yourself so that when they land on the offer page they are ready to buy.

I expect if myself and Dom run this offer again in the future we will make much more money as we know exactly how we need to approach it.

I’d ask Dom to create some content and videos that introduce him, give away a free report and answer all questions that there may be.

And that’s BEFORE we open the service for sale.

So hopefully learning from my mistakes here has given you some key takeaways for yourself.

No two affiliate promotions are the same, and you have to clearly consider the offer and the way it’s presented before you write your emails.

As you’ve seen even experienced affiliates like myself can have promotions that don’t go to plan if it wasn’t clearly thought out in advance.

Let me know what your biggest takeaways from this were below…

The post Learn How I Made $5041.55 In Commissions In Less Than 7 Days But Was Still Disappointed With It appeared first on NicheHacks.

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13 Nov

Reader Q&A: What Are The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing? [Updated November 2016]

I received an email from a reader named John asking a fairly common question so instead of just replying to him personally (which I did as well) I’ve decided to write the answer up as a post so anyone reading can benefit.

John asked “What Are The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing?”

It’s one of those questions that is kind of tricky to answer as almost any niche that has a lot of buyers and affiliate products to sell can be insanely profitable if done correctly.

However we will look at 3 different ‘niche types’ in this post which are VERY profitable for affiliate marketing purposes….


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes



Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The 3 main evergreen markets that are always profitable so you never waste your time on unprofitable affiliate niches.
  • Why passion and hobby based niches make such great niches.
  • High payout niches that pay you up to $5,000 commission and have low refund rates.
  • Why promoting high end offers is no more hard work than promoting a $7 ebook and yet brings in much more profit.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


 1. The Big and Always Profitable Evergreen Markets: Health, Wealth and Romance

These markets are evergreen and profitable and forever will be.

The health market includes niches such as diets and weight loss, embarrassing problems, quit smoking and medical issues to name but a few.

See these niche ‘hacks’ on the paleo diet and the hot new Mediterranean diet.


Health Niches

The niches in health never slow down as people are always looking for the next best thing for fat loss, health improvement and much more.

Here are some examples….


Reasons To Get Involved In Health Niches

  • Products and information can cost up to hundreds of dollars and some even cost thousands and up (think treadmills and machines).
  • This is a market that has many niches with passionate people who put health first so you can expect big spenders.
  • Many health niches are ongoing, so that means repeat purchases are going to be made.


Wealth Niches

Wealth covers internet marketing, Forex, gambling, affiliate marketing, multi level marketing, business opportunities and more.

Look at these niches…

  • Internet marketing for beginners
  • Affiliate marketing for busy people over 40
  • How to make money blogging for beginners


Reasons To Get Involved In Wealth Niches

  • Many wealth niches require people to spend money and products / information can range anywhere from a couple bucks to hundreds and even thousands of dollars.
  • People are always looking for ways to make money so they will not stop looking, which means ongoing success for you as a marketer.
  • Many of the wealth niches are expensive and need ongoing purchases as people can be obsessed with getting the most up to date and complete information.


Romance Niches

Romance obviously refers to online dating, attracting members of the opposite sex, pick up, finding a husband / wife, getting your ex back and many more.

Just take these niches for example…

  • Senior dating
  • Dating for divorced men/ women over 40
  • Marriage for young couples with a limited budget
  • Pick up women for beginners
  • Online dating for businessmen over 40


Reasons To Get Involved In romance Niches

  • People are passionate about finding a companion so they are willing to spend constantly to learn the skills required.
  • Dating is evergreen and is of interest to picking a demographic and marketing to them is all that’s left for you to do.
  • Plenty of other websites in this market so limitless connections to influencers and traffic for you.


Take Action And Pick Your Niche

All of these major markets have near endless sub-niches to be explored and are definitely VERY profitable because people are desperate for solutions to their problems and willing to pay for them.

Most of the consumers are looking for a ‘magic bullet’ (or magic pill in the case of weight loss) and aren’t really willing to put the effort into loosing weight, building an online business or improving their confidence so they can meet the opposite sex for example.

So when they inevitably fail (even though they didn’t really try) you can go ahead and sell them another product that they can fail with all over again.

There’s no end of affiliate products to promote both digital and physical either.

So definitely highly profitable as I’m sure you can see.


2. Hobby and Activities That People Spend Loads of Money In

Hobbies and activities are also stupidly profitable if you target the ones where the customers have a lot of money to spend on their passion.

When something makes someone feel happy or gives them pleasure they will spend money on it over and over again.

Hobbies, sports and other activities fit into this category perfectly.

Think of expensive activities like golf, sailing, fishing, travel, hunting.

People are forever buying new equipment, tools and gear for their passions.

They need accessories, they are willing to pay for training and guides or things that promise to make them even better at their activity of choice.

Endless sub-niches to be explored and no shortage of both digital and physical products available to promote as an affiliate.

Which is why hobby and activities are crazily profitable.


Examples Of Hobby Niches


niche ideas


3. High Paying Affiliate Products and Services That Pay Up To $5,000

This includes pay day (and most other type of) loans, private jet charter, yacht rental, online casinos, luxury goods such as watches, handbags and jewelry, travel and an almost endless list of others.

It takes just as much time and effort to promote a $7 eBook as it does a luxury yacht program or private jet charter that pays hundreds to thousands of dollars in commission per sale and you don’t need to make many sales to make a serious profit.

The refund rate on high end products is much lower than on $7 eBooks too.

People don’t make rash decisions when spending thousands so if they buy something they usually plan to see the purchase through.

People who buy high end goods don’t have money problems so they’ve no problem spending their cash on luxuries.

These are recession proof niches.

With products like pay day loans there’s no shortage of people needing money and those who borrow once are likely to do so again.

If you’re bad with money you’re likely forever bad with money.

Poor people usually stay poor so they always need help.

Gamblers rarely quit so they’ll be back time and time again to hunt out the new ‘lucky’ casino and grab that new bonus and with many casinos paying affiliates a percentage of a players life time losses you continue to get paid month after month.

If you’d prefer to follow money over passion then definitely pick a niche that fits into one of the criteria above.

All have endless customers, are high ticket, and are hugely lucrative.




The big evergreen niches of health, wealth and romance will never be out of demand as people ALWAYS have problems they want solved and rather than work hard at it they’d prefer to buy a product and hope it performs magic for them.

People will never give up things that make them happy so hobby and activities are always going to be around and there’s always some new equipment or gear to buy that promises to make them better.

You’ll forever have both rich people who have an endless amount of money to spend on high end goods and poor people who are constantly seeking money who turn to loan companies and gambling.

So whilst there’s no 1 niche that is the ‘most profitable’ for affiliate marketing (or any other) purposes if you want to get involved in big money niches then pick one of these three niche types.

Chelsea wrote a post here on how to find your niche’s best selling products so the possibilities are really endless.

You can also check out our 7 steps to finding your profitable niche.

Hope that answers your question John!


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Other Similar NicheHacks Content:



The post Reader Q&A: What Are The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing? [Updated November 2016] appeared first on NicheHacks.

Source: affiliate9

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25 Mar

[Case Study] How I Made $9,954.79 In 5 Days, From An Affiliate Product, Using Fill In The Blank Email Templates

Struggling with affiliate marketing?

Can’t make many, if any, commissions?

I know how that feels as it was exactly the problem I faced for years.

But now I have affiliate marketing mastered.

And I just made $9,954.79 in 5 days from a single affiliate product (a digital one at that).

All by using fill in the blank email templates that YOU can download and use for yourself.

Yep, these work for ANYONE in ANY niche.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well don’t worry I will prove it to you.

You just need to keep reading this post from start to finish to find out how…


What You’ll Learn:

  • The strategy needed to create a profitable affiliate campaign like this one.
  • Why DIGITAL affiliate products make for the most profitable ones to promote.
  • The fill in the blank templates I use in all of my affiliate promotions and how they work for anyone in ANY niche promoting ANY product.
  • The emails you need to send BEFORE the promotion starts that no one else is sending.
  • The ‘secret’ trick to build up curiosity and get people interested in the product.



The Product In Question

Now if you’re on the email list or in the Facebook group (and if not, why not? You’re missing out) you’ll have seen the buzz for this product.

It was Michael Cheney’s ‘Commission Black Ops’.

A ‘top secret’ military style themed product launch about affiliate marketing.

Love or hate the military theme or Michael’s style (he’s a controversial figure) this launch was a popular one selling over 4,000 copies in the 5 day launch period.

One of Michael’s earlier training’s The Commission Machine is partly responsible for my current affiliate marketing success.

Before I went through that training I was doing just OK with affiliate marketing and able to make a few hundred dollars per promotion and occasionally land in the bottom 5 of an affiliate contest leader board.

But it was all very hit and miss and I couldn’t replicate it every time.

My affiliate marketing promotions had no strategy or structure.

And my promotion emails were very repetitive.

I’d just write whatever came into my head and often end up talking about the same thing over and over again in my emails.

Then I completed The Commission Machine training and things changed.

I learned from Michael how to structure an affiliate promotion to be the most effective.

And how to write emails basically using formulas and styles that worked EVERY time.

He also showed me some new email types I’d never used before like the FAQ, story and checklist email

Immediately after implementing the training I went from making a few hundred dollars per promo and occasional spots at the bottom of the leader board….

…to making THOUSANDS of dollars per promo and WINNING affiliate contests.

So when I heard about Commission Black Ops I knew I had to get advanced access to it and check it out.

So that’s what I did.

Michael hooked me up with an advanced copy and it blew my mind.

He is talking about things no one else is talking about.

Affiliate marketing strategies and techniques that other people aren’t teaching or doing.

Yet they work like crazy.

I know because I used some of them during my promo for Commission Black Ops to make that $9,954.79 in 5 days I mentioned earlier. 😉

I’d just like to say quickly…

Thanks very much for trusting me enough to invest in this course through my link, I really appreciate that.

I know that you likely are on multiple marketers lists and heard about this from other people too.

I’m glad I was able to give you enough value to make a decision on this and help you make a purchase.

So now you know what the product in question was.

And WHY I choose to recommend it to you.

Let’s take a look at the results…


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Conversions, Sales and Cash

So in total during the 5 day launch period I sold 380 copies of Commission Black Ops plus a further 91 of the upgrades. (Thanks for investing through my link, appreciated and wise move!)

This is the most front end sales I’ve ever made of a single affiliate product on JVZOO and by a considerable amount (Over 80 ahead of my second biggest seller “The Launch Bible 2.0 by Alex Jeffreys) though not the most in terms of income.

The front end offer was converting steadily at around 9% for me throughout most of the launch (which is a bit higher than my usual 7% average conversion)

But rose up to 11.65% in the final 48hrs when I introduced my bonus offer and the scarcity of the launch coming to and end came into play.

The first upgrade (done for you emails) converted at a steady 12.98% thanks to how awesome this offer was.

Michael was paying 100% commission right across the funnel to affiliates so I made a cool $7,954.79 in commissions for selling 380 front end and 91 one time offer products.


commission Black ops sales for blog


I also made an extra $2,000 in bonus cash for being the third top affiliate seller in the competition (I was gunning for at least 2nd in this one so sadly I fell short but the competition was fierce so I can’t complain).


#3 on Commission Black Ops


You’ll likely recognize some of those names in the screenshot above.

Some seriously big hitter affiliates and tough competition.

So I appreciate everyone who invested through my link as I know you are likely on multiple lists and I wasn’t the only one mailing you about this one.

A quick look through my stats show that I had about 4% of people who bought via my link refund, not too abnormal but higher than I’d like to see especially on such an incredible product.


If you’re wondering how he makes any money when he’s giving away 100% commission then here’s how it works…

These affiliate launches are merely a way to generate leads (customers) at break even (or perhaps even a loss to begin with).

And then once the customer is into the sales funnel you can make money off them on the ‘back end’ by promoting your own or affiliate products further down the line.

It’s a classic marketing technique and works well but you need to know your numbers first.

Before you can pull off a launch like this you have to know EXACTLY what a customer is worth to you over their life time value so you know how much you can spend (on the launch) to acquire new ones.

It’s no use giving away 100% commissions and lots of bonus cash to affiliates if you can’t make money back off your new customers on the back end…you’ll go broke quick. 


The Winning Affiliate Strategy You Need To Deploy To Make More Affiliate Commissions

Usually when promoting an affiliate launch I would just steam straight in on day 1 when the product launched and send the first email out at launch time.

But I took a slightly different approach this time….

I’d been going through a product called Commission Accelerator by Jason Parker and Richard Legg previous to writing my Commission Black Ops promo emails.

And they shared a strategy they’d been using with great effect to build up anticipation for product launches and increase sales.

I decided to take this strategy and alter it slightly to suit affiliate promotions.

So a full week BEFORE Commission Black Ops launched I went to work.


Warm Up & Pre-Sell Emails To Grab Peoples Attention

I started off gently warming the email list up to the topic by sending them to the Niche Reaper Case Study post which shared some of my previous affiliate marketing results from last month.

Then to an older post on the blog that shares some lessons I learned from being a top affiliate on JVZOO.

This was just to set the scene and get on topic.

Then followed were 2 straight up content emails designed to get peoples attention and focusing on the topic of affiliate marketing done in the way super affiliates (like Michael Cheney) does it.

As I know many of the NicheHacks tribe are focusing on being an Amazon affiliate, which is fine but in my experience a very limiting business model, I had to warm them up to the idea of promoting digital products and doing affiliate promotions via email.

So I sent out a controversial email titled “The Case AGAINST Niche Marketing” and in it I talked about how most niche marketers are doing affiliate marketing ‘wrong’ as it’s not the way most super affiliates are doing it (and who doesn’t want to be a super affiliate, right?).

But without going into any details of how the super affiliates ARE doing it and promising to reveal that in the next email.

Then the next day an email was sent called “The Case FOR Niche Marketing (When Done Correctly)” and in this email I shared what most of the super affiliates ARE doing i.e. promoting digital products, building email lists, not relying on 4% Amazon commissions or SEO traffic.

This set the scene and got everyone thinking about the same thing and geared towards learning how a super affiliate operates.

In “The Case FOR Niche Marketing” email I dropped in a little nugget about how I knew of an eccentric British guy making $39,041.46 every month from affiliate marketing and how I’d share some of what I’d learned from him in the following days email.

This is where things got interesting…


Using Mystery & Curiosity To Keep People Interested

From here in I spent the next 3 days BEFORE the launch started talking about the “eccentric British guy who made $39K per month from affiliate marketing” and how he was “recruiting special affiliate operatives if they could meet 4 requirements”.

But without saying exactly who he was or revealing too much.

This all tied in nicely with the ‘top secret military’ theme of the product and launch.

This is actually something I learned from my advanced copy of Commission Black Ops.

Michael talks about using mystery and intrigue to get people hooked rather than straight out telling them exactly the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHY.

I usually am quite to the point in my promo emails and would usually just tell you “Michael Cheney, the legend that he is who makes $39K per month, has a new product called Commission Black Ops out next week and here’s why I’m going to recommend it” so this was a whole new strategy for me.

In these 3 pre-launch emails I had my affiliate link in the emails to click even though the launch hadn’t started.

When clicked you were taken to an email opt in page and told you could register interest in becoming an “affiliate special operative” and await further instructions.

This built up a real hype and intrigue for everyone involved and kept them guessing and interested.

And because they had clicked my affiliate link they were instantly ‘cookied’ with my affiliate ID meaning I’d got the jump on most other affiliates who wouldn’t be promoting until launch day.

You’ll learn later in the post just how effective this strategy was ;-).


The Launch Finally Arrived

Then finally a week AFTER I started warming up the email list to Commission Black Ops the launch arrived.

By this time everyone on the list was warmed up to the subject and intrigued about what was going to be revealed thanks to the warm up and pre-launch emails.

Their curiosity had been peaked and they wanted to know more about this eccentric British super affiliate making $39K per month.

Now as I’ve mentioned I use fill in the blank templates on ALL my promotions (and if you bought Commission Black Ops from my link you have those as a bonus, check inside JVZOO)

If you didn’t buy Commission Black Ops from me you can still get these.

They are an optional upgrade after you purchase 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks.

I will talk more below about the individual email types and the results they had.

In this section I just want to share the strategy you need to follow if you want to sell a LOT of affiliate products during a launch.

You must mail DAILY and this keeps the product fresh in your audiences mind.

And each email must be different from the last.

You cannot just say the same thing over and over every email (I used to do this before going through The Commission Machine training and people got so bored and stop reading).

Many people need to be exposed to a product multiple times before they buy.

And you have to mail especially hard on the launch and final days as this is when most people take action (early adopters and fence sitters)

I always mail 3 times on the launch day:

  • Email 1 @ launch time
  • Email 2 @ 3PM EST
  • Email 3 @ 9PM EST

(You’ll be astonished when you see later in the post how many of my overall sales came on the first day of the launch)

Usually just once each other day of the launch.

Then 3 times on the final day again:

8AM, 3PM, 9PM usually.

Final day sales accounted for another huge amount of all my sales (again this is revealed later in the post)

I share more of my strategies in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Re-Sending Emails To People Who Didn’t Click

On the days I was only sending 1 email I would re-send it to anyone who did not CLICK the link 12 hours after I’d originally sent it.

(This is easy in Aweber just go to the ‘stats’ section of a sent email click the ‘CLICKS’ tab then you can save a segment of people who did NOT click and send only to them)

This was resulting in a doubling of opens, clicks and conversions from those emails in some cases.

Re-sending emails resulted in an extra 50 sales which is a huge 12.72% of total front end sales.

It would be a huge mistake NOT to do this.

People miss emails, they end up in spam folders, they are busy and distracted, or they operate on different time zones.

Give them the best chance to see it.


Do You Need To Offer Bonuses?

Now this is an interesting thing…

If you read my last case study on the NicheReaper launch I talk about, not for the first time, how bonuses aren’t essential for a launch and how I often don’t use them (usually leave my promos to the last minute and don’t have time!).

That if your audience trusts you enough and you give them value they’ll buy regardless.

Well that is true to an extent…I won the NicheReaper contest after all without them.

However there’s no doubt a well thought out bonus that compliments the main product can tip a lot of people on the fence over to become buyers.

I decided I would create a bonus for this one and had a good idea.

There were 3 things I thought Commission Black Ops could use to make it a super product.

  1. A guide on how to build an email list (as I know many of my tribe don’t have one yet).
  2. The fill in the blank email templates I use on every affiliate promo so they could use them straight away
  3. An analysis of a top affiliates emails so they learn WHY they work and copy them for their own promos.

So I gave away as a bonus:

  • A checklist and report on how to build an email list
  • The fill in the blank email templates
  • An analysis of my #1 contest win for NicheReaper plus analysis of a series of other emails from some of my best selling affiliate promos.

As a whole the tribe loved them.

And the 2 bonus emails I sent out resulted in a huge chunk of ALL my sales which is huge (I’ll reveal how much later in the post).

I made sure not to announce the bonuses until day 3 of the launch.

This was to push anyone on the fence over and it worked well.


The list of bonuses (not including the surprise bonuses ;) )

The list of bonuses (not including the surprise bonuses 😉 )


To Promote To Your Social Media Groups or Not?

Usually I don’t really promote much to the social media group preferring to leave it as a truly social place.

And I assume anyone who’s really interested in NicheHacks is on the email list.

That might have been a big mistake….

In the first 2 days of the launch we had endless posts in the Facebook Mastermind Group from different posters asking about the launch or saying they’d bought.

So with all the buzz surrounding it I decided I would post some promos to the group and posted one per day for the rest of the launch.

And I’m VERY glad I did as when you see the results the Facebook promos bought below you’ll be shocked.


Lessons to Learn About Affiliate Promotion Strategy:

  • Warm your audience up to a launch before it goes live. If you get them thinking about the topic / product before it’s even on sale there’s a much better chance they’ll be receptive to buying it when it’s released.
  • The mystery and intrigue angle works well. If you tell people EXACTLY what something is and spill out all the details why would they even bother clicking your link most of the time?
  • Also if you tell someone TOO much it’s easy for them just to decide “this isn’t for me” and not give it a chance and shut off instantly.
  • Most affiliates will not promote until launch day so get the jump on them and send your audience down your affiliate link in advance to get them cookied.
  • Mail EVERY day and give people multiple chances to buy. People need to be exposed to a product multiple times before they will buy.
  • Mail HARD on the first and final days as these are always when the bulk of sales come in.
  • Re-send to anyone who doesn’t CLICK 12hrs after the original email goes out. Just because they didn’t click first time doesn’t mean they won’t the second.
  • Bonuses whilst not essential certainly help when well thought out. People LOVED them and resulted in a massive amount of all sales which you’ll find more about below.
  • Don’t forget about your social media groups – not ALL are on your email list and it DOES convert.


The Fill In The Blank Email Templates I Used To Make $9,954.79 In 5 Days

So you know by now I use fill in the blank email templates on every promo.

They are a mix of classic copywriting techniques adapted to email.

Sales email templates I found online from the likes of Digital Marketer here.

Some email formulas I learned from Michael Cheney.

And templates I created based on my own best performing affiliate emails.

I won’t talk too much about them as if you invested in Commission Black Ops through my link you already have these.

If you didn’t you can get them when you purchase 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks + the first upgrade order.

Below I will share exactly how many sales each email type made and examine the best performers.


Emails Used & Percentage of Total Sales:

  • Presell:  6.8% (Send before launch for 3 days) *
  • LIVE: 10.8% (Day 1 @ Launch time)  *
  • Results: 12.72% (Day 1 @ 3PM)
  • Gain: 4.83% (Day 1 @ 9PM)
  • 60 Seconds: 8.91% (Day 2 @ 8AM + Resend 12hrs later to no clicks)
  • Logic: 3.31% (Day 2 @ 8AM + Resend 12hrs later)
  • Bonus: 12.47% (Day 3 @8AM + Resend 12hrs later)
  • Final Bonus: 5.60% (Day 4 @ 8AM + Resend 12hrs later)
  • PAS: 2.04% (Day 4 @ 9PM)
  • Fear: 9.16% (Final Day @ 8AM)
  • FAQ: 4.83% (Final Day @ 3PM)
  • Final Warning: 2.54% (Final Day @ 9PM)
  • Facebook Posts: 16% (4 posts over 3 days. From here on I’ll do every day)

*There’s 2 templates up there you won’t have

And that’s because they don’t exist yet they were created for this promo for the first time.

They are:

  • Presell
  • LIVE

As I mentioned this was the first launch I decided to do a pre-sell warm up for.

Those are the emails I talked about at the start of the post building up interest and curiosity.

And the LIVE email was simply an email to announce the launch had gone live.

It was simple and to the point announcing the product had launched, nothing fancy, no template needed.

Because I’d warmed everyone up to the launch I felt there was no need in the first email to say too much.

People were expecting something and had been given enough details to know there was a launch on so I simply said it was live rather than the usual email trying to tell WHY you needed to get this training.


Analysis of the Best Performers & Important Emails:

Here’s I will analyse both the most important and best performing emails of the campaign so you get an idea of WHY they work.


The Presell Emails Accounted For 6.8% of ALL My Sales 

The pre-sell emails accounted for 6.8% of all sales.

Not as much as I’d hoped but considering this was the first time I used them impressive all the same.

“Cookie-ing” people earlier with your affiliate ID and getting the jump on other affiliates works and I will do this on EVERY launch now.

Warm your audience up BEFORE the launch even if it’s only for a day or two.

Use mystery and intrigue to get people curious without giving too much away. It builds excitement and anticipation.


The LIVE Email Gets 10.08% of All Sales

If you’ve warmed up your audience before the launch in the way I laid out above this is the simplest email in the world to do.

A short, to the point, email telling them it’s launched.

Nothing fancy needed.

And it worked as 10.08% of all my sales came from this email.


The Results Email Really Does Get Results

As always this email, which is one of my own original template creations, gets results every time.

Most affiliates are promoting things they’ve never used.

If you can show actual results from the product you’re promoting, or even from previous products from the vendor or from doing something similar, people will pay attention.

If you don’t have any of that (and that might be reason to question why you’re promoting the product in the first place) then find results OTHER people have had using the product,

The vendor, his students, testimonials, people in social media groups or forums. If you look you will find.

Very few are doing this result sharing type emails.

In this promo I shared my results from my last affiliate promotion of NicheReaper where I won the affiliate contest.

I talked, truly, about how strategies I used on that launch were some of the stuff Michael had taught me in the past.

This email resulted in 12.72% of all my sales.

Use this email template!


The Bonus Email Brought In A Nice Bonus

As you can see above the bonus emails (there were 2 one announcing the bonus and another giving a final warning that they would be removed) brought in 18.07% of all sales.

The trick is not to announce these bonuses until at least half way into the launch and use it as a means to get anyone on the fence to take action.

And to make it clear why your bonuses will make the main product better.

Show how it addresses any issues the product has like if it has something not included which you feel should be.

Or how it will speed up the end result the main product offers.

That’s exactly what I did with this offer.

I said Commission Black Ops was great but there was 3 things not included that I thought would make it even better and those were my bonuses.

They don’t need to be difficult or expensive. Often simple reports and checklists work really well.


F – E – A – R

The ‘FEAR’ email is one of my favorite emails and always very effective.

It’s a Digital Marketer email template and you simply use fear of missing out to get people to take action.

You always use this one on the final day to hammer home the point this product is about to go offline or up in price and that they’ll lost out.

And also talk up the wider issues that will result from NOT taking action.

For example…

In the online marketing niche people are involved because they are struggling for money and need more.

So you show them how not buying this product NOW not only means missing out / paying more

But will mean nothing changes in their lives, same financial situation, still working 50+ hours a week, same stresses and worries.

That their money worries will likely get worse (it’s true).

And that the chance of a better life, the one they came looking for when they joined your email list, has been lost.

(This works best when you know your audience inside out. If you don’t already create a customer avatar and get to know them)

This might sound over the top or fearmongering.

But it’s NOT.

The fact is people came to you because they have a BIG problem in their lives (e.g. whether that’s lack of money & freedom, being overweight and unhealthy or unable to find a girl…whatever).

And they believe you have the solution to it.

It’s your DUTY to get the products which solve their problems into their hands and do the job you’re supposed to do as a marketer.

So if you don’t remind them WHY they came to you and what the consequences are if they DO NOT take action you’re not doing your job properly.

People forget and become complacent. I know I do all the time.

Sometimes we need a kick in the ass to get us back on track.

Don’t make sh*t up just to scare them, be realistic, but be sure to lay it all out and be brutally honest about it.

If you don’t they might never take action and their problems will never get solved. Help them!


FEAR + Zig Ziglar Technique….

In this email I also used a neat sales techniques I recently learned from reading “Secrets of Closing The Sale” by Zig Ziglar.

The book was written before I was born and meant for person to person sales people (Zig himself sold Cookware door to door for years).

But the lesson in it is still valuable…

Zig shows that how if after all your best pitches you still haven’t closed the sale (which is exactly the case by the final day of a launch when the FEAR email goes out)…

…then you have to address the fact that you yourself have failed as the prospects (your audience members) mentor to show them fully the benefits of this product and why they need it and you’re sorry for that.

This shuts down their defenses (that in many cases have wrongly been built up or over something they misunderstood) and allows you to give one final pitch.

In your final pitch you must be sure to empathize with their situation, remind them WHY they came to you for help and that you have the solution and clearly show how investing in this product will give them the desired end solution they are looking for.

And of course explaining how it must be done NOW as it’s about to go offline.

The FEAR email always performs well but this one did extra well at over 9% because it used Zig’s technique.


60 Seconds To What Now?

You might have seen the ’60 seconds’ template mentioned above and be wondering what it is.

It’s the easiest way to tell a story and make a sale I know.

It’s a copywriting formula by Kevin Rogers called The 60 Seconds Sales Hook

You can download it for free here: 60 Second Sales Hook

Which allows you to write simple, but powerful, stories that hook your reader in and make them buy.

I use it on EVERY promo and it’s consistently a top performer.

It accounted for 8.91% of ALL sales on this promo.

You simply tell your audience about a problem you used to have (that they relate to).

Highlight how bad things got because of this problem (again empathizing with their situation)

Talk about a discovery which turned things around for you (the thing which solved your problem)

And then talk up up much things have changed for the better now (showing the benefit they are looking for in their lives)

And then share the discovery with them so they can try it for themselves.

BOOM, sale is made!

Works every time.


People Buy Stuff From Facebook Posts?

As I’ve mentioned a couple times now…

I don’t usually do promos in the Facebook Group.

But the buzz in there about the product was high with lots of questions and topics on it.

Some were questioning how legit it was and whether Michael was the real deal.

Others were talking about how awesome Michael and the product was.

And some had no idea what we were talking about as they aren’t on the email list.

But people were excited.

So I decided that because of that, and the fact there’s 15,000 members in there, I had to do some sort of promo.

So I took some of the best performing emails.

Pasted them into a real basic WordPress page (sales page style with no distractions or ways to click off)

And then I shared part of the email in the Facebook page and urged people to read the full post on the page

And of course at the bottom was my affiliate link leading to the sales page.

I’m glad I did because the 4 posts I did to the Facebook group accounted for 16% of my overall sales on this promotion.

I will do promo posts to the Facebook group from here on in using this style of sending them from Facebook to a page then onto the sales page.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Lessons to Be Learned From The Email Templates:

  • If you’re not using fill in the blank email templates yet then you’re wasting time and losing out on affiliate commissions – use them! (They are available as an upgrade AFTER you buy 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks here)
  • You absolutely have to warm your audience up before hand and use pre-sell emails to get them curious about the launch before it’s even happened, this will increase your sales.
  • Share results (your own or others if you don’t have them) in promos and you will be rewarded with big conversions and affiliate commissions, people love to see results.
  • Whilst bonuses are not 100% essential to do well in a promo (my NicherReaper contest win being proof of that) in big launches with a ton of competition they can certainly do serious damage and bring in lots of sales, so consider a good valuable bonus that complements or enhances the main product
  • Don’t be scared to scare your audience into taking action, that’s why they joined your audience, the FEAR email template works.
  • Learn basic copywriting formulas like the 60 Seconds Sales Hook. They are easy to implement and they work every time bringing in tons of sales (8.91% in this case)
  • The FEAR template especially works when you hook it up with the Zig Ziglar secret I shared – try it!
  • Don’t forget about your social media audiences, in this promo they accounted for 16% of my overall sales and usually I don’t even promote to them!


Wrapping Things Up

In this post I shared how I made $9,954.79 in 5 days, from an single digital affiliate product, using fill in the blank email templates.

But I also went beyond that in sharing my strategy and some insights in to WHY this stuff works.

So that you get a better understanding of it and can adapt it to your own affiliate promos.

Knowing the strategy AND having the email templates is how you’ll succeed with this information. (See how to write emails that win affiliate competitions)

I hope you enjoyed getting inside my mind and seeing how a successful affiliate promo is run.

And that you’ll start using these techniques and strategies on your own affiliate promos…

…as they work for ANY person, promoting ANY product, in ANY niche.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re promoting digital or physical products, this works!

But ONLY if you put it into action and you will won’t you?

For now though….

I want you to do just ONE quick thing for me, OK?

Tell me in the comments section below your biggest takeaway from this post…

I will reply to all comments.



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10 Mar

[Case Study] How I Made $6,711.50 In Just 5 Days From A Single Affiliate Product (Plus 9 Affiliate Marketing Lessons)

Interested in getting an inside look at to how a top affiliate sells 216 copies of a digital product (plus an extra 45 upsells), wins an affiliate contest and makes $6,711.50 in just 5 days?

And how YOU can emulate this success and increase your own affiliate commissions?

Then you need to read every last bit of this post

Whether you’re a digital product affiliate on the likes of Clickbank or JVZOO

Or you’re creating Amazon affiliate sites. (Check out how to make your own coupon website)

The insights in this post will increase the amount of affiliate products you sell.

So read on…


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to structure an affiliate promo and maximize your sales
  • How to craft commission sucking emails that make your customers buy from YOU
  • Whether you really need to offer bonuses or not as an incentive to buy (the results might surprise you)
  • How the only thing you need to do doing on affiliate promos is using fill in the blank templates.
  • 9 affiliate marketing lessons I learned from this promotion that you’ll find useful for your own promos.



The Product In Question

There’s no better way to quickly generate affiliate commissions than product launches.

The launch in question was for NicheReaper (thanks to everyone who purchased through my links) and there was a lot of tough competition from big name affiliates who were also promoting it.

(If you haven’t heard of NicheReaper, it’s a great tool that automatically gives you profitable niche and keywords that people are searching for on Google, Amazon, Ebay and more)

It’s a great tool (I was given advanced access to it) and I wanted as many people as possible to get their hands on it and be able to use it to find profitable niches and keywords.

So let’s delve into this case study and show how you copy my affiliate marketing success…


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Conversions And Sales

I sent a total of 3,382 clicks and 2,469 unique clicks to the main sales page.

  • 216 people bought the main offer for a conversion rate of 8.75%.
  • 34 people bought OTO 1 converting at 15.67%
  • And 11 bought OTO 2 converting at 33.33%

In total on the launch JVZOO shows 1,500+ copies of the main product were sold overall

Meaning I made approx 14% of all sales on the launch if my maths are correct? (I am terrible with numbers when it comes to anything other than adding or subtracting lol)


I Won The Affiliate Contest!

Yep, 216 front end sales was enough to land me 1st place on the leaderboard for which I get an additional $1,000 cash prize + I won another contest for most sales in the final 2 days netting me another $500.

That’s on top of the commission for the sales of which the total was $5,211.50.

So that’s $6,711.50

Not bad for a 5 day promo that I almost didn’t make time for (I had been travelling for a week before hand and didn’t have much time)

Just glad I played around with it some more and remembered how useful it was.

Win win all round IMO.

I didn’t provide any bonuses on this launch (as I often don’t) because I didn’t have time to create any.

I just showed you how to use the 220 buyers keyword list on the blog to make this tool even more useful.

Which I think shares an important lesson…

Bonuses aren’t essential.

People buy because they TRUST you and believe in what you’re recommending. Not because you simply offered a bonus.


affiliate board

First place on the affiliate leaderboard


What I Did To Win (And How You Can Copy Me)

All the emails I sent during the NicheReaper launch are fill in the blank templates.

I use these same templates on EVERY single launch or promotion I do.

All were using the email templates I talk about in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks and the actual templates are available when you buy the upgrades for that product if anyone wants them.

I sent 11 emails over the 5 day launch period.

  • 3 on launch day as always
  • 1 on the second day
  • 2 on day 3 and 4 (it was only intended to be 1 on those days but a discount was announced)
  • 3 on closing day as always

The #1 performing email was the “Results” template email making 25% of all sales from the first one I sent and another 8% from a second one (learn about it in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks)

It’s one of my own template creations and is mentioned several time in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks.

So 33%, a third, of all sales on this promo came from sharing results. This email formula works.

Then there was the discount email (this was simply an email with the discount code) was the second highest performing at 19%.

And then the GAIN email (Digital Marketer email template I talk about it in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks, so simple but effective) at 12.79%.

Nothing else came close.

I also talk a bit about them here:

How To Write Emails That Win Product Launch Competitions, Beat Super Affiliates, And Make $8,320.24 In Just 6 Days

It’s that simple.

Use proven to work templates and fill in the blanks.

This is how I win affiliate contests and make $6,711.50 in 5 days from a few emails.

You can fill in the blanks too, right?

Now you know what I did to win this content and how you can copy me.

But I’d also like to share 9 affiliate marketing lessons you can learn from this launch…


9 Affiliate Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From This Launch


1. You Just Need A Handful Of Good Affiliates To Promote

As I appear to have made 14% of the overall sales it suggests that if you’re a product owner looking to make sales you don’t need 100s of affiliates you just need a handful of good ones who can “bring the heat” as they like to say/

I would wager that the top 5 to 10 affiliates sent the bulk of the sales on this launch.


2. Bonuses Are Not Required

As I said I didn’t offer any bonuses on this one, as I often don’t, due to not having time.

Didn’t seem to affect my sales.

I often see affiliates swear by bonuses as a way to make you increase sales but I think if the product is good and I can show you how it’ll benefit you (and that I’ve used it myself) you don’t need the bonuses.

I may have been the only affiliate not offering anything?


3. Use Fill In The Blank Email Templates In Every Single Email Promotion You Ever Do Ever.

You’ll thank them and me later.

I use them in every single email promo I do.

I literally just fill in the blanks and watch the money roll in.

They are quick to write and they work.

The templates are talked about in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks. 


4. Share Your RESULTS And People Will Bite Your Hand Off To Buy.

People like to see the stuff you recommend actually works AND that you’ve used it and not just hustling for commissions.

In my 2 result based emails I showed buyer keywords I’d found by combining NicheReaper with the 220 buyer keywords on the blog and some other juicy ones it just automatically gave me.

It shows it works, I use it, and there’s ways to ‘hack’ it to give you even better keywords.

People love results – like I said 25% of all sales came just from the first results email and another 8% from the second results one I sent on the final day.


4. Learn Some Basic Copywriting Techniques And Formulas – That’s All My Emails Are.

I’ve never really studied copywriting, I’d never cut it as a paid copywriter, and never practiced it outside of writing promo emails usually on the day a launch starts

I just Googled “copywriting formulas” once a long time ago and download stuff like 60 Second Sales Hook worksheet and read about the PAS formula and then filled in the blanks / followed the formula and they work and work every time.

That combined with some email templates I can sell loads of stuff. So can you, just fill in the blanks….


5. Mail Hard And Mail Often – Sending Once Or Twice Doesn’t Work

You have to mail continually throughout a promo – every day it’s on.

People need reminded, they miss emails, they get distracted, they stay on the fence till the last minute.

Some are made to buy through showing what they can GAIN, others need LOGIC, some need FEAR of missing out.

Certain people won’t budget until a discount code comes out or there’s 3 seconds left to buy before it goes offline / up in price just to be sure.

Some like stories, other need results, others need reminded of their problems and why it’s important they take action (PAS).

These are all templates and copywriting formulas (101 Digital Affiliate Hacks) and Digital Marketer (Fear, Gain, Logic series) and 60 Second Sales Hook etc.


6. Most Sales Come On Day 1 And The Final Day – Always

Some people want to be first in or get the best price before it goes up.

Other procrastinate or need time to decide then only take action on the final day when their hand is forced.

About 44% of sales came on day 1 for me and 17% on the final day. It would usually be much more on the final day

it’s often up to 40% on closing day but I guess so many people seeing the good results email on day 1 had steamed right in.

Which means about 40% of people bought in between.


7. The More You Know About Your Audience The More You’ll Sell

If you know what makes them tick (as I do about you), their situation (demographics, finances, pain points, joys) and what they want in life you can sprinkle it into your emails and use it to make them take action.

Create a datasheet on your audience.

Survey, poll, ask questions and analyze.

Especially your customers..especially your best customers.


8. Find Great Products That Your Audience Want And You Don’t Have To SELL Anything

When you have a product that solves a core problem your audience has and solve it well with little work…you don’t have to do any SELLING.

You just tell them about it, show how awesome it is and people buy it.

I know finding niches and keyword research is a big problem for most people in the NicheHacks tribe.

This tool made it so stupidly simple (you don’t have to do anything but open it) that it was as they say “a no brainer” to purchase.

And the price was awesome for a lifetime license too considering this has been a $67 p/m tool for the past 2 years and is going back to that price now the launch is over (congrats for those who got a bargain!)


9. Price Hikes, Scarcity And Countdown Timers Work Like Gangbusters (There’s another one of those horrible IM phrases)

This started at $27, went up to $37 on day 2 and was up to $47 or maybe even $57 by the final day and it’s going up again to $67 PER MONTH for new customers now the launch is over.

You have to mention this and mention it often.

People want things for the best price.

You’re doing them a favor and they’ll do you a favor by buying.

There was a countdown timer ticking away at all times reminding people of the next price rise.

It flat out urges people to take action.

Just make sure you only use it when there are really price rises or scarcity or people get pissed off, obviously, when they find out it was false.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Final Words

NicheReaper is awesome and you’re awesome for buying it through my link.

Enjoy it and these affiliate marketing lessons and please put it to good use.

It goes to show that some things work even against conventional wisdom (like the belief that you need to offer bonuses or to be a great writer or seller to make affiliate sales).

I hit the first place despite not having bonuses and I use fill in the blank templates on all my promotions.

If you apply what I’ve shared in this case study and the lessons learned from the launch you can sell more affiliate products and maybe even win product launch competitions.

Use the email templates, understand your audience and what makes them tick, and show them awesome products that they want and need.

It’s that simple.

(Learn how to create a review website here)

So what do you plan to takeaway with these lessons?

Share with us below now…

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19 Apr

Discover How An Expert Affiliate Marketer Performs His Amazon Keyword Research

keyword researchThis is a guest submission by Dan Thompson, the co-founder of mylocalseo.ca,

Keyword Research: The Backbone of Any Niche or Authority Site

“Find niche/topics/keywords to target” was the number #1 obstacle for readers of Niche Pursuits.

There is a ton of information about this topic – so why are we struggling with keyword research?

Look, here are the issues:

Issue #1: Article Age: If I were starting out I wouldn’t trust an article from 2011. If you’re new to this, you’re going to have a LOT of questions. “Is this information still relevant” shouldn’t be one of them.

Issue #2: Subtopic: The majority of the articles that aren’t outdated aren’t focused on niche or authority sites. Performing keyword research for a business or start-up is dramatically different than performing KW research for a niche site.

Issue #3 Extremely Thin Content: A lot of the articles are only 600-700 words. Long form articles aren’t always better. But usually they are.

Issue #4 You’re Stuck In “What If “Mode:

What if my topic isn’t broad enough.

What if I can’t rank for this keyword.

What if I can’t monetize this keyword.

The one “What If” that is perfectly predictable that should worry you is

What if I never start.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 1244 expensive Amazon products click here or the image below)


What You Will Learn:

This article will give you the tools to pick a profitable niche.


Part I: Should I Be Specific Or Broad?


Image 1 Keyword-A-Saur


Your keyword should be specific but your topic should allow you to grow broadly.

Results can be a powerful motivator. If you start with the low hanging fruit, you’ll have something to show for your efforts in a relatively short period of time.

If you pick a broad enough niche, there will always be another branch to climb.

Consider some of these examples with a specific keyword and a broad topic:


Example #1: Woodworking Tools

Best Drill Press 720/KC 20

Planer reviews 720 searches/KC 22

Jointer reviews 320 searches/KC 19

Best Wood Lathe 320 searches/KC 21

Let’s assume things go well, the site ranks for those four keywords. You’ve written articles on the different types of Drill Presses, Planars, Jointers and Lathes.

You’ve highlighted some of the better brands. And even created a round-up post highlighting some of the best DIY woodworking projects/plans.

If you’re too niche the project is over.

However, because you had the foresight to plan you’ve picked a niche that will allow you to grow. Now you’re writing for larger, more competitive topics such as cordless drills (27,100/month) or miter saws (40k searches/month).

You’re not going to rank #1 for either of these terms. That doesn’t matter.

When you’re dealing with massive search terms you’re going to rank for hundreds of long tails.


Example #2: Cosmetics

Cosmetics, in general is ultra competitive. Yet even, in the highly competitive makeup niche, there are great sub-niches.

Airbrush makeup reviews -1600/KC 22

Best airbrush makeup – 720/KC 27

Luminess air reviews – 9900/KC 29

Once again, I’m confident that we could get the targeted keyword “airbrush makeup reviews” in the top five.

Personally, I think the airbrush makeup niche is a big enough by itself. You can discuss the foundations, the compressors, the wands, the brands or how to apply it.

Of course, if you dominate that niche there is more then enough room to grow in the makeup vertical.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a specific keyword and a broad topic. Find a keyword(s) with a search volume of 500-5000 and a KC below 30.
  • I will always initially target a term that is closer to 500/KC 20 than 3000/KC 30.
  • The broad topic should be large enough to eventually write 50+ articles on the subject. This is even more important if you’re sticking to white hat link building methods.


Part II: My Process: Finding The Perfect Keyword

Image 2 Perfect-Keyword



Step 1: Digging On Amazon

Not surprisingly, my process starts with Amazon. I would recommend starting in one of the following categories:

  • Baby
  • Beauty
  • Electronics
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Tools & Home Improvement

For this exercise I’ve chosen beauty.

Click on “Beauty” under departments. Scroll down and choose a price point. I normally either start with either $25-$50 or $50-$100.


Image 3



Image 4


All we’re doing is looking for a product that is unexpected and sells a lot.

On the second page, I came across a Conair Foot Spa tub. Clicking on the listing and scrolling down to “product details” it tells me that it is ~#1,100 in Health & Personal Care.

I sell physical products in this category so I know, that at that ranking, this particular product sells > 60 a day.

Other products that stood out:

  • Bath Bombs
  • Yoga Toes (Once I discovered this was a brand I ruled it out)
  • JWOW One and Done Tanning Bed Lotion. Oops… Tanning Bed
  • Lotion
  • Nail UV Lamp
  • Callus Remover
  • Make Up Brush Set
  • Derma Roller Ceramic Rollers

I generated this list in under an hour.

You should aim to spend at least three to four hours to find your keywords and your niche. 

Using the bold and underline markup is not something I take lightly! (Check out these 50 red hot Amazon products you can promote and make money with)


Step 2: Volume and Competition

We’ve now got a list of potential keywords. Now head over to UberSuggest.org to begin exploring deeper.

Generate a small list of potential terms and start firing them into Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro.

You’re looking for one to five keywords that you can rank for.

These are your going to serve as the core keywords you target.

If you don’t own LTP find someone who has the platinum version and pay him to run 40 or 50 keywords for you. It will take them less then an hour.


Image 5 Keyword Iterative Process



Let’s continue with the Foot Spa product.

Some of the results that I came across:

  • Best Foot Spa (720/KC 27)
  • Best home foot spa (210/KC 24)
  • Best foot spa with heat (90/KC 21)
  • Best foot spa machine (210/KC 26)
  • Best foot soak (480/KC 30)
  • Detox foot soak (590/KC 24)

That’s a pretty specific product. The topic isn’t as broad as I’d like it to be, but it’s not bad. Foot care would include terms such as bunions, calluses and nail fungus.

Alternatively, you could target at-home spa products.

There is a general misconception that in order to make any money your primary keyword needs to be > 2000 searches per month.

If you pick the right niche the income those small terms generate can help to spring board your site into a larger one.


Step 3: Expand Your Keyword List

You’ve selected your niche and now we want to find more keywords to target. Like anything, there is a hard way to do this and an easy way.

The hard way is to continue to pour through Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner+LTP.

It does work, it just takes a little bit longer.

The easier way is to find niche site(s) who are currently ranking for the primary keyword you’re interested in and use SEMRush. These do NOT need to be perfect.

Remember, we’re just expanding our list so we have 50+ potential articles.

Once you’ve found a site, head over to SEMRush and insert the URL.

In this case, this site ranks for 80 keywords. Export that list and add any potential keywords to your keyword list.

Browse through the keywords of your competitor to generate some additional ideas.

Check this term out: best foot massager 1900/KC 26

Deeper down the rabbit hole I go.

I found a reflexology site, which has a subpage that targets “best foot massager”.

That page ranks for 100 terms. I’ll export this list and add it to my master list. This site gives me an entirely different angle in terms of a broad category – reflexology, which gets searched 135,000/month.

Once again, I’ll browse through additional competitors to see if I can find more keywords. I will rinse and repeat until I either run out of competitors or I’ve uncovered enough keywords.



Step 4: Pick A Niche

Once you’ve gone down the rabbit hole four or five times select a niche. You’ll likely discover dozens of different niches that look good. Do not get stuck in “What If” mode. Do not pick the first niche you come across. Three to five rabbit holes and then pick a niche.

Key Takeaways

  • You’re not going to wake up one morning and have found “it”.
  • Keyword research is an iterative process, which requires an investment.


image 6 success-sketch1


  • SEMRush makes keyword research easier. Without SEMRush you can expect to spend three to four hours going down a rabbit hole. With SEMRush you can get it done in one to two hours.
  • Ask yourself: is $80 worth saving 5-10 hours on the keyword research stage.


Part III: The Tools I Use Or Have Mentioned

Image 7 Tools-I-Use-4-Keyword-Research1


Long Tail Pro

I own the basic version of LTP and whenever I want to start another site I upgrade to the platinum version. The platinum version is $17/month. I use it for one month and then cancel. It’s not a tool you need to always have on hand.



For keyword research it dramatically speeds the process up. Once your site is up and running it’s extremely useful to analyze competitors and discover additional topics you can write about.

I’ve just skimmed the surface of what is possible with SEMRush. If you want to dive in deeper check out these tutorials: Authority Keyword Research Tutorial & Stealth Competitor Research Tactics.

A note on SEMRush, there Keyword Score is junk. Stick to LTP for evaluating individual keyword competition.



Insert a keyword and it spits out hundreds of similar results. It’s “Google Suggest” on steroids.


Google Keyword Planner

If all the other tools didn’t exist you could still get KW research done with a good ol’ fashioned keyword planner.



This isn’t a tool per se but it is extremely useful for those on a shoestring budget.

You get access to Majestic, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Keyword Canine, Moz and SpyFu for $60 per month. The downside, it’s an agency account and you’re just one user. I find that with SEMRush it frequently exceeds the usage plan.


Part IV: Should I Pick Something I’m Passionate About Or Something That I Can


Monetize: The reason I select best sellers on Amazon is because I know lots of people are buying these products.

Passion: I primarily selected athletic topics because I like sports.

Monetize: Despite the fact that I love golf; I’m not going to start a site in that vertical. It’s too competitive.

Passion: I prefer to find writers that have a vested interest in the subject.

Monetize: I pick boring niches and hire writers all the time.

Passion: I prefer to partner with writers who are knowledgeable on the subject.

This is the bottom line: There is no right answer. But, there is a wrong answer.

Picking a topic that you have a passion for, but fails to meet one of the key elements of a successful niches is a mistake.


Part V (a): The Key Elements to Picking A Successful Niche

Can it be monetized? There are three options here: advertise, sell someone else’s products/services or sell your own products/services.

Here is a basic list of monetization methods. If you’re choosing a keyword based on an Amazon product, you’re set.

Can you compete? This comes down a wide range of factors. The easiest way to determine this is by using LTP. If the KC score is below 30 you’re golden. If it’s above 30 pick something easier.

Do you have the right type of website? Certain searches favor certain types of websites. Here are some examples:

A search result that leans heavily towards e-commerce

 E- Commerce KW Research


A search result that leans heavily towards local

 image 9 local SEO bias



KC scores can be extremely deceiving. Often times both local and e-commerce related searches display a very low KC score.

The reason why keywords such as best “product” work is because you’re aligning your content with the searchers intentions.

Did you pick a specific keyword? The metrics I look for are: 500-5000 searches/month and KC <30. Of course if you can find a search term that has

more volume AND a KC score <30 go for it.

Did you pick a broad topic? You don’t want to pigeonhole yourself. If you can’t write 50+ articles in the broader category, the category is too small.


(P.S. If you’d like to download a free list of 1244 expensive Amazon products click here or the image below)



Part V (b): Common Keyword Research Pitfalls & Misconceptions

I have to solve a problem. I agree you do have to solve a problem. But that problem can be as simple as helping someone choose a product. Don’t over complicate this.

Picking an E-Commerce or Local Term. If you’re choosing a term that favors e-commerce or a local websites, you ought to have an e-commerce or local site.

Starting with a hyper competitive term. Believing the content myth. Quality content won’t rank itself.

Quality content won’t promote itself. You’ll either need to build links or earn links.

Not starting at all.

Author Bio: Dan Thompson is the co-founder of mylocalseo.ca, an SEO company dedicated to creating a positive ROI for small businesses through SEO. He creates, builds and flips niche and authority sites to stay sharp and continually experiment. You can get in touch by emailing him at dan [at] mylocalseo [dot] com or via twitter


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